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Are You Scared of hypnosis?

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

The other day a client called about coming along to an initial consultation but was scared. She had beeen recommended to ‘try’ hypnotherapy by a friends and even though her friend new the results first hand she still remained scared and worried. This can be typical for quite a few people so I thought I would let you know the truth.

So let’s describe a typical hypnosis trance:

If you get up in the mornings with an alarm then you will sure to have had this experience or if you have been asleep and just in that semi awake state, not asleep yet not quite awake. You can probably remember a time right now.

It’s just that you know you could get up, you can hear everything that’s going on, you are aware you are not asleep but it’s just too comfortable and you are soooooo relaxed. ~ That’s it, that’s what being in a trance is like ~ You’re in control ~ totally! You could get up but you well Hmmmm it’s nice here. Yet if you had to get up and deal with something you could.

And there is another great thing that we feel here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy, with our unique Hypnotherapy, is that you may not even be hypnotized because we specialise in NLP and Time Line therapy as well as hypnosis because hypnosis may not be the right thing for you.

But we digress; let’s ask a few questions that if you are scared would put your mind at rest.

Question: Will I lose control?

Answer: Absolutely not! And don’t believe anyone tells you different. A real hypnotherapist guides your unconscious mind to find your answers, never direct you to do anything.

Question: Will I suffer any side affects?

Answer: Probably ~ you may just feel a whole lot better than you felt before!

Question: Will I feel hypnotized or be lie like I am in a coma?

Answer: You will have probably seen people being hypnotized on the stage and looking completely ‘out of it’ well that’s so far from the truth in a therapy setting. Yes, you will probably feel really relaxed and comfortable and the thing is you will hear everything being said to you, it’s just that you will have your eyes closed.

The best thing you can do is make sure you come along to an initial consultation first, it’s totally complimentary and you can get all the information and answers you need first hand. You will find like most things you worried about and when you did them, you got through them and probably enjoyed them ~ hypnosis is the same.

Plus because we really enjoy our work and helping people get what they want we find our clients enjoy it too!

Check out our testimonials if you want to see what successes our clients have achieved 

An evening of Hypnosis and NLP

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
The ladies of Whittlesford ~ what pictures does that create in your mind.

In ours a great one, as Joseph and I have just given a talk to these wonderful and friendly people.

The evening was an opportunity for us to give an insight into the wonders of Hypnosis and NLP. The fantastic changes we can all make in ourselves and how quickly and comfortably they can be achieved.

It was great to see 28 ladies sitting with their eyes closed and experiencing their trance and to be able to take the comfortable feelings away with them literally on the tips of their fingers (for those into NLP an ‘anchor’ one of the simple techniques we teach in our NLP trainings).

And after experiencing how to change memories, well the charge we give them. To lessen the negative pull from the one’s that don’t feel good and the make the memories we love BIGGER, BRIGHTER and feel the feelings we enjoy 10 times more intense.

To finish the evening, before all those questions, we had everyone put a wonderful goal in their future with a process, from our Reclaim Your Destiny weekend Seminar, with our special empowering music that resonates inside you.

We really enjoyed sharing this and the Milton Hospice will enjoy the donation created through this talk too.

We intend to continue these talks and any group is more than welcome to ask us. We don’t charge and if we can raise more money for local charities then we’re even happier!