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Hypnotherapy in Cambridge ~ Guaranteed

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Because we believe in our skills, the way we have personally developed the way we work with Hypnosis/NLP/Time Line Therapy, in our clients and their desire to change we have decided to guarantee our hypnotherapy work at Cambridge Hypnotherapy

This all takes effect from Tuesday 9th June 2009

Call us on 01223 720 120 or email us for a complimentary initial consultation and find out what this will mean to you and receive our ‘What will it mean’ Hypnosis CD


Joseph Clough through to the last 12 ~ Britains next top Coach

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

In a few days time Joseph and I are off to Cheltenham to the semi-finals of Britains Next Top Coach. As you can see by the title Joseph has been chosen to be in the last 12 of the competition.

So hopefully he can show everyone his undoubted (in my opinion) skills. In any event this is a great achievement for one so young (and special to this work).

Like both Luke, one of his brothers, and I he is not only talking the talk but getting great results walking the walk with NLP, hypnosis, time line therapy and our own developments of these.

from a proud Dad ~ Paul

A great weekend seminar feed back ~ Reclaim Your Destiny

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

“Each and every time I come into contact with Paul and Joseph they selflessly pass on a wisdom and a passion for NLP that is so rewarding, spiritually and intellectually – Thank you once again”

David M. (Wirral)

“Inspirational and passionate trainers. Reclaim your destiny was a fantastically comprehensive exploration into focusing on your goals in order to create your positive outcome, unique to you.”


Bernadette R (Colchester)

“Inspirational, thought provoking and truly motivational. A great tool to enable everyone to achieve their goals and so much more!”

Joseph K (operations manager – Cambridge)

“Self building tool- a fun way to go to my inner world & understand myself better. A great tool to be my best potential & redirect myself. I’m charge & inspired to achieve my goals~ Everything is possible now!”

Sony J (Indonesia)

“My destiny is awaiting! Off to re-claim mine now. Now I have the tools and knowledge to be able to really make the changes – Thanks Paul & Joseph”

Aly R (Cambridge)

“A lovely course, comforting and inspiring. It will enable me to change my life. Thank you”

Marian B (Lecturer – Cambridge)

“I loved it”

Vincent B (Grimsby)

“It’s really helped me to deal with old mind sets that are no longer helpful and move on with new goals for the future”

Louise A (London)

“A most enjoyable two days. The course was inspirational and most certainly can change your life for the better”

Barb M (Wirral)

Wow! What a great weekend we had, we even demonstrated  NLP tools which we teach and use in our therapy and it looks like we’ll be meeting again on our NLP trainings in August or November to learn NLP and Time Line Therapy and Real Hypnosis

The passion to make each new training better than the last just keeps growing


Britain’s next Top Coach ~ Joseph

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

I guess we’re all proud of our children, I know I am.

My youngest son, Joseph, is one of the 57 people of Britians next Top Coach competition.

I know he is something special to coaching having been an NLP,Time Line Therapy and hypnosis trainer since he was 20 and has assisted many people to make wonderful changes in their lives.

If you would look at his video and feel he deserves your vote that would be great.

the link is

A proud dad


Anchoring the Law of Attraction

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

I was reading an interesting book on the subject of the Law of Attraction. How we attract what we get by the way we feel. If we feel lack, we attract more lack (I know that’s not a good way of putting it but you understand what I mean) and if we feel abundant in anything we attract more of that, be it joy, happiness, wealth etc. Which seems to make sense if you can remember when you felt things just couldn’t get any better ~ they do! They did! or the reverse when you felt nothing else could wrong and it did.

Now the thing that really interested me was that when we feel negative, down or just have a feeling we don’t want or like, it is simply a signal from our unconscious mind, our inner guidance, that we’re not aligned with what we want. Just a signal. I wonder how many times we haven’t recognised that signal or done something about it?

Well knowing these feelings are a signal of our out of alignment we can now do something about changing it and re correct our course for attracting what we want.

Simply by asking ourselves the question ~ “how do I want to feel instead?” The action of coming up with an answer will begin the process.

But how do you create this feeling that you want?

Well briefly, there are a number of ways and I’ll give you an example of one or two.

Firstly when you know how you want to feel, remember a time when you felt it before and you will get a sense of that memory and in your mind step into it again. Re-live it as it were. As you do this become aware of just the feeling and begin to increase it, magnify it, intensify it more than what it was. Some people are able to spin the feeling faster and faster and that too can make it stronger.

If you squeeze you thumb and forefinger together at the highest point of the feeling and hold them there for about 10 seconds you will have created an ‘anchor’ (an NLP term) If you do this a couple of times more the stronger it will be.

Now to help you go through the thing that made you feel the way you didn’t want to~

As you think of what you are doing that caused you to feel negative before see yourself completing what you were/are doing as you squeeze that thumb and forefinger together and notice how you feel now about what you are doing. Keep doing this every now and then as you continue with the task.

And going back to where I started.

Take time out to feel the way you want to feel in the future, notice what you want in the future and how it will feel when you have achieved it. If you do it often enough you may just find that you find yourself in situations that make you feel that way more often.

You can learn to do this and so much more at our certified NLP trainings

or experience it one to one.

We hope to bring this to an audio download in the near future so stay tuned for that!

Now go and enjoy the feelings you want.


Free personal development eBook by Joseph Clough ~ Being Your Potential

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Joseph has a great new eBook, which before going to publishing, he is giving as a free download. just click on the link to his Empowering Sounds website, sign in and it’s yours

He has used all his NLP and hypnosis skills together with many of his own developments/techniques to create this self help/personal development guide. He has also combined this with 4 tracks of hypnosis to really embed these powerful ways of being into your unconscious mind (they’re free to download too!)

Our Reclaim Your Destiny weekend combines many of these techniques and others we have developed to create a weekend of empowerment (and fun)



Creating what you want ~ testimonials

Friday, January 30th, 2009

We have received wonderful feedback of our weekend seminar ‘Reclaim your Destiny’ and wanted to share these. It makes us feel great to have given something we’re passionate about and have that passion found and reciprocated. So much so we are planning more in the near future and our intention is make them better than ever!

Here’s a couple:

“Hi Paul and Joseph,
Just writing to thank you for a wonderful weekend. I felt very inspired by the end of it and look foreward to achieving my many goals.
It was a truly great seminar with lots of interesting people and great leadership and support from you both.



“I really enjoyed the weekend – a wonderful indulgence that I have not had for many years. It was also so wonderful to meet so many different people and get a look into their inspirations and aspirations.

An excellent weekend of thought provoking and practical guidelines to enhance my experience of the world, carer and personal life. The aspect I was most cynical about, the meditations and hypnosis, I actually enjoyed the most and they really reinforced the different topics cover. Indeed, I have taken the techniques and visualisations with me – I shoot down my negativity death star regularly especially on a Monday mornings!

In any case, it was a real tonic and put into place many goals, techniques and “learnings” for today and tomorrow. The energy it has given is amazing and I feel in control of my day to day and my destiny. Before the seminar I began to suffer from panic attacks at night. My wife, helped me through these as she has already completed your NLP Practitioners course. She also suggested I attend your Reclaim Your Destiny Weekend, with some trepidation, fear and cynicism I went. However, it is the best thing I have done in many years, a really joyous, purposeful, positive experience. The techniques and exercises have given me the tools to reclaim control over my life and destiny. My anxiety levels have significantly reduced and panic attacks have been banished.


Feel free to use all or any part of this e-mail

Patrick Hasell ”

Teacher of Sociology and History and AQA Examiner.

BSc Hons, PCGE, M.A Social Science

So thanks to all those who came along and made our weekend too and if this moves you to come along and create what you want follow your instinct and in those immortal words of Nike “Just do it!”

We also have other trainings this year in Cambridge for those who want to become therapists, for personal development (our NLP practitioner course with Time LineTherapy and Real hypnosis) and to learn hypnosis great ways to improve our lives and really get what we truly deserve (abundance, fun and happiness)


Dealing with being (made) redundant ~Redundancy

Monday, December 8th, 2008

If you have never been there, being made redundant, it’s very difficult to imagine how it feels. The very term Redundant has deep emotional meaning to those who it affects.

The dictionary definintion “1. superfluous 2. no longer needed (at work)”

For some it can be taken as an identity issue ~ I AM redundant, I AM no longer needed.

And all of this can raise what we would term ‘negative emotions’ such as anger, sadness, guilt and for some the feeling of grief as real as losing someone.


This does not have to be this way … Oh No! (nearly swore there)

We can change those feelings into what we want. To replace them with expectation, opportunity, relief, passion and even gratitude.

The past is exactly what it is THE PAST, it’s gone and the great thing about the future is that it hasn’t arrived so we can make it the way we want to experience the now.


By using the one thing that’s more powerful than anything else in the world……Our Mind.

When we use our mind in such a way we can feel the way we want to feel, see what we want to see and attract what we want in our lives.

Sounds too easy?

That’s because you haven’t experienced it

With Hypnoisis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy plus a whole lot of other things we have learnt and developed we can make those changes. All you have to do is want to do it now.

Remember what ever thought you’re thinking~ You’re more than that and more than that too!

At the moment I am in the middle for creating an audio book for dealing with loss and in that I guide my listener ( there must be at least one) on ways to overcome loss, grief of any kind easily and quickly based on my work with a friend of mine. I’ll post a couple of simple things they did real soon

You’re more than that



New free video downloads added

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

We have just uploaded new videos of our recently successful Reclaim Your Destiny day in Liverpool which we are now bringing to Cambridge in January 2009.

And because of the great results that people achieved in just one day we have

decided to extend this to two days, over a weekend, so we can bring even more and

create an even better experience that unlocks so much more of your potential and passion.

Have a look and see or call us (01223 720120) or email for more information

When you find your true potential you will find it’s infinite and so empowering!


Respond to redundancy and take the opportunity to move on

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Businesses have 3 Main Criteria at this time one of which is

·        To respond to redundancy in a truly caring manner and give support for the valued employees who have to be let go

Even with this great intention some people seem to slip the net or maybe just don’t get what they need to make the change and fail see the opportunities that exist before their eyes.

If this is the case with you we believe we can assist in the caring for the response of redundancy as we understand that those who have to leave may be feeling:

Ø  Unwanted/rejected/isolated

Ø  Fearful/helpless with a loss of identity

Ø  Angry/worrying for theirs and their families future

Ø  Unconfident and stressed

And have them to be able to see a future and opportunities feeling:

ü  Valued

ü  Able and passionate

ü  Confident in themselves and their abilities ~ Self belief and self motivation

ü  To be able to deal with the stress of change  and what could be termed a grieving process

Hopefully this is not happening to you.

If it is or you know someone going through this experience call (01223 720 120) or email us to find out how we can help.

The world is full of opportunities ~ we just have to notice them