*Please note some of our clients results vary from client to client

Dealing with and Overcoming Depression and saddness
compassionately and gently with Hypnotherapy

with Luke, Paul & Joseph ~ Cambridge Hypnotherapy~ in as little as 2 - 3 sessions*

"I just can't seem to let go of these feelings and nobody seems to understand...."

We understand if you are depressed it feels difficult to carry on hiding our feelings, as if people canít see them anyway. Sometimes we donít recognise the level of stress, feeling sad or down truly affects our health, relationships and our job/career. Maybe we donít like to admit this to anybody even ourselves. Maybe we canít imagine feeling back the way we used to be ~ our old self, the real me. If you want to make a positive change on the life of one special person in your life ~ YES YOU, act now before things get worse. Weíre here to help you. If you're not sure see "A not unusual success story from one of our clients" below ~ may just change your mind.

"How many sessions will I need?"

Paul, Joseph and Luke at Cambridge Hypnotherapy have worked successfully with many clients, like yourself, suffering from depression (caused by so many different reasons) with our personally developed hypnotherapy and hypnosis sessions. Our clients experience tremendous changes in how they feel in only 2 or 3 sessions*. We are dedicated in helping you finally rid the black overhanging cloud, lifting off that heavy weight.

A not unusual success story from one of our clients

PART 1 - "*Having suffered from severe clinical depression for years & after trying various things suggested by the hospital, my husband found Paul's web site. I am so glad he found it, after 3 sessions I have my life back, I am excited about the future & actually feel happy. A feeling I never thought I would feel again.Thank you Paul, it is hard to believe now that a month ago I had no hope. Now I can't describe the joy that I feel.
Thank you Paul. I had given up all hope of ever "living" again. You gave me back my life.My husband keeps laughing & shaking his head as he can't get over the change of me being positive, getting excited & looking forward." A G (Cambridge
see part 2 below

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PART 2 (6 MONTHS LATER) - *Hi Paul, life is great!
Mauritius was amazing, paradise, we had a great time & I did things I never thought I would do. We went parasailing which was amazing, we went under water walking - which as a person who hates the water - was a true miracle. we walked with lions & stroked cheetahs! How about all that then?
At the end of the month we are off to New York for our anniversary, I am so excited about it. I really think that I will make it up the empire state building & really look at the views - frightened of heights!
So I think we can safely say that my life has completely changed, thanks Paul. A G (Cambridge)

We at Cambridge Hypnotherapy have helped so many people, like you, to deal with grief, loss or sadness with our personally developed hypnotherapy and hypnosis sessions. Our clients have experienced this in only 2 or 3 sessions*.


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  • Let go of saddness
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  • Able to deal with life as easily as everyone else seems to?

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"My life is Totally Different"

*Paul I'm so pleased that I met you, I have been witnessing a number of life changing moments since working with you...I feel capable now of coping with life. JA (Cambridge)


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"I Feel a Totaly Different Person Now"

*I saw Joe earlier in the year as I could feel yet another cycle of depression coming on. Since I completed the course of hypnotherapy and NLP, I feel like a totally different person and this obviously shows too as many of my friends have also commented how much I seem to have changed, how much more happy I seem in general, and how much less things stress me out now, I have also quit smoking. I totally recommend giving this a try.