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“I wish I didn’t have to do that presentation”

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Sound familiar? It certainly does to me, not only from the amount of Cambridge Hypnotherapy clients that say those exact words to me during an initial consultation, but I also used to not like speaking in front of people.

Standing up and presenting in front of a group of people can be a very daunting task, especially when some of the group will consist of higher authority figures, maybe a boss or supervisor at work for example. Taking this into account it is easy to see why that event could lead to a state of anxiety, panic or pure fear. You may have experienced this yourself physically, when the heart starts beating faster, the sweat starts to pour and your voice starts to tremble. However just because this appears to happen to almost everybody form time to time, does that make it right? NO WAY!!!!

Your unconscious mind is the over-ruling decision maker of you, and if it thinks a situation can cause you harm it will trigger the protection system, typically known as ‘fight or flight’ meaning you will either fight the danger or get as far away as possible if it thinks you cannot beat it.

So how does this relate to a meeting, or a presentation, or a public talk? Well, simply put, if your unconscious mind sees any risk associated with the event then it will increase your levels of anxiety wither to ensure you do your best and blow everyone away (fight), or increase them so much that you maybe have the day off, or turn up late missing your slot (flight).

Using NLP we can start to reprogram your mindset so that it no longer sees these events as having a risk associated. One client of mine, who came to see me for this exact problem, went and gave a talk to Professor Stephen Hawking feeling completely relaxed and comfortable. That was a HUGE shift!

If you have ever suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, social phobia or confidence related problems, why not contact us now to find out how quickly you can become the way you want to be. It worked for me!


Friday, December 12th, 2008

We are all dealing with stress ~ it’s just that sometimes you do it well and other times badly. And when you’re feeling overwhelmed you’re dealing with it badly.

Not exactly rocket science I hear you cry (or sob)

You see but maybe you feel it, when you deal with stress badly it not only affects your work, your ability to concentrate it often spirals down to your home life which in turn only makes it worse at work. We all know or have the experience of this.

From the feeling of being anxious to panic attacks, that ‘D’ word ~ Depression and what it is sometimes called social phobia. As usual the list goes on and on and on……………. Our health is affected and being affected badly by stress and seems to lead to being open to every cold, flu, sore throat etc. etc. etc.

Is this depressing enough for you? …………………………….It is me ~ so let’s GO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

because you can.

You can choose to be different and feel the way you want (yippee that’s more like it)

I believe it is your duty to yourself to be able to be the real you, to perform at your best, be successful and above all enjoy doing and being you at home, at play and at work

and you can do this us:

To be in the best and appropriate state

To be able to change your state instantly

To be able to deal with situations positively

To see things for what they are and not what they appear to be

To manage your emotions (yes, we all have them……….. and at work too!)

To deal with perceived criticism

To let go of Anger, Sadness, Fear and Guilt or any other negative emotion

To be able to be relaxed to chill out (hip Eh?)


          In short be at your best at all times and YOU CAN

Your Yule Dude (hop hip talk!)