Hypnotherapy to stop sweating

- with Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Can hypnotherapy help me stop sweating?

Quite simply...... YES!!! Here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy, we have worked with clients with perspiration issues, from armpit sweating, palm sweating, scalp sweating and that all too familiar fealing of discomfort, and helped them let go of their excessive sweating in as little as 1-3 sessions.

"how many sessions will I need?"

"Even after only the initial consultation and listening to the CD I felt better. After our session I felt energised, very motivated to experience new things, much more peaceful and calm in just being myself. I fell in love with your idea of getting the maximum pleasure out of every day"

There's only one real way to find out how we can help stop your axiety or those panic attacks and that's to come along to our complimentary initial consultation and meet us in person and be comfortable we're right for you. Call us on 01223 720 120 or email us by clicking here.

It's important to us that, before you make your choice, you have all your questions answered in person, feel really comfortable that we are right for each other and that's why we invite you to a initial consultation.

The only cost of this is 20 minutes of your time! and we will also give you a complimentary hypnosis CD whatever you decide.

Following your first session with us we will give you our specially extended deep hypnosis CD.

The more I think about not sweating..... the more I sweat!!!!

As with most things in life, the more you think about it the worse it becomes. You are probably aware that you can often make yourself start sweating simply by worrying about whether or not you are going to sweat, even before the event you are worried about has even happened!!!

Imagine ~ Being able to go anywhere you wish feeling cool and calm.....

This may be quite difficult for you, right? In our experience working with clients such as yourself we've found that focusing on whats going on right now makes it much worse!!! Sweating is a completely natural human phenomenon. The evaporation of water from the skin is essential in taking heat away from our skin and controlling our body temperature.

Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough, at Cambridge Hypnotherapy know that sweating can cause extreme self consciousness, anxiety and low self esteem.
Through Hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy we can begin to open up opportunites to you that previously you may have felt imposible, allowing you to achieve everything you dream of.

Please contact us for help with sweating.

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