Dealing with Grief, Loss & Sadness sucessfully with Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

Helping you move on with your life and being able to let go of your suffering.

"I feel totaly lost without them"

"It's like there's a void I can't seem to fill"

Grief doesn't have to be from someone passing.
It's not onlly through bereavement that we we can suffer grief, loss and sadness we can feel grief from losing a job, a relationship, anything or anyone that we no longer have in our lives can make us feel sad and lonely.

For a personal experience there is a blog of Paul's which may give you some immediate help. Just click on the Blog link on the right and search for "Dealing-with-grief-a-good-way-to-remember-those-we-love"

You see, when we grieve, we seem to not grieve for the person leaving we tend to grieve for ourselves and the loss inside us.

Grieving need not be a long and drawn out thing despite what we are told to believe. Certainly those who have left us wouldn't want us to feel this way.

"how many sessions will I need?"

We at Cambridge Hypnotherapy have helped so many people, like you, to deal with grief, loss or sadness with our personally developed hypnotherapy and hypnosis sessions. Our clients have experienced this in only 2 or 3 sessions


Would you like to

  • Fill the void
  • Let go of feeling guitly or angry
  • To move on
  • Able to deal with daily life as easily as everyone else seems to?

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In order to help those who cannot visit us Paul has written a short ebook called "It doesn't have to be this way" with some Hypnois CD tracks. These can be puchased and downloaded from one of our sister site

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"My life is totally different"

Yes things have changed for me since the session. I do feel that I have permanently re-established the loving connection with my 1/2 brother who died when I was 5 years old and I now no longer need to remember by using alcohol. I still drink alcohol and have occasionally drank a little more than I would prefer however I am certain that this is a habit of the past that I am leaving behind me


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"I can cope now"

Paul I'm so pleased that I met you, I have been witnessing a number of life changing moments since working with you...I feel capable now of coping with life." JA (Cambridge)