Hypnotherapy for for Stopping Stuttering, Stammering or Blocking

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People Who Stutter (PWS)

We at Cambridge Hypnotherapy have helped so many people, like you, in stopping stuttering, stammering or blocking with our personally developed hypnotherapy and hypnosis sessions. Our clients (PWS) have experienced this in only 2 or 3 sessions can help you greatly reduce the effects of your stuttering or stammering and in most cases stop it completely.

So what do I do next?

There's only one real way to find out how we can help you to stop stammering or stuttering, to speak comfortably and fluently and that's to come along to our complimentary initial consultation and meet us in person and be comfortable we're right for you. Call us on 1223 720 120 or email us by clicking here.

It's important to us that, before you make your choice, you have all your questions answered in person, feel really comfortable that we are right for each other and that's why we invite you to a initial consultation.

The only cost of this is 20 minutes of your time! and we will also give you a complimentary hypnosis CD whatever you decide.

Following your first session with us we will give you our specially extended deep hypnosis CD.

The physical symptoms of stammering and stuttering are caused by an action of your mind on your body. We can help you release the negative thoughts and feelings of fear or anxiety that are creating your problem. We resolve the cause and acquire the internal resources to speak clearly with confidence.

What would that mean to you?
What would it allow you to do in the future?

Please contact us for help with Stuttering and Stammering

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