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Sleep Disorders and Hypnotherapy

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Cambridge Hypnotherapy for Sleep Disorders

Recently we have had a trend of enquiries at Cambridge Hypnotherapy for sleep disorders from potential clients. The term sleep disorders can mean anything from not being able to get to sleep, constantly waking up due to a light level of sleep, and all the way to people who sleep too much and are constantly tired!

Hypnotherapy for sleep issues is a a great way to make a dramatic and easy change. When you think about it, sleep is 100% controlled by our unconscious mind, and I think we’ve all experienced who hard this makes it to change on a conscious level at times when we’ve been desperate to sleep, but the more you try the more awake you seem to find yourself!

Unfortunately, when it comes to sleep part of our mind (the unconscious) may deem sleep as being wasted time, and if you have an important meeting or presentation the next day then if you spend all night sleeping that means you have less time to spend preparing, right? And if you spent all night preparing your speech etc then you would be able to perform to the very best of your ability the next day, right? WRONG! We can use advance levels of NLP and Hypnosis to allow your mind to learn that even though it makes sense on paper, if you spend all night awake you will undoubtedly be over tired the next day and therefore perform way below par!

We will all have slept on a problem before, and when we do it always seems to feel different the next day. This is because even when you are asleep your mind can continue to process information and this is what we will allow your mind to learn. You will find yourself falling asleep quickly and easily without any sort of anxiety about what could happen and this will be a life long lasting change.

If you would like to change any issue you may have regarding sleep or sleep disorders with Hypnotherapy in Cambridge, please contact us here or call us on 01223 720 120 for a complimentary initial consultation with no obligation to proceed.

We look forward to hearing form you soon!



Dealing with Anxiety & Confidence (A Cambridge Hypnotherapy report)

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

When Amanda contacted us at Cambridge Hypnotherapy towards the end of 2009  enquiring into whether Hypnotherapy would work in letting go of her anxiety, and becoming more confident, I couldn’t wait to get in contact with her. I’d seen first hand the things people could achieve and, the way they could become after only 2-3 sessions.

During the initial consultation that we offer to all of our clients, it became apparant that Amanda’s self belief system was severely limiting her behaviours. Over the years I’ve been working with clients, a negative self belief has been the most common cause of most of the issues that have been presented. From alcoholism,
weight management, confidence or anxiety, deep down there is quite often a belief of not being good enough, or not feeling worthy.

Within NLP there is a presupposition that states “All behaviour has a positive intention”. Now I know what you’re thinking….. ” How can not feeling good enough be a positive thing?”

Well, quite simply, this belief acts as a protective barrier, and limits what people do and who they interact with. By keeping them inside their comfort zone, the unconscious mind does its best to ensure that the individual does nothing that they could fail at, or look silly doing. (If this sounds familiar, as if we’re talking about you, why not contact us to find out how easy it is to change now!)

So how did Amanda change, what did she get out of it?

Well to start with there used to be a huge fear of being judged, and a fear of failure that was hugely irrational to the situation she was in. Only 2 sessions later, she had become free form any irrational anxiety, and generally more relaxed. she was sleeping better and waking up feeling fresh and energised. In regards to the old fear of being judged, that had disappeared to a level beyond belief. 
Not only has she felt more relaxed in social situations, and feel like things are worth trying, but she actually decided to start writing poetry again, something she hadn’t done for years. As if this wasnt enough of a change in itself, she decided to release them online, for the whole world to see and read.

Click here to read them yourself

Not bad for someone who used to fear being judged, I think you’ll agree.