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Joseph Clough through to the last 12 ~ Britains next top Coach

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

In a few days time Joseph and I are off to Cheltenham to the semi-finals of Britains Next Top Coach. As you can see by the title Joseph has been chosen to be in the last 12 of the competition.

So hopefully he can show everyone his undoubted (in my opinion) skills. In any event this is a great achievement for one so young (and special to this work).

Like both Luke, one of his brothers, and I he is not only talking the talk but getting great results walking the walk with NLP, hypnosis, time line therapy and our own developments of these.

from a proud Dad ~ Paul

Britain’s next Top Coach ~ Joseph

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

I guess we’re all proud of our children, I know I am.

My youngest son, Joseph, is one of the 57 people of Britians next Top Coach competition.

I know he is something special to coaching having been an NLP,Time Line Therapy and hypnosis trainer since he was 20 and has assisted many people to make wonderful changes in their lives.

If you would look at his video and feel he deserves your vote that would be great.

the link is

A proud dad