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Proud of Joseph Clough’s book “Be Your Potential: Ask. Believe. Receive.”

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

We here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy are so proud today ( well even prouder than we usually are!)

One of us is the first to have their first book to be published. Joseph has now a wonderful book  called “Be Your Potential: Ask. Believe. Receive” on book shelves and on those internet bbok shelves.

Once you read the first chapter we know you will know you have something special in you hands that will help you find the life you want.

Here’s the link to amazon  if you want to look inside ( and it’s available in kindle format too )

A GREAT weekend of NLP & Time Line Therapy

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Nearly 60 people attended our Reclaim Your Destiny Seminar and wothout our knowledge we had three people stand up in front of everybody and give some great testimonials of our trainings and the weekend. This blew us away, that people were prepared to stand up in front of everyone and say great things about us is both humbling and touching to us both.

Then, if this wasn’t enough, followed by some lovely feedback by emails.

We had made a great deal of effort to add new things to the weekend and modifications to previous things including having a computer graphic video made especially for us and I’m so pleased it was enjoyed.

If you have seen Joseph teach, you will know he is very, very good but this weekend he was special.

With Luke in charge of our special music and precision timing togehter with  knowing that our assistants Jason, Kevin, Tarik and Vince always on hand Joseph and I could relax and just present.

The challenge now is to improve on this
We have thoughts for new an exciting things for the future.

So if you haven’t already, sign up to our free video and audio on our websites here or here and we’ll be able to keep you informed of all that’s new.

Lastly Thanks again to all those who attended and made it a really special weekend.

Enjoy every heart beat

PS our new dates for NLP trainings next year are now online