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How to get results in 2-3 sessions with Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Joseph and I (Paul) have just finished 2 back to back 8 day intensive trainings in both Cambridge & Bournemouth,  teaching NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Real Hypnosis. For those that don’t know why anyone would want to learn these skills well there’s generally three reasons.

1 For Personal development

2 To thrive in business

3 To become a therapist and help others

The fact is, generally our participants get all three in abundance

It was great to see everyone pass with flying colours and get their certification as Practitioners in NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and as a Master Hypnotist.

The thing I enjoyed most was to firstly watch the delegates sit quietly on that very first morning of the training, probably thinking “what have I done?” to see them grow in confidence and ability far beyond their dreams.

Secondly to have them fully take on board that the things that clients come in with, of the things they themselves wanted to change were not the problem.

What do I mean?

Well Here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy both Luke and I know that the presenting problem is very rarely the problem. Like the metaphor of the weed it’s only a leaf and if you cut it out the weed will only continue to grow more leaves or problems in your life.

And this is where I think we excel better than most therapists because we take time to find the root cause of our client’s issues and then and only then work on that. When the ‘root’ cause disappears then all the presenting problems disappear.

That’s how we literally only require 2-3 sessions to assist our clients to get the change they want in their life and a whole lot more!. In fact you could probably count the clients that needed more than three sessions on the fingers of one hand.

What we don’t tell is what we do at our Complimentary initial consultation and between the sessions that really makes the difference or the processes that we use and have developed ~ that’s our secret of success with clients.

If you want to know more then all you have to do is

Either call us on 01223 720 120 and talk to us in person (we’re really nice and friendly to talk to)

Emal us direct at


Click the underlined contact us

As always the choice is yours.

Certified NLP, Time Line Therapy(TM) and Real Hypnosis trainings in Cambridge

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

NLP back in Cambridge before Christmas ~ what a present for yourself!

Great news for those of you who either want to learn to become a hypnotherapist, Hypnotist or just want to learn NLP for yourself and to develop yourself personally or professionally in your business/career.

Joseph Clough, supported by Paul Clough, is bringing back again his high quality accelerated 8 day NLP Training, which both certified and recognized by the ABNLP and bespoke in Cambridge.  That means not only do you get certified in NLP, Time Line Therapy™ at practitioner level and become a Master Hypnotist you get a training geared especially to your needs and wants. Here’s the NLP training website for more information or simply click here

Both Joseph and Paul are international trainers, therapists and businessmen and teach NLP in a way that works, not an intellectual exercise.

If your not convinced this is for you check out our testimonials page


Better still talk to either Joseph or Paul directly on 01223 720 120


Email either or


You can also find Josephs’ work on iTunes, Facebook and Youtube


When is this all happening?

10th-18th November 2012

Don’t delay in contacting us because we like to keep our classes small so those attending get the most and highest level of learning and success!

You cam also check out Joseph’s new Book out now ‘Be Your Potential’

Hypnotherapy Masterclass with Joseph and Paul Clough ~ Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

 This weekend Joseph and I are sharing our developments in hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Cambridge to other hypnotherapists, NLP & Time Line Therapy practitioners.

 I believe we have taken previous processes, stripped them down to what really works and then made them even better with our own ‘stuff’. ‘Stuff’ being the very technical word for the things we (Joseph, Luke and I, Paul) have developed that create both remarkable change in our clients and really fast change. In effect how we at Cambridge Hypnotherapy manage to see our clients generally no more than three sessions where many others take 8 – 12 sessions.

 In fact we took this to Israel where the therapists we taught we taking that long and couldn’t believe change, real change could be so fast, comfortable and lasting ~ and now they do!

 So you can see we are and will be continually be striving to create even better ways to utilise in our brand of therapy here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy.

 If you are a therapist and want to find out more or when our next weekend Masterclass is being held email info@josephcloughtrainings

 If you are looking for help for yourself click here to contact us at Cambridge Hypnotherapy.

How to find a great NLP training and ensure you get the most from it.

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

“So why is it so important to find the right training for you?”

Well, it’s a great investment of your time and money and learning NLP can be either the best thing you ever do or leave you disappointed. Through the right training, with the right trainers, learning NLP can truly change your life for the better.

“So how do you decide the difference between and excellent training and one that isn’t?”

Between one that simply teaches techniques and intellectual theories and the right one, that gives you and creates in you the skills and abilities, that you can use in your way to get you want.

“What should a truly excellent training and excellent trainers provide?”

Live demonstrations and exercises of the demonstrations so you can have the most complete way of learning, as well as being able to ask questions freely and just as importantly get the answers to those questions. The trainers should be able to demonstrate all the skills they teach and give personal examples of how they use them now – not just theory. Can they and do they practise what they teach?

More than just the NLP curriculum? Does the training just teach the set curriculum or do the trainers give and teach more than they need to because they want to and are passionate about you and giving you more than just what’s required? Are the trainers willing to share what they know or do they keep it for a further training or an additional module?

Are the trainings moulded to the outcomes of every delegate and do the trainers ask what you want from the training before you enrol? That presupposes you can speak to the trainers personally before you enrol which should be a must. If they won’t speak to you before, how far will they go to make this the best training you have attended? Could you meet with them before you enrol?

Testimonials are important but can you speak with the person quoted? You might want to wonder why not.

Back up and support should be something that is given and expected free of charge. Will you able to contact the trainers after you course for help and advice? If so, for how long after?

Guarantee – Does the training offer a full 100% guarantee if you are not satisfied?

These are just a few considerations that you should want answering before you have the most enjoyable and learning experience of NLP.


Written by Joseph and Paul Clough of Joseph Clough Trainings

Our Cambridge NLP, Time Line Therapy(tm) and Hypnosis practice group

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Well, we had our second practice group on Saturday and had 20 people attending, half being practitioners and half interested guests. It was great to spend a whole day together sharing our thoughts and experiences together with ‘real life‘ practicing.

The great thing is that everybody learnt things about themselves.
Practitioners remembering what they thought they had forgotten and the confidence to show that it was still there, ‘in the muscle’, to our guests.

Our guests got quite a surprise to find out we were going to teach them some basic tools of NLP that they could take away with them and use them to change the way they feel and the real surprise ~ that they would learn a hypnotic induction and put a practitioner in trance and bring them back again!

What was nice for me was that having lunch together, our guests could ask questions freely, meet new and interesting people and it was a chance to hear how many different things our practitioner were achieving in both their social and business lives.

A great day for everyone and all for less than £20!

If by chance you have stumbled onto this posting and are interested in coming along either:

as a guest, that is someone interested in finding out more about NLP, Time Line Therapy(tm) and our Real Hypnosis
as a practitioner who wants to meet and practice. You don’t have to have been to one of our NLP trainings or certified by Joseph or myself. Whatever your skill level you will be made more than welcome.

then give Joseph or myself a call 01223 720 120
or email me our training email or here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy

You might even want to sign up for our NLP news letter which has videos, downloads and information all F’ree just go to Joseph’s website and sign up for the downloads and you will start to get the newsletter every two weeks.

More about the news letter in a separate post

Hopefully see you on one of the practice days


NLP practice group in Cambridge

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Last Saturday saw the re-surfacing of our NLP practice group.
Previously we met once a month, in the evening, but that seemed to restrict those who had to travel a distance. So we (Joseph & I) decided to change this to a Saturday and make it a whole day. This allowed us more time to refresh our knowledge in a particular area of NLP & Hypnosis and then do something completely new.

So what did we do last Saturday?

Firstly with some traveling over an hour to get here we had time to catch up and find out what we’d all been doing in the field of NLP etc. Just listening to all the different things we’d been doing and experiencing was really inspiring to do more and gave us all different ideas & things we too could do.

We went on to master our skills in questioning with a live project, a real person and based on a real issue.

After lunch we decided to find what would be some of the best states, behaviours and beliefs of being the best practitioner or therapist. Having refined this to something we could install in ourselves it was time for hypnosis and we installed all these wonderful and empowering resources into each other. So not only were we practicing inductions, installations we were creating change – real change.

In the next practice group we hope to bring along friends so they to can experience NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis and we can all learn. It’s also hoped we can find someone we can model. Someone who does something really well so we can learn how to do it too.

Who knows what exciting things we can find to do next?

Maybe we’ll see you there too.

Email me if you want to find out more (our NLP, Time LIne Therapy and Hypnosis training)

I’m looking forward to the next one


A simple way to begin to create your dreams

Friday, May 1st, 2009

A long time ago, yes I know this sounds like a fairy tale, I wrote down a whole bunch of dreams. One in particular came true many years later, much to my surprise. Even more of a surprise was that when I had the opportunity to have it come true, I became concerned about actually being able to have it and even thought about not letting it happen. I felt if I got this now, then what? It was a little scary I have to admit.


So if you like me are fascinated by our dreams for the future and wonder how we can turn them from dreams to reality and enjoy having them become real then this might be for you ~ a simple way to start.

When you start looking for ways to do this you may find, like I did, there are so many different ways but all have a similar theme.


So I began to think what could I do to simplify this, if only to make a start.

You see, to me, a dream is really only a wish and wishes sometime come true and sometimes……..well they stay a wish. To change a dream into something you experience, when you want to experience it, it has to have action. You need to know what that dream really means to you, what will it be like to have it and what else will it effect in my life.

This sounds heavy (if sounds have weight?) so I wanted to have something that was easy to do and made me feel good as I did it


Try this out.

Think of one of those dreams you have and starting easy pick the BIGGEST.

Write it down, go on be brave no one’s looking!

Then write down what would having achieved that dream mean to you, and repeat this a few times… what else would it mean to me and what else etc.

Now if after this it really does mean a lot to you, write down all the things you would be doing and enjoying already having got this dream.

If this makes you excited about creating this dream pick one of those things you will be doing and begin to get doing it. Go on! Take the first step and follow your intuition. Then the next thing and then the next and so on.


I know for all those experts out there this is way to simple and I agree. In our trainings using NLP and Time Line TherapyTM and working with clients we go into this much deeper and for those of you who just want to dip your toe into making your dreams come true this is a great and simple way to start.

I’d love some feedback on how you found this process and how motivated you were/are to begin bring about the creation of your dreams into your life


NLP and Hypnosis monthly get togethers in Cambridge (NLP & Hypnosis work-group)

Friday, June 13th, 2008

While I was thinking about our NLP and Hypnosis work-group and what new things we could practice or discouver I thought I wonder if anyone else would be interested in coming along to find out more about NLP and Hypnosis.”
Anyone who has a remote interest is more than welcome.
It’s a small group made up of practitioners from our Primedirectives NLP/Time Line Therapy/Real Hypnosis trainings and we meet monthly in Cambridge~ generally the third Thursday of each month. There is no requirement to be a practitioner of NLP etc to attend. In fact we invite those coming on our courses to attend before our trainings so you can find out about how good the trainings are from those who have already been on them and how, what you learn, can be used.
As a quick overview we have discussed ways in which we can use Goal Mapping, Human Givens, Photo Reading, using NLP to alay fears for scuba-diving~ just a few topics we have given our time to. Each member of the group, disregarding their level of experience, have all been able to contribute and learn.
So as I begin to think of what new things we can discover and learn at our next get together

“Hmmmmmmmmmm. I wonder what really interesting things we can enjoy and learn…………………..?”

 I’ll keep you posted.
Feel free to get in contact if you want to find out more.
Keep enjoying those heartbeats