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Hypnosis for fear of flying – Cambridge Hypnotherapy for phobias

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Recently I read an article in the national newspapers highlighting a story about a young boy of 12 years old who had developed a phobia of flying and now been stranded in the Middle East for more than one year. Eventually, with the aid of Hypnotherapy, he managed to overcome his fear and fly back with his Father to meet up with his Mother and Sister who had already returned to the UK.

Fear of flying is one of the more common phobias that we work with here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy, however we have worked with pretty much any phobia that you can think of including fear of spiders, fear of heights, fear of needles, fear of dogs, fear of driving and even the fear of shirt buttons among many many more.

The Father in this particular case thought that his Sons phobia had been bought on by an ear infection that bought with it terrible pain and discomfort, and this type of situation is very common. Quite often the phobia is not actually caused by anything bad happening with that particular thing, such as flying issues, but more so by something else which makes it simply a horrible experience, such as the ear infection. The next time that individual gets ready to do that thing again, their unconscious mind remembers what happened last time and how emotionally unpleasant it was, thus creating so much fear that they simply don’t go ahead with doing it! If you don’t do it, it can’t be horrible, right?…. WRONG!!!! By not doing what we want to enjoy doing, it feels pretty horrible in itself!

So how long does it take to let go of a phobia? Well certainly not 12 months! Once someone has decided that the time is right t0 let go of it, it takes no more than 3 sessions. Many of our clients actually achieve their results in less than this!

If you have a fear or phobia that you feel has been affecting your life and would like to find out just how easy it is to let go of your phobia with Cambridge Hypnotherapy, you can contact us here, or call us on 01223 720 120 and we will be more than happy to discuss it with you. You will also receive 2 free downloads, and are welcome to come and visit us for a free initial consultation where you can find out more.

Speak soon!


Who can and can’t be hypnotised?

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Recently I had an interesting conversation with someone that got me thinking “I wonder who else feels this way?”

On a night out last week, I was introduced to somebody as a ‘hypnotist’. This usually gets a common covering of the eyes gesture, or them comically looking away so as to prevent eye contact with the whole ‘look into my eyes not around the eyes” lines. However this time it was slightly different, in the sense that the individual I met was a huge psychology fan, who took it upon himself to challenge everything that I believe. Now I don’t mind this, as everyone has a right to their own beliefs, and sometimes we do need to step into other peoples worlds in order to understand where they are coming from.

This individual was adamant that hypnosis involved huge amounts of layers that need to be stripped away, and that a deep level of unconsciousness would be needed in order to implant the desired suggestions which only very few people would be capable of. I found this highly interesting and decided to put across my beliefs, that I thought I would like to share with you all.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. It doesn’t involve sleep, and it certainly doesn’t involve giving the hypnotist entire control of everything that you do. In theory we have all been hypnotised every single day, just unaware of it as most people don’t know what hypnosis is. What about those times when you start driving, and before you know it your mind wanders off thinking about your tasks for the day, and all of a sudden you notice you have arrived at your destination? Or how about when you start reading a book, and you get 7 or 8 pages in and ask yourself “What have I just read?”. To me these are examples of the state of hypnosis that we all experience regularly, here our unconscious mind takes over and we go into an ‘auto-pilot’ state.

When I hypnotise someone in a session, they are still awake, they are still in control, and if I walked away leaving them like that and a fire alarm went off they would run for the door as quick as anyone else would. Hypnotherapy is a do with process, and involves me working with the clients unconscious mind to achieve their results, whether its losing weight, stopping smoking, letting go of a phobia, or releasing anxiety.

To sum it up, I believe that EVERYONE can be hypnotised, however they can only be hypnotised to do something that want to do, when they want to do it. I can’t MAKE them feel more confident, but i can help part of their mind to understand that they are worthy of everything that they want, and to love who they are.

If you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact us at Cambridge Hypnotherapy by clicking here now 🙂

Luke Clough

How we don’t do Hypnotherapy in Cambridge

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

 There’s a wonderful clip on Youtube

To me, one of the funniest men to create stories that come to life in your head.

This one’s a skit video.

Okay so maybe you need a more empathetic solution

here it is Cambridge Hypnotherapy


Fears and Phobias ~ a lifting and flying experience ~ Gone in only 90 minutes

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Imagine how much more difficult life would be if lifts and escalators didn’t exist? Having to visit relatives in a hospital on the 12th floor…. going into large shopping centres and wanting to have a look in a shop on the top level…. realising you have parked on the top floor of the car park and now you have to carry all of your heavy shopping bags up with you, every step of the way.

 Well for some people this is their life. A phobia of lifts and escalators is hugely common, and it certainly was for Rachel (name changed for confidentiality). Rachel was in her 70’s and had never been in a lift or travelled up/down an escalator in her entire life, which for me is a huge thing to even fathom. Up until a short while before she contacted me, she Rachel had been content to accept this and wasn’t too fussed about changing now, after all, in her words she’d “managed ok up until now”. However, not only did she have a phobia of lifts and escalators, she was also immensely afraid of flying, and had never been on a plane as the thought of it was just too much and sent her into a state of panic. However she now had a newly found motivation in the shape of a grandchild who lived a plane journey away, and she wasn’t letting this fear get in the way of that!

 So you’re probably thinking that as she had had these phobias for over 70 years, and that there was a fear of flying, lifts AND escalators it must have taken lots of sessions  to help Rachel let go of them all. Surely it couldn’t be as easy as someone who had had a phobia for only a very short time, could it? The short answer is YES, it was that simple. It took Rachel only 90 minutes to finally be free of those horrible feelings. Only 30 minutes after our session, she rang me to say she was in john Lewis, travelling down the escalator, and she couldn’t believe the view of the shop, something she had never even contemplated before. And then only a few weeks later I received the following email, which highlights just how far Rachel had come!


Hi Luke


Just wanted to let you know that I had a fantastic holiday and had no

problems with going in lifts and even though our room was on the 7th

floor I was able to sit out on the balcony and enjoy the views – prior

to having hypnotherapy with you I couldn’t go in a lift and wouldn’t be

happy going above the 2nd floor let alone look out over a balcony. 

Also managed really well on the flights this time.


So thank you very much Luke as it has made a huge difference to my



SO if there is something that you want to change in your life, whether it’s a phobia you want to let go of, or simply to become more confident and let go of anxiety, contact us now to find out just how quickly you can do it!

Anxious about Hypnotherapy in Cambridge

Monday, February 28th, 2011
A little while ago I received a reply to an initial consultation reminder text we send out that made me think.

The text read something like this:

Thanks. Ironic that I am seeking your help as I am anxious about everything” and here’s the bit that got me “Including coming to see you!”It’s only because we know the initial consultation is our way to put you at your ease and we have been in so many we’re never anxious!

Being serious though I can really empathise with that comment, sometimes we can be so worried of the unknown we will stay stuck. Some people call it staying in their comfort zone and if you have ever thought that way and I think we all have maybe it should be renamed “the Familiar Zone”. You can be so familiar with your problems, issues and the negative way you feel it can be scary to think of being any other way.

Luke, Joseph and I know this here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy which is why we insist on our prospective clients come to an initial consultation. It’s a time where we can let you know all about our special kind of Hypnotherapy and make you feel really comfortable.

How do we do that?

Well firstly:

You can see we are real people and can tell we are both passionate about your results and you can see that what we are telling you is what we believe in. We don’t sell magically on the telephone or on the web ~ you get to see “the whites of our eyes!” and you get to do this with our compliments, it’s absolutely free.


You get to make a considered decision by getting all your concerns answered and if we’re not for you that’s great and if we are that’s great to.


You have that worry of being regressed back to times in your life when things were bad ~ because we don’t do that here.


For those that worry with phobias etc that you will be made to face the thing your fear so much ~ we don’t do that either!

There’s a lot more I could add but then I want you to find out for yourself and start making the changes to your life ~ with a little special help from us.



Hypnotherapy to let go of a phobia – the EASY way

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Before we get into how we at Cambridge Hypnotherapy use various techniques to let go of phobias in only one session, its important to understand what a phobia actually is, and why it happens in the first place.

A phobia can be described as a one trial learning, meaning it only takes one very bad experience to create a phobic response/behaviour. For example, if a man was once attacked by a dog, at that time he will have experienced a huge fearful experience and been absolutely terrified. The next time he sees a dog, the image of that dog goes into his mind where it is processed. The mind remembers what happened last time, that he was attacked and bitten, and therefore creates a huge degree of fear in order to make him run away and stay safe. It often becomes the way that even the thought of seeing a dog can create this huge fearful response.

So how can we change this behaviour? Well the first set of techniques we use are within an approach called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Everything you see/hear/feel is just information. That information goes into your brain where it is processed and worked out what the information means to you, and once that has happened your brain will work out a behaviour accordingly. When we use NLP we don’t look at working with the input, as that is out of your control, and to start with we won’t necessarily look at the behaviour. However by dealing with the middle step, how your brain processes that information we can achieve instant changes. If when your brain processes that information it means something different to you, then it will have to find a completely different behaviour anyway, thus the problem behaviour will no longer exist.

In my opinion, being Master Practitioners of TimeLine Therapy is our greatest asset. It really is the number one system that will help you let go of an emotion that is affecting you in a negative way. As a phobia is purely an irrational level of fear or anxiety surrounding a particular event, such as a fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of spiders as well as many others, we can use a set of tools within TimeLine Therapy to allow your unconscious mind to go back into and learn from past events in order to allow the fear to simply disappear. You will be amazed at just how quickly you can feel completely different when thinking of an emotional past event, as well as when you think about that event happening in the future.

Finally we have hypnosis. We can use a wonderful state of hypnosis to further strengthen the changes that were made within NLP and TimeLine Therapy. Your unconscious mind can go ahead and find a new set of beliefs, behaviours and resources that will allow you to enjoy every moment of your life to an even greater degree. By the end of a session, you can imagine how it would be to actually feel excited about the prospect of doing whatever it was that USED to bother you.

To find out more about how hypnotherapy can help with many other issues, please visit Cambridge Hypnotherapy, or you contact us if you have any specific questions that you would like to have answered.

Luke Clough

Hypnosis could be the key to unlock your fear

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Something I found that might inspire you

Joseph Clough, attended hypnosis classes to get over his shyness.

CONFIDENT and charming, with an easy smile, it’s hard to believe Joseph Clough was once crippled by shyness. “I used to blush very easily,” admits the 25-year-old, with a grin.

“At one point it got so bad I even struggled to talk to my relatives: if they asked me a question, I could manage ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but that was about it.”

Nowadays, Joseph thinks nothing of talking to hundreds of people at a time, all of them complete strangers. A mind coach famous for working with the stars, including Scottish singer Sandi Thom, he leads workshops designed to help people let go of their fears – and live life to the full.

As Joseph explains, he owes a lot to hypnotism: it was a course in hypnosis that changed his life when he was 17.

Swift to confess he “was not the brightest” at school, Joseph says he needed learning support and toiled to get six C grades at GCSE. For a man who now knows “quite a bit of quantum physics”, it’s proof he’s come a long way.

After a GNVQ in business studies, Joseph took a job in insurance. “Within six months I felt lost,” he remembers. “I lacked purpose, contentment, fulfilment . . .”

Encouraged by his father, Paul, the teenager agreed to do a week-long hypnosis course in Scarborough. “Hypnosis was my dad’s hobby at the time,” explains Joseph, who lives off Histon Road. “The idea was that the course would be a therapeutic process, which would help me find out what I wanted to do with my life.”

And that it did: Joseph’s moment of epiphany came almost immediately – on his four-hour drive home. Full of a confidence and a new sense of self-belief, he had put his hang-ups behind him within one short week. And he wanted to help others do the same.

“I decided there and then that I wanted to do this,” he recalls. “The course had been life-changing for me and I knew that I wanted to help other people make beneficial changes to their lives too.”

A week later Joseph had quit his insurance job and embarked on his new career as a Master Hypnotist. Going to the States to study Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), he then began to expand his horizons even further.

“If you had conscious control of your life then it would be easy: you would simply let go of all the fears that hold you back,” explains Joseph. “But we don’t have conscious control of these things – so it might be the unconscious mind that is holding us back.”

By taking his clients into a trance state, which he likens to the auto-pilot mode we switch into when driving, Joseph says he accesses the unconscious.

Asking the unconscious mind to move a client’s finger, while giving the conscious mind a counter-command to keep the finger still, he says people are often amazed to see their digits twitch. “A person has to want to go into a trance state,” adds Joseph, who says hypnosis requires real focus from the client.

For the last two years, Joseph has worked with all manner of celebrity clients, from singers and actors to athletes. Because of client confidentiality, he is unable to identify the majority – save for Sandi Thom, whom he describes as “very down-to-earth and friendly”.

“It started by accident,” explains Joseph. “A manager phoned me up about one of his clients and it just took off from there.”

As with his other clients, Joseph helps the celebs address a huge range of issues, maybe a desire to improve their performance or combat a lack of self-confidence. And he also helps them tackle phobias, fears of everything from small spaces to bony wrists.

“I’ve come across a fear of balloons, a fear of tinfoil and – this is quite a common one – emetophobia, which is a fear of being sick, even of being around sick,” says Joseph.

“One client had a fear of her hair being touched because, as a young child, someone had tried to set light to it. It had become quiet debilitating: she didn’t even like going to pubs because, before the smoking ban, she had a fear of the smoke touching her hair and making it fall out.”

Most phobias date from childhood, he explains. “If you see a spider and feel that ‘fight or flight’ reaction, those two things – the spider and the feeling – become connected,” continues Joseph. “What I do is reconnect the spider with a new feeling, say of calm. It can work quickly: twenty-five per cent of people change with one session.”

With the celebrity clients came an increasing amount of media attention: recently challenged by the Daily Express, Joseph was charged with curing three journalists of their fears – including a woman repulsed at the very thought of a veined and bony wrist.

With innumerable CDs and downloads to his name, several websites and a self-help book called Be Your Potential, Joseph’s career is burgeoning. With his father and older brother Luke now trained Master Hypnotists too, he’s part of the family firm Cambridge Hypnotherapy, as well as making client visits and holding workshops .

But, despite his success, Joseph says he didn’t become a mind coach for the sake of making money. Offering a sliding scale of fees, designed to make his sessions accessible to as many people as possible, he says he genuinely wants to help others live happier lives.

“If someone says this stuff doesn’t exist well, in a way, it doesn’t completely exist: it isn’t tangible,” he adds. “But then neither is the soul.”

 For more information about Joseph and his find out about his trainings go to or

To find out about us all at Cambridge Hypnotherapy call call (01223) 720120 or visit

Be inspired!




Watch Joseph on ITV ~ Fear factor~ phobia cure

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

We now have a video of the Fear Factor from ITV

all you have to do is follow this link.

Joseph has been amazed at the response he has had from all over the UK and people are travelling from all parts to meet with him to let go of their phobias.

And the best part is we know that when they’re gone the world will be so different for them and the ripples of this change will continue to change other areas of their lives with new opportunities that were always there but seemed invisible.

So to those of you who haven’t experienced this yet why not take the chance to find out how life can really be.


for those who want to learn how to do this with others why not look into out NLP and Hypnosis trainings. We’ll be getting our testimonials back from our recent training in Cambridge real soon and I’ll post them here too.

The world can be a brighter, lighter place to live in when you know how and it’s easy!!!!

More soon

It’s to focus on what you want and have it that way……now


Joseph on ITV Fear Factor

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

It’s great that Joseph has proved again our skills at eliminating phobias.

Last Friday 21st November Joseph appeared on ITV’s Fear Factor and showed how easily we can help let go of fears and phobias.

Although on the day he worked with about five people time only allowed to show what it meant to two people to be free of their phobia.

We will be receiving the video sections of his great work and will be uploading them soon…….so watch this space for more news.

If you feel you need to let go of your phobia quickly, easily and comfortably (yes I do mean comfortably) contact us now here or call today on 01223 720 120

still thinking about it?

he who waits………..waits and waits and waits and waits………..

do it now you may just find, like so many others, your whole life will change for the better!



even if you don’t have a phobia but want to learn how to help others why not go to our training site plus there’s free video down loads


Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Hot off the press literally.

Joseph has recently had press releases in Daily Mail, Metro and has been talking on Radio York and Radio Manchester about those fears and phobias that whilst we know are silly, they’re so real to those who experience them.

What a pity we have to live with them …………or do we?????????????

course not~We’ve been helping get rid of them for ages!!