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Getting positive results with (Cambridge) Hypnotherapy

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

Little steps to a full life of achievement

We’ve noticed lately that so many people when trying to either reach a goal or make changes in their life, with the best of intentions, go about it in a way that almost always ends up in failure!

What a great shame when we see what we want in life, read about it and dream of having it only to be another “I wish” or even worse “If only I’d persisted a little more”

There’s a sure fire way to stop this happening and it’s the same process we teach my clients here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy when they leave to really test our work together.

Before we get to this small but powerful and successful way let’s just take a moment to set the scene for both scenarios.

Achieving your goals ~ We are told in many books and such things as the Law of Attraction etc. to set our goals big and I mean BIG! And I agree whole heartily in this too. We live in our ‘adult Heads’ all day and are prepared to settle for something less than we deserve.

However, if we were to adopt a child’s imagination where anything and everything is possible we dream both Big and also with total freedom and acceptance -That’s the real magic of a dream!! When we do this we can literally feel what it will be like to achieve the dream that’s now a goal.

We can then, if we know the steps, can now work backwards, That’s right backwards, and work out what needs to happen just before achieving our goal and then the step before that and then the step before that and then….. well you get the picture.

But if we don’t know the steps does that mean the goal is unachievable? ~ absolutely

~ NOT!

But so many think so, which means they don’t even begin or think of the largest first step and get scared or have a feeling of failure and give up, re-enforcing their old negative beliefs around failure and not being good enough and any other number of limiting negative beliefs you can think of now.

Testing our change work ~ We’ve noticed and been told of great change work being done in the office but in testing in the real world the client either picked a test way too big for a first test or got so anxious of the same sort of extreme thing to do they just gave up and again reinforced their previous old belief that was so nearly a thing of the past and just needed a gentle push away.


In the paragraph above a mentioned ‘just a gentle push away’ and that’s the essence of the process. Being GENTLE with ourselves.

In both achieving our goals, which we now will call outcomes, and ratifying consciously the great changes you made in a therapy session the process is exactly the same and it is sooooooooo simple!!

In imagining the biggest outcome we desire we get to know what that will feel like when we get it – so simply hold that feeling.

Following our session my clients know what the feeling is they will have to succeed being their true selves so they are simple asked to remember and hold that feeling.


As you think of what to do, either towards your outcome or test of the change work, you simply hold that feeling and think or ask yourself for the smallest step towards the outcome you can make and still have this feeling and then just do it.

If you think of a step and that feeling is less intense or disappears it just means the step is too big, that’s all! So simply return to that feeling you will feel and think or ask for a smaller step that still retains that feeling for you and do that instead.

You will notice at first the steps will be minute and that’s absolutely correct but the thing is you will soon be leaping forward and always with that feeling which will lead you to your outcome and more.

As Neville Goddard so wisely wrote many years before

“Assume the wish fulfilled and act upon it”

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Sticking to your resolutions with Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

So it’s February, and we’re now 5 weeks into the New Year. How many of you made a New Years Resolution such as stopping smoking, losing weight, finding a new job or even starting a new hobby? More importantly, how many of you stuck to it and are STILL doing it?

Over the past few weeks we have seen a rise in enquiries from clients who have fallen by the wayside with their resolutions and reverted back to their old unwanted behaviour and are now realizing that they need a little outside help.

That’s where we at Cambridge Hypnotherapy come in. We can help change your relationship with food so that you start to lose weight without even noticing just how easy it has been. We can change your mindset when it comes to alcohol so that when you’ve finished that long stressful day you no longer automatically reach for that bottle of wine or can of beer without realizing it. Maybe you need to tap into your inner motivation and strength so that you can start to be more productive in looking for your new career path, or maybe you need that extra willpower to make it the easiest thing possible to just say no that cigarette.

Quite simply, whatever it is that you wish to change and achieve in your life, we can help you do it in ONLY 2-3 sessions…. Yep that’s right, not 12-15 sessions like lots of other therapies or therapists but only 2-3!!!

If you would like to find out more about just how easy it can be for you, you simply need to contact us here or call us on 01223 720 120.

Every journey starts with that first step… take it NOW!



New year resolutions an NLP approach

Thursday, January 6th, 2011
So many people make a list of all the things they want to change in their lives and that’s about it, that’s all they do ~ a list.

Does that sound the most successful way of changing and improving your life? Basically it sucks and we wonder why we fail or break these resolutions.

So what can we do?

Obviously the first thing we would say here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy is to come along and work with us, be coached one to one and be supported in getting what you want.

If that’s not what you want that’s okay because there’s plenty you can do.

The first thing to do is throw away the list, have one sheet of paper for each new goal or outcome you want to achieve. On the top of each one write a sentence to describe what you want but write it in the present tense ” I am now ………. fill in the blank”,


Then a few “why you want it’s” and make sure they are all positive and just notice how that feels imagining having it already ~ now. Imagine the last step so you know you have got your outcome. Make the picture bigger, brighter and notice how that feels

Then, keeping that feeling brainstorm

  • Who do you know who can help?
  • what do you have already?
  • Where can you find things or people to help?
  • What’s the very first thing you could do today? (Keep it simple ~ little steps and you will see results!)
  • How often do you need to review how far you have got towards your outcome?

(You might want to check out my create your dreams website too)

Then commit. Commit to yourself and if you can out loud to others so you will be held accountable.

There’s an awful lot more to coaching and realising your goals and this is all a great start to get you on your way.

Sometimes however, we have limiting beliefs that hold us back or emotions that affect our self esteem and lack of confidence and that’s honestly where we can really help you here and Cambridge Hypnotherapy.

Either way I’d love to know how you get on doing things a little differently once you have thrown away that damn list!

You can always discus this further with us

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As we originally put on our website DREAM ~ CREATE ~ EXCEL


Creating Your Dreams ~ The Work Book

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

The Create Your Dreams Work Book

Yes ~ this is my first book to help taking your dreams and making them a reality.

It’s also the first item on my dream web domain  both of which came from using the process in this book and the accompanying CD.

There’s going to be more to come as my dreams are realised such as:

  • A deep hypnosis CD to activate your creativity and and beliefs and assist you with putting goals you dare dream of into your future.
  • A retreat to work on your dreams and the beliefs that have held you back from realising those dreams. Whether these dreams are to create the loving relationship you want or have and want to enhance it to another level, career, experiences anything!
  • Workshops/seminars to enhance creativity

There will be more to add as my dreams become those I can share

 We’re all dream makers we just have to realise it and them


A great weekend seminar feed back ~ Reclaim Your Destiny

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

“Each and every time I come into contact with Paul and Joseph they selflessly pass on a wisdom and a passion for NLP that is so rewarding, spiritually and intellectually – Thank you once again”

David M. (Wirral)

“Inspirational and passionate trainers. Reclaim your destiny was a fantastically comprehensive exploration into focusing on your goals in order to create your positive outcome, unique to you.”


Bernadette R (Colchester)

“Inspirational, thought provoking and truly motivational. A great tool to enable everyone to achieve their goals and so much more!”

Joseph K (operations manager – Cambridge)

“Self building tool- a fun way to go to my inner world & understand myself better. A great tool to be my best potential & redirect myself. I’m charge & inspired to achieve my goals~ Everything is possible now!”

Sony J (Indonesia)

“My destiny is awaiting! Off to re-claim mine now. Now I have the tools and knowledge to be able to really make the changes – Thanks Paul & Joseph”

Aly R (Cambridge)

“A lovely course, comforting and inspiring. It will enable me to change my life. Thank you”

Marian B (Lecturer – Cambridge)

“I loved it”

Vincent B (Grimsby)

“It’s really helped me to deal with old mind sets that are no longer helpful and move on with new goals for the future”

Louise A (London)

“A most enjoyable two days. The course was inspirational and most certainly can change your life for the better”

Barb M (Wirral)

Wow! What a great weekend we had, we even demonstrated  NLP tools which we teach and use in our therapy and it looks like we’ll be meeting again on our NLP trainings in August or November to learn NLP and Time Line Therapy and Real Hypnosis

The passion to make each new training better than the last just keeps growing