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What can hypnotherapy & Hypnosis do? Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Can we Cure?

The other day a prospective client came to our complimentary initial consultation saying they had been told by their friends to see a hypnotherapist to get cured. Oh I forgot to add the cure was also to be guaranteed.

This begs the question

Who do we know who can say they can cure?” Or “Who do you know who can and does guarantee a cure?

Let’s see….

v     A physiotherapist….. No

v     A nurse……………No

v     Oh! I know a doctor…… No. We have all heard of patients being told   there’s nothing more we can do or the prognosis is ‘x’ amount of time left to live. Some cure!

v     A Surgeon…… No, they get you to sign a consent form and give percentage chances of a full recovery.


The thing is we believe if a client can be cured they actually cure themselves, it’s just they get help from someone like us, and the processes we have developed, here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy. You see we believe this because there are so many cases of remission of illnesses without a supposed cure so then logically, why can’t anyone do the same thing? Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.


Now we seem to be have been talking about really serious illnesses or dis-ease and whilst we jump at the chance to help anyone suffering in this way many of the symptoms we see with our clients are:

v     Depression

v     Anxiety

v     Low self-esteem

v     Eating disorders

v     Drinking issues

v    Weight Loss

v     Stopping or quitting smoking

v     Gambling

v     And the list goes on and on and on.


The thing is if someone can overcome serious illness (and they do, we all know that) then the list above should not be that difficult to resolve when the will is there, that “I’m prepared to do whatever it takes”. We are all ordinary people who can do extraordinary things!


Why do we believe this?

Because we (Paul, Luke and Joseph) have all have had many experiences of our clients making wonderful changes to their lives. It’s not magic but a very magical experience for us and our clients. It’s the reason we do this ‘job’ which isn’t really a job when you’re passionate, as we are, about what we do.


when Grief causes anxiety ~ Hypnotherapy in Cambridge

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

I know Luke will soon writing of two amazing successes he received feed back from last week. Both to do with Fears and Phobias but with totally different and startling results.

I’d like to tell of a client I saw last week too, which at the consultation the main issue was anxiety around driving (which is so so easy to change by the way).

This changed however when we began the session ~ was anxiety around driving the cause of this clients issue, they thought it was when they came but we soon discovered this was simply an effect of the real issue which when it came to light was that they were still suffering from  grief together with an un-supporting belief to boot.

Did I panic because I had only prepared for a driving session ~ absolutely not because I hadn’t prepared in that way. We here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy never assume any issue is the real issue until we are sure because as a general rule it isn’t. That’s why so many others (therapists) fail to help their clients quickly and comfortably which I think is a disservice to our clients. All of us here (Luke, Joseph and myself) are committed to brief therapy (the fewest amount of sessions) and complete and lasting change.

Anyway back to my client. Once we, well the client really discovered the real cause of their anxiety (they understood and new now that this was the real problem that needed being dealt with) we did deal with it quickly and with no tears. Well no tears until we had finished but they were tears of joy because they now had a set of wonderful memories and a loving connection with that person they had been grieving for, grieving for far to long and now they felt like a whole weight had been lifted from their shoulders. That really does make this job a brilliant one.

One session that’s all it took to get that kind of freedom.

Your problems could disappear that quickly too why not call 01223 720 120 or email us by clicking here

Successful New Year’s Resolutions with Hypnotherapy in Cambridge.

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

We have all made New Year’s Resolutions only to find them disappearing within a day or two from our minds.

Why is that?

One reason is that we all have a little baggage, some emotions like anger, sadness or guilt that seems to be around just when we don’t want it or lie in the background like a shadow. It’s these things that if we don’t let them go we will never get what we want and the thing is we deserve to have all the things we dream of having and experiencing ~ Well that’s our belief.

There used to be a belief in therapy that to let things go, change our negative beliefs takes a long long time, over many sessions. In fact we still see this on some therapists websites saying “10-12 sessions usually required”!!!!!!! (they’re our !!!!!!!! marks!!!)

The thing is that’s not the way we see it here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy we rarely see anybody more than three sessions before we get their results.

So with this in mind why would you want to wait to change the way you feel now to how you want to feel. You wouldn’t and couldn’t if you really want to be the way you want to be. And that’s the key really wanting (and you don’t have to know how because we know the how)

And here’s another and


it costs you nothing to find out if we’re right for you

all you have to do is contact us and arrange a Complimentary Consultation ~ 20 minutes to how we can help you and get a complimentary Hypnosis cd and 2 hypnosis downloads too! and (yes another and) they’ll be no pressure from us because it’s always your choice.

If you want you can call and speak with us personally on 01223 720 120

Paul, Luke & Joseph

Coping and Dealing with Grief ~ Now the cost of a good Magazine!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

I have been thinking for a little while now having been in the company of people suffering from grief in some form or another. From the death of a loved one, broken marriages and relationships to loss of being able to find themselves.

Grief comes to us for many reasons and many different issues and it doesn’t matter if others think them silly or simply we should just get on with it, it is felt deeply by those who suffer.

And suffer is what we do which is the thing we need not do!

Remember ~ Yes,

Be Grateful ~ Yes

Live our lives fully and with passion ~ Yes

So I’ve decided to reduce the price of my Ebook and accompanying hypnosis downloads to £5.00. Not as a sale or for the short term but to cover costs ~ and that’s it


Loneliness advice ~ hypnotherapy in Cambridge

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Being alone for some people can be just what they want. A time for thinking, working things out in their heads ~ finding a little space in our busy lives.

For others being alone can be isolating to the extreme and create deep feelings of loneliness.

If you have ever experienced this you will know that feeling, which is different for each one of us. For some it may be an empty feeling, others a feeling of loss and helplessness.

So for those who want that space and can’t find it what can you do?

Well one thing is to commit to yourself in advance. Commit to a time (and a place) and keep in sacrosanct. Tell others who may want your time what you are doing so they can respect your time and give you the space you want.

Then go do it

and you may wish to record your thoughts in a journal especially how good it is to have this space and time with yourself. You are speaking to your best friend, your unconscious mind, this way and therefore the next time you do this the experience will get better and better.

But what about those of us who feel alone now?

What can we do?

Well, there are many things you can do and the information’s is all around, in libraries, newspapers or the internet to find activities, groups or relationships. I know that’s easier said than done if our loneliness is connected to grief, sadness, low self esteem or limiting beliefs we have about ourselves.

The thing is it doesn’t have to be this way (the title of my book about grief) because there is plenty of help at hand

such as:

  • Yes of course we’re here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy and can help you find the real you, the you with all the resources and confidence to create the life what you choose.
  • read empowering autobiographies ~ there’s plenty from Victor Frankl to those of ‘Dragons Den’ and plenty in between.
  • Go on a couple of seminars ~ Joseph’s ‘Reclaim your Destiny’ and ‘Empowerment Live’ to name but two
  • Do a mind map of all the things that interested you as a child, things that excited you and when you have filled a whole page ask yourself the question ” where can I find these feelings or something similar now?”
  • Read “Feel the Fear and do it anyway”
  • go to a book shop and look at all the self help books available and pick one that feels right. Don’t just Read it ~ READ IT and DO WHAT IT SUGGESTS!

the list goes on only your imagination is your boundary and that’s infinite

If you do want one to one help get in contact with us and arrange a complementary consultation via email or better still call us on 01223 720 120

Choose to take action now

and you may like these words

Never alone, never bymyself ~  ALWAYS WITH MYSELF




Resolving grief (hypnotherapy in Cambridge)

Monday, March 7th, 2011

 How long do we have to, need to grieve?

Some time ago I wrote about remembering in a different way which in no small way was brought about by my writing my own book about overcoming grief and a personal journey in resolving and moving on from grief.

You see we tend to immediately think as grief being caused by the loss of a loved one and so it is. The thing is there are so many more things that happen to us that cause us to grieve and create that hollow feeling inside. These can come from a myriad of losses such as:

  • the loss of a job
  • retirement and losing the feeling of being useful
  • someone leaving us but still alive
  • losing our home
  • losing a business we created
  • etc. etc. the list goes on.

There’s also the beliefs we have of how long should we grieve. Is it being disrespectful to only grieve for a short time and what will others think of us. All these factors create negative emotions within us, over and above that real grief feeling.

So with all that going on inside us it’s no wonder we suffer and usually in that isolated feeling of loneliness.

So that’s why I wrote my little piece following the progress of my ‘best friend’ until someone was brave enough to challenge me.

You tell the story of a “friend”. It is your own story, isn’t it? At least, it seemed to me to be your own story. If so, I wonder, if you would consider to tell your story using “I” ? Don’t feel embarrassed when you tell your own story. This is why books are read. Authors need to be shameless and find the words for what others can’t say.

and so I have re-written my book, my Story and no hiding behind the facade of my friend. I have told like it was, what I did to change and how it felt and how it feels to be free of all those horrible feelings.

Added to this I have included hypnosis tracks to download that take you through some of the exercises I describe in this book to compliment and speed up the process of letting go of grief and all the other emotions that are attached.

Track 1 Mind Mapping,

Track 2 Accessing your unique Qualities and finding your Passion

Track 3 Releasing and Moving On

My final piece is to narrate this to audio to make it easier for those who like to listen and hear which will happen sometime soon.

At the moment it’s called “IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY

It’s not meant to be instead of getting help from people like us at Cambridge Hypnotherapy and is intended to support, encourage and teach ways of finding our selves again.


Resolving Grief with Hypnotherapy in Cambridge

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Resolving grief can seem so difficult to do and a very lonely place to be. It seems as if we are the only person to feel this or have felt like this.

So firstly ~ It is not so difficult to resolve with the right help


You are not alone in this ~ we have helped many of our clients let go of grief and remember in a good way.

To support our work I have written a short book with audio hypnosis tracks to just show what is possible. It can be used by itself to deal with grief but I would really like it to used as an addition to getting good help.

So if this is of interest go to my other website by clicking here and find out more

or better still do that and contact us to see how we can be that good help by clicking here


Hypnotherapy for Depression taking 5 sessions

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Have you ever had the experience of being both happy and disappointed at the same time?

I worked such a lovely client who had had depression for over 15 years and life’s experiences were not the best. Well it was those experiences that remained in the forefront of their mind when they first came to visit us for the complimentary consultation.

Desperate for someone to help and be truthful in expectations we began our first session which began the process to recovery of a life that they would enjoy and for the people in her life to enjoy too.

Because of all the things they had experienced we wanted to find the one thing that would allow them to let go of that depression (and anxiety/fear). You see, we could have just tried to eliminate each one at a time and spend countless number of sessions ~ Which we here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy DON’T, WON’T or NEVER do ~ What we did was this ~ we found the cause of their negative feelings. This is what would be termed the root cause and the metaphor we use to explain this is, if you just keep picking the leaves from a weed they just keep on growing but if you pluck out the root it has to disappear.

And this is where happy and disappointed fits in. I had my expectations of clearing this depression in three sessions (or sooner) and it took five (although begining session 5 we were already 90% better!)

One of the nicest things to happen during our time together was that this client reviewed the draft of my book about addressing and dealing with grief (it’s tentatively called “It doesn’t have to be this way”) and the critique was brilliant and maybe the content helped us too.

So I guess what I’m saying here is yes it’s really possible to change the way you feel no matter how bad or for how long in 3 or less sessions but just occasionally it takes another 3 hours.

The thing is YOU really can change if,, like our clients, you really want too and are prepared to do whatever it takes.


A simple way to feel good about yourself

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Some time ago I was feeling very low. Things had happened in my life that really made me feel really low. In fact it was horrible to feel so low.

And one thing I did to change that was this simple thing.

I got a sheet of paper and in the middle of it I wrote

‘My Qualities’ and drew a circle around it. And I asked myself what are my qualities?” and to be honest the way I was feeling I couldn’t answer, I didn’t feel I had any.Anyway, I persisted, kept asking and listening for an answer and I thought…….Well at least I’m alive! that’s a qualitiy. so I drew a line from the circle and wrote that out. Then a little later they began to flow

I’ve had a sense of humour so that was a quality

I’ve made people laugh

My sons love me so I can be loved and I’m a father (that was two by the way)

I’ve painted pictures before so in my way I’m creative

I can learn things (done that before)

I have helped others

I know I’ve inspired a few people

I can breathe/smile/laugh

I can be a good friend

I have been supportive

I’ve been in love so I can love and accept love

and the list just went on and on and on…………………………..

When I’d fininshed I re-read it all in my quiet place and I began to feel different. I began to remember times that made me feel those qualities again and they were true to me.

I knew then that life would be different now and with those qualities I could feel better. Just focusing on those qualities seemed to make a difference every day to the way I felt, the way I acted and to those I lived with or met.

In fact we (that’s Joseph and I) use this in our Reclaim Your Destiny weekend seminars and on the last one when we asked for feedback someone shouted out “I really like me! ~ Thank you!”So why don’t you give this a try?

If you’re feeling low or down, even acting depressed or maybe just out of a relationship take a few minutes to remind yourself who you really are.

If you’re feeling good – do it too and make yourself feel even more better than you are right now.

You can come back to this at any time. Add to it as you remember more qualities, maybe remembering what others have told you but you didn’t believe them.

Just think how you would feel going into a meeting or facing a problem if you re-read those qualities and how much better the outcome would be when you feel that way.

Simple things make profound changes.


Dealing with grief ~ a good way to remember those we love

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my mothers passing and who knows what has prompted me to write this, other than to pass on some thoughts. (or maybe just some personal ramblings)

There’s a line in a song

‘ you left me here, to remind me of you’ and that to me is a comfort

~ as long as I am here, so will she.

and hopefully I can display those wonderful qualities she taught me by the way she was and the way she still is within me.

We don’t have to be sad, angry or alone when we remember those who have left us ~ I’m not ~ I miss her and speak to her most days and listen. Not just with my ears but with an awareness and I seem to understand.

But how can you remember in a way that makes you feel ok?

This is what I do.

I think of a good time(s) with her and see it as if I’m looking through my own eyes.

I’m there again,seeing what I saw, hearing what I heard and I feel the good feelings I had and every good memory is the same way. I make it that way because that’s how I want it to be.

If any memory isn’t of a good time, I see it differently. I see myself in the memory, (as if it’s a movie with me in it) over there and I make it smaller and darker, I make it still and move it away from me ~ any not so good feeling just diminish

This is not the only way but a sure way to remember what you want, how you want to and it’s good to remember because……………..

‘ you left me here, to remind me of you’

Enjoy your every heart beat