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Respond to redundancy and take the opportunity to move on

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Businesses have 3 Main Criteria at this time one of which is

·        To respond to redundancy in a truly caring manner and give support for the valued employees who have to be let go

Even with this great intention some people seem to slip the net or maybe just don’t get what they need to make the change and fail see the opportunities that exist before their eyes.

If this is the case with you we believe we can assist in the caring for the response of redundancy as we understand that those who have to leave may be feeling:

Ø  Unwanted/rejected/isolated

Ø  Fearful/helpless with a loss of identity

Ø  Angry/worrying for theirs and their families future

Ø  Unconfident and stressed

And have them to be able to see a future and opportunities feeling:

ü  Valued

ü  Able and passionate

ü  Confident in themselves and their abilities ~ Self belief and self motivation

ü  To be able to deal with the stress of change  and what could be termed a grieving process

Hopefully this is not happening to you.

If it is or you know someone going through this experience call (01223 720 120) or email us to find out how we can help.

The world is full of opportunities ~ we just have to notice them


Feeling Stressed ~not at Cambridge Hypnotherapy or Thailand

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Life in Thailand is so different.

There are two types of people here, the laid back people who sleep whilst working, and the others (taxi drivers) who are relentless in working their socks off at a manic rate, yet they all have one thing in common…………………………. a relaxed lifestyle.

Compare that to England, where it makes no differnce if we work hard, or take it easy, the English generally are always stressed out….

why is this?

Maybe the weather, maybe a cheaper way of life, but then they may look at us and think we have it all…. who’s right?
I think we’re both right, as our maps of the world are opposites………..

More to come when I’ve finished relaxing and when I return I’ll teach you how