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Learning Self Hypnosis in Cambridge

Friday, February 5th, 2010


Imagine what it would be like to enter a deep state of relaxation whenever you choose, or being able to completely switch off and “chill out” after a long, hard day.


Being able to enter a state of self hypnosis on your own is an amazing tool to have. 

How or what could you use Self Hypnosis or?

  • Improve health issues
  • Improve your memory
  • De-stress & De-clutter
  • Problem solving
  • Improve studying, revision
  • A better nights sleep
  • Improve skills and pleasures
  • Pain control

Luke and I want to share our thoughts and personal techniques on self hypnosis and have organised to do this over 2 evenings. We’ll also be giving our specially designed Audio self hypnosis CD which will ensure you can practise until you become a custom to the process plus a backing track of our own copyrighted hypnosis music to use too.

We also intend to keep the classes restricted to 12 people so we can ensure we can create a bespoke traching where everyone can get what they specifically want.

There’s details on our Learn Self Hypnosis website plus if you go there you can download a relaxation Hypnosis audio with our compliments.