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What dreams do we dare not dream?

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

As we grow up we, well most of us, seem to turn into adults with adult outlooks. What I mean by this is that we tend to put up with what we have and settle for something less than we could have ~ if only we dared to dream.

Our beliefs, of what we can and cannot achieve or what we deserve in life, formed through our experiences and those around us can hold us back from truly living out our passions and experiencing the wonders of life that is our birthright.

Can we change this ~ you bet! That’s what we do here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy (one to one), on our Reclaim your Destiny Weekend (in a group seminar) and was the spark that turned into the flame in me to create my ‘Create Your Dreams’ website.

You see, once we open our beliefs to being deserving of what we desire we can begin the adventure of having and experiencing what we want for us and others in our lives.

I wonder what dreams (goals) you are holding back from yourself? What secret desires are you not sharing with yourself?

If you were to let go of those beliefs that have been holding you back it would mean you would have the freedom to dream and let your creative ‘juices’ flow. It doesn’t mean you have to follow them and have the best of your life could be, it simply means you have the choice to make them the way you want them. Not allowing yourself to dream is to have no choice at all.

For those who are still a little worried 🙁 remember……

A spark (your dreams) can be fanned into a bright and wonderful flame which never goes out and is always under control because you are the fan.

I wouldn’t want you not to achieve your dreams to quickly!

and when is now a good time to start.

Enjoy your every heart beat


It’s good to listen and wonder ~ you know more than you know you know

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

It’s funny how, when we take the time to listen, really listen to our thoughts, what things we can think of that may make a difference to our lives.

Here’s one of mine that has me thinking, wondering ~ maybe it will in you.

I am who I want to be ( C>E the law of cause and effect)

I can be what I want to be and experience

I am what I am experiencing ~ I choose to feel positive or negative

I can choose what I experience ~ right now

I can choose to create my experiences if I dare to dream them

When I dare to dream what I want to experience ~ I have begun the process (of creating my reality)

I then must take action from gratitude of daring to dream

Where this came from?…………….Me ~ thank you Me

It’s good to listen and wonder


(C>E the law of cause and effect) we teach this in our seminars / courses

When I dare to dream what I want to experience 

I can choose what I experience ~ right now ~ the work we do here

A simple way to begin to create your dreams

Friday, May 1st, 2009

A long time ago, yes I know this sounds like a fairy tale, I wrote down a whole bunch of dreams. One in particular came true many years later, much to my surprise. Even more of a surprise was that when I had the opportunity to have it come true, I became concerned about actually being able to have it and even thought about not letting it happen. I felt if I got this now, then what? It was a little scary I have to admit.


So if you like me are fascinated by our dreams for the future and wonder how we can turn them from dreams to reality and enjoy having them become real then this might be for you ~ a simple way to start.

When you start looking for ways to do this you may find, like I did, there are so many different ways but all have a similar theme.


So I began to think what could I do to simplify this, if only to make a start.

You see, to me, a dream is really only a wish and wishes sometime come true and sometimes……..well they stay a wish. To change a dream into something you experience, when you want to experience it, it has to have action. You need to know what that dream really means to you, what will it be like to have it and what else will it effect in my life.

This sounds heavy (if sounds have weight?) so I wanted to have something that was easy to do and made me feel good as I did it


Try this out.

Think of one of those dreams you have and starting easy pick the BIGGEST.

Write it down, go on be brave no one’s looking!

Then write down what would having achieved that dream mean to you, and repeat this a few times… what else would it mean to me and what else etc.

Now if after this it really does mean a lot to you, write down all the things you would be doing and enjoying already having got this dream.

If this makes you excited about creating this dream pick one of those things you will be doing and begin to get doing it. Go on! Take the first step and follow your intuition. Then the next thing and then the next and so on.


I know for all those experts out there this is way to simple and I agree. In our trainings using NLP and Time Line TherapyTM and working with clients we go into this much deeper and for those of you who just want to dip your toe into making your dreams come true this is a great and simple way to start.

I’d love some feedback on how you found this process and how motivated you were/are to begin bring about the creation of your dreams into your life