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A GREAT weekend of NLP & Time Line Therapy

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Nearly 60 people attended our Reclaim Your Destiny Seminar and wothout our knowledge we had three people stand up in front of everybody and give some great testimonials of our trainings and the weekend. This blew us away, that people were prepared to stand up in front of everyone and say great things about us is both humbling and touching to us both.

Then, if this wasn’t enough, followed by some lovely feedback by emails.

We had made a great deal of effort to add new things to the weekend and modifications to previous things including having a computer graphic video made especially for us and I’m so pleased it was enjoyed.

If you have seen Joseph teach, you will know he is very, very good but this weekend he was special.

With Luke in charge of our special music and precision timing togehter with  knowing that our assistants Jason, Kevin, Tarik and Vince always on hand Joseph and I could relax and just present.

The challenge now is to improve on this
We have thoughts for new an exciting things for the future.

So if you haven’t already, sign up to our free video and audio on our websites here or here and we’ll be able to keep you informed of all that’s new.

Lastly Thanks again to all those who attended and made it a really special weekend.

Enjoy every heart beat

PS our new dates for NLP trainings next year are now online

Free personal development eBook by Joseph Clough ~ Being Your Potential

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Joseph has a great new eBook, which before going to publishing, he is giving as a free download. just click on the link to his Empowering Sounds website, sign in and it’s yours

He has used all his NLP and hypnosis skills together with many of his own developments/techniques to create this self help/personal development guide. He has also combined this with 4 tracks of hypnosis to really embed these powerful ways of being into your unconscious mind (they’re free to download too!)

Our Reclaim Your Destiny weekend combines many of these techniques and others we have developed to create a weekend of empowerment (and fun)



Creating what you want ~ testimonials

Friday, January 30th, 2009

We have received wonderful feedback of our weekend seminar ‘Reclaim your Destiny’ and wanted to share these. It makes us feel great to have given something we’re passionate about and have that passion found and reciprocated. So much so we are planning more in the near future and our intention is make them better than ever!

Here’s a couple:

“Hi Paul and Joseph,
Just writing to thank you for a wonderful weekend. I felt very inspired by the end of it and look foreward to achieving my many goals.
It was a truly great seminar with lots of interesting people and great leadership and support from you both.



“I really enjoyed the weekend – a wonderful indulgence that I have not had for many years. It was also so wonderful to meet so many different people and get a look into their inspirations and aspirations.

An excellent weekend of thought provoking and practical guidelines to enhance my experience of the world, carer and personal life. The aspect I was most cynical about, the meditations and hypnosis, I actually enjoyed the most and they really reinforced the different topics cover. Indeed, I have taken the techniques and visualisations with me – I shoot down my negativity death star regularly especially on a Monday mornings!

In any case, it was a real tonic and put into place many goals, techniques and “learnings” for today and tomorrow. The energy it has given is amazing and I feel in control of my day to day and my destiny. Before the seminar I began to suffer from panic attacks at night. My wife, helped me through these as she has already completed your NLP Practitioners course. She also suggested I attend your Reclaim Your Destiny Weekend, with some trepidation, fear and cynicism I went. However, it is the best thing I have done in many years, a really joyous, purposeful, positive experience. The techniques and exercises have given me the tools to reclaim control over my life and destiny. My anxiety levels have significantly reduced and panic attacks have been banished.


Feel free to use all or any part of this e-mail

Patrick Hasell ”

Teacher of Sociology and History and AQA Examiner.

BSc Hons, PCGE, M.A Social Science

So thanks to all those who came along and made our weekend too and if this moves you to come along and create what you want follow your instinct and in those immortal words of Nike “Just do it!”

We also have other trainings this year in Cambridge for those who want to become therapists, for personal development (our NLP practitioner course with Time LineTherapy and Real hypnosis) and to learn hypnosis great ways to improve our lives and really get what we truly deserve (abundance, fun and happiness)


An evening of Hypnosis and NLP

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
The ladies of Whittlesford ~ what pictures does that create in your mind.

In ours a great one, as Joseph and I have just given a talk to these wonderful and friendly people.

The evening was an opportunity for us to give an insight into the wonders of Hypnosis and NLP. The fantastic changes we can all make in ourselves and how quickly and comfortably they can be achieved.

It was great to see 28 ladies sitting with their eyes closed and experiencing their trance and to be able to take the comfortable feelings away with them literally on the tips of their fingers (for those into NLP an ‘anchor’ one of the simple techniques we teach in our NLP trainings).

And after experiencing how to change memories, well the charge we give them. To lessen the negative pull from the one’s that don’t feel good and the make the memories we love BIGGER, BRIGHTER and feel the feelings we enjoy 10 times more intense.

To finish the evening, before all those questions, we had everyone put a wonderful goal in their future with a process, from our Reclaim Your Destiny weekend Seminar, with our special empowering music that resonates inside you.

We really enjoyed sharing this and the Milton Hospice will enjoy the donation created through this talk too.

We intend to continue these talks and any group is more than welcome to ask us. We don’t charge and if we can raise more money for local charities then we’re even happier!



New things happening at Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Friday, October 24th, 2008

They say that things happen in three’s.

Here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy things are changing too

in three’s

how’s that?

Well Joseph has just returned from Liverpool

Luke’s just returned from Thialand

and I’m just pleased

so now we are three again

Bringing about even more change

so if you want to stop smoking, regain your confidence and rebuild your self esteem

stop anxiety, panic attacks, be healthy and well or want to change anything in your life right you now have more choice than ever.

And there’s so much more that’s going to happen

from our Reclaim You Destiny Day, complimentary CD’s new free video downloads to free talks to groups about hypnosis, NLP, health and wellness.

As all these things begin to happen we’ll update you here and many other ways to

so be ready to experience more pleasure than you can imagine and pleasure for no reason.

more to come soon……………………….


New free video downloads added

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

We have just uploaded new videos of our recently successful Reclaim Your Destiny day in Liverpool which we are now bringing to Cambridge in January 2009.

And because of the great results that people achieved in just one day we have

decided to extend this to two days, over a weekend, so we can bring even more and

create an even better experience that unlocks so much more of your potential and passion.

Have a look and see or call us (01223 720120) or email for more information

When you find your true potential you will find it’s infinite and so empowering!


Reclaim your Destiny day ~ getting bigger

Thursday, August 28th, 2008
Joseph and I have recently had a wonderful day in Liverpool taking a one day seminar and what a great time we had!

Better than that everybody attending had a great time too and are now on their way to success in their life~Awesome.

We had a camera crew to make a DVD of the day and hopefully with the right technology we’ll be able to have something here for you to see and get a flavour of the event.

One delegate found that after 20 years of fruitless counselling and so many other therapies this day made the difference to her life in finding and going through her boundaries that had restricted her and now could see the future, a bright future. I’m hoping that her videoed testimonial will be here soon.

Because of the success of the day and what everybody got from it we are now planning to bring this to Cambridge. Where and when can be found on our training website.

We are also planning to expand these to a whole weekend and make it an even better.

Change with fun ~ that’s got to be the best way to do it.

The day was a doing day for all but if you want to know and learn to do what we do for yourself to have continued self improvement or be able to be a great therapist using NLP, Time Line Therapy and real hypnosis we have Certified Practitioner Courses in October (Cambridge)and November (Liverpool). Check out the testimonialsto find out what previous NLP Practitioners have said about their experiences of our courses. You will find out that not only are the standard certification curriculum are learnt (that’s way not enough for us) but you will learn to so much more and be able to use it as your own ‘in the muscle’

How much pleasure can you stand?