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What to expect from Hypnotherapy

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

A short podcast (audio) about hypnotherapy

A little while ago, through my personal development podcast, I decided to give a brief insight of what to expect or look for when considering hypnotherapy – well from my point of view, which is all I can give. I wanted people to know that whatever your issues, Hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy(TM) can usually help and with such a great effect. No one should put up with not feeling how they want to feel  and so few know what’s really available from the wealth of good hypnotherapists around.

For some, you may be considering going to a hypnotherapist. Well, I thought you may want to have a heads up on to what to look for. These are only my thoughts and opinions so they are obviously based on what I have experienced or learnt along the way and I know there are other thoughts and opinions – I can only share you mine.

Most think of stopping smoking or weight loss when thinking of working with a hypnotherapist and in my experience these are the smaller percentages of client base. Anxiety, panic, depression, OCD, social phobia. PTSD, you fill in the blank etc are all emotional states and behaviours that part and parcel of what are helped overcome.

The most important thing to remember is – you’re NOT broken and do NOT need curing! There are so many great hypnotherapists around doing great work and helping people getting back on track. Go seek one out and make great changes to your life.

You deserve to create the life you wish for and getting a little help just makes that a little quicker.

Here’s the podcast

Shine brightly

Paul’s free Personal development podcast

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

Personal Development Unplugged

If you haven’t yet listened to these podcasts and you’re interested in making your life better then you have missed a treat

You can start here if you want or go to Paul’s website and see the current podcast along wth all the rest

There’s so much to follow with free hypnosis tracks

the best way is to subscribe to iTunes and get them downloads as new ones come along

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Here’s a list of whats been uploaded to date:

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#4 Letting go of Limiting Beliefs and free hypnosis track

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There’s also shorter ones call the Five Minute Quickie when you need a quick fix

You can go there by clicking here and see them all direct on iTunes and subscribe and get each new podcast as they are issued.

How to get results in 2-3 sessions with Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Joseph and I (Paul) have just finished 2 back to back 8 day intensive trainings in both Cambridge & Bournemouth,  teaching NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Real Hypnosis. For those that don’t know why anyone would want to learn these skills well there’s generally three reasons.

1 For Personal development

2 To thrive in business

3 To become a therapist and help others

The fact is, generally our participants get all three in abundance

It was great to see everyone pass with flying colours and get their certification as Practitioners in NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and as a Master Hypnotist.

The thing I enjoyed most was to firstly watch the delegates sit quietly on that very first morning of the training, probably thinking “what have I done?” to see them grow in confidence and ability far beyond their dreams.

Secondly to have them fully take on board that the things that clients come in with, of the things they themselves wanted to change were not the problem.

What do I mean?

Well Here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy both Luke and I know that the presenting problem is very rarely the problem. Like the metaphor of the weed it’s only a leaf and if you cut it out the weed will only continue to grow more leaves or problems in your life.

And this is where I think we excel better than most therapists because we take time to find the root cause of our client’s issues and then and only then work on that. When the ‘root’ cause disappears then all the presenting problems disappear.

That’s how we literally only require 2-3 sessions to assist our clients to get the change they want in their life and a whole lot more!. In fact you could probably count the clients that needed more than three sessions on the fingers of one hand.

What we don’t tell is what we do at our Complimentary initial consultation and between the sessions that really makes the difference or the processes that we use and have developed ~ that’s our secret of success with clients.

If you want to know more then all you have to do is

Either call us on 01223 720 120 and talk to us in person (we’re really nice and friendly to talk to)

Emal us direct at


Click the underlined contact us

As always the choice is yours.

Amazing results ~ Hypnotherapy for young adults ~ the real Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Something special happening at Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Lately I have been overwhelmed, in a good way, in having the opportunity to work with young people, young adults that is. With that I mean 19 – 21 year olds, wanting to get theirself together and doing something about it. It seems to me that it must take a lot of courage to get in touch with a Hypnotherapist, someone that does an ‘ism ~ Hypnotism and then be prepared to do whatever it takes to be the way they want to be!

It’s been really encouraging to watch these young people make great changes in their lives and take responsibility for it themselves, no blaming others or circumstances, and doing things for themselves.

You see, we all see a lot of people in the world blaming their situation on anything or everything but themselves ~ The economic situation, the government, the weather, other people, their bosses, the anything you can think of except themselves. It’s simply the law of cause and effect and if you live on the effect side of life you have and can find any amount of reasons why you can’t do or have something or in other words ~ Excuses, because that’s what they are.

When you live on the cause side of life and take full responsibility for you life you can do anything and change things the way you want them to be, simply because you can!!!

That’s the great thing about watching these young people have the courage and conviction to want to be the best they can be and settle for nothing less. They just didn’t realise they had all they need inside them and just needed our special processes to guide them to access those resources and make those changes. And because they were prepared to do whatever it takes it meant they were able to make the changes they wanted quickly and easily ~ mostly within one or two sessions. The funny thing was, because it was obvious to us that they couldn’t afford to pay our full price, we had to offer them concessionary rates. They didn’t ask for them and didn’t know about them until it came for payment of the session which made it even more rewarding giving them.

Here’s what one sent to us..

You helped  me out in a way that’s changed my life. I can’t begin to thank him enough. You have given me confidence and  a deeper understanding of my self. I have been able to control my anxiety and relax allot more! I saw improvement from the very first session. My whole life and understanding has changed for the positive. Again thank you!!!” 

It doesn’t get better than that or can it…?

We, (young, old and in the middle and any sex) all have this ability to take action, to have the courage to make a change in our lives, to take back responsibility for your life and have it they way you want it. You don’t need to know how, just how you want to be and we’ll help you.

If this resonates with you, even if only a little then do one of two things:

Contact us by email by clicking HERE


Simply call us on 01223 720 120



How we don’t do Hypnotherapy in Cambridge

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

 There’s a wonderful clip on Youtube

To me, one of the funniest men to create stories that come to life in your head.

This one’s a skit video.

Okay so maybe you need a more empathetic solution

here it is Cambridge Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy Masterclass with Joseph and Paul Clough ~ Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

 This weekend Joseph and I are sharing our developments in hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Cambridge to other hypnotherapists, NLP & Time Line Therapy practitioners.

 I believe we have taken previous processes, stripped them down to what really works and then made them even better with our own ‘stuff’. ‘Stuff’ being the very technical word for the things we (Joseph, Luke and I, Paul) have developed that create both remarkable change in our clients and really fast change. In effect how we at Cambridge Hypnotherapy manage to see our clients generally no more than three sessions where many others take 8 – 12 sessions.

 In fact we took this to Israel where the therapists we taught we taking that long and couldn’t believe change, real change could be so fast, comfortable and lasting ~ and now they do!

 So you can see we are and will be continually be striving to create even better ways to utilise in our brand of therapy here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy.

 If you are a therapist and want to find out more or when our next weekend Masterclass is being held email info@josephcloughtrainings

 If you are looking for help for yourself click here to contact us at Cambridge Hypnotherapy.

Passing your driving test with Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Driving tests success how Hypnosis helps

I often wonder why more people do not use the benefits of hypnosis and NLP to become a better driver and be at their best for their driving test. Every time I hear the cost of failing a driving test and having to re-book weeks down the line and all those additional lessons I wonder what all that costs in a finacial way, the additional time that has to taken off for lessons and next test and all the emotional worries and anxiety that haunts.

We have had clients who were literaly sick with worry on each lesson, maybe the extreme of experience but nevertheless horrible for those affected.

Another question I ask is how come some people can drive really well on their lessons yet come to the Driving test they lose it. Lose all thier skills and it’s all down to driving test nerves.

We here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy seem to have developed a way to really help judging by the successes of our clients.

Having failed my driving test for the third time through nerves, I decided to contact Cambridge Hypnotherapy before taking another test. After just two sessions with Paul, my nerves have abated, not only while driving but also when faced with other potentially nerve-wracking situations. I passed my test with flying colours and now feel ready for anything! I’m even looking forward to the next big challenge! My friends are already commenting how much calmer and less stressed I seem and I really feel that way, so thank you Paul.” KC Cambridge

 “Just to let you know that I passed my test. I was so relaxed about it all that I couldn’t believe that it was really me. It’s taken me 11 years of lessons and 10 failed tests, so I can’t thank you enough. It really has been the only thing I wanted in my life which I had never managed to achieve; so aside from the driving itself, it means a lot to me. I’ll give my instructor your details incase he comes across any other nervous drivers .” – EJ (Cambridge)

So what is this unique thing/way we have developed that helps to get results like the ones above?

Well……………………………………… to find out exactly (Our Secret) you need to:

call us on 01223 720120


or better still arrange a complimentary consultation by clicking here.

Complimentary Consultation.

Still not sure? Don’t let fear of the unknown stand in the way of your new personal freedom. Because we understand your hesitation, we offer a no-risk, complimentary consultation lasting for approximately 20 minutes. Experience having all your questions answered, without obligation, to make sure you’re totally comfortable with us before proceeding.
100% Guarantee

After 25 years’ experience and hundreds of happy clients, we’re so confident of our results that we offer a full, no questions asked guarantee if you feel our work together hasn’t made the significant changes you wanted.


NLP on Radio 4 a comment from Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Monday, November 29th, 2010

It’s great that NLP is being discussed on national radio.

One of the things I didn’t hear are all the successes that NLP has brought about to so many people. That always seems to be missed or simply explained even as a placebo or the charisma of the practitioner.

Placebo or the Charisma??

Well for me, if NLP is a placebo which produces quick and comfortable results that often would take 10 times longer when treated other more ‘recognised’ therapies and psychological interventions then I happily accept the result, it just seems a little naive to believe the quick results that all our clients produce to be entirely down to a placebo effect. And as modest as we are, to say our change work is down to our charisma well…………….?

Maybe the real thruth??

The thing we notice more and more is that a majority of our clients are coming to us because they cannot find a quick and lasting solution to their problems elsewhere and elsewhere favours masking the problem instead of addressing it and finding the resources to deal with it.

One thing that people forget is that NLP was originally modeled from, in part, hypnosis and when you couple NLP with Hypnosis you have a great marriage for assisting people change. Now if you add Time Line Therapy(tm) to that you really do have a range of processes that not only create quick change but also a lasting and comfortable change, no delving into and re-experiencing the past which often can cause even more negative emotions to be experienced. And yes we are all Master practitioners of trainers of all three with over 25 yeears of combined experience.

Now we’re not saying what we do here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy is better than every other therapy ~ far from it ~ all we know are the great results our clients make and continue to make.

If you are interested in finding out more give us a call or email us at or better still contact us here to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation.

Hypnosis for operations ? Does it work?

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

I am never surprised how quick we can do anything ~ especially healing ~ if we simply ask our unconscious mind to do what it does naturally but quicker than usual.

Here’s a really good example from the many we have.

Client with no previous experience of hypnosis and some what sceptical was due a small operation which could be done either under local or general anesthetic. Unfortunately they were the kind of person who really bruise easily and can look like they lost a fight after going to the dentist.

The day before the operation was due to happen they admitted they we getting anxious and a little scared of the prospect and asked “Would hypnosis help??” Our answer is as always “Yes ~ if you want it to”

You see we can ask our unconscious mind to do many things regarding operations such as:

  • To create more and more relaxation before, during and after
  • To accept the operation as a help to regain perfect health and not an invasive thing to the body
  • To reduce swelling if appropriate
  • To reduce bruising to a minimum
  • To be infection free


  • To speed up the healing process that will amaze both you and the doctors

So What Happened?

In less than 20 minutes we had gone into trance, done our work with the unconscious mind and come back out of trance.

Had a really restful sleep and woke up looking forward to being back to full health

They decided to have a local anesthetic and was out of the hospital within 4 hours

No bruising and the tiniest swelling.

Had to be told to rest even though feeling OK.

Did it surprise me? ~ No

Did it amaze me? ~ Always!

If you’re reading this and preparing for something like this check out Hypnosis and if you are in or around Cambridge check out our Hypnosis and our Complimentary consultation



A GREAT weekend of NLP & Time Line Therapy

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Nearly 60 people attended our Reclaim Your Destiny Seminar and wothout our knowledge we had three people stand up in front of everybody and give some great testimonials of our trainings and the weekend. This blew us away, that people were prepared to stand up in front of everyone and say great things about us is both humbling and touching to us both.

Then, if this wasn’t enough, followed by some lovely feedback by emails.

We had made a great deal of effort to add new things to the weekend and modifications to previous things including having a computer graphic video made especially for us and I’m so pleased it was enjoyed.

If you have seen Joseph teach, you will know he is very, very good but this weekend he was special.

With Luke in charge of our special music and precision timing togehter with  knowing that our assistants Jason, Kevin, Tarik and Vince always on hand Joseph and I could relax and just present.

The challenge now is to improve on this
We have thoughts for new an exciting things for the future.

So if you haven’t already, sign up to our free video and audio on our websites here or here and we’ll be able to keep you informed of all that’s new.

Lastly Thanks again to all those who attended and made it a really special weekend.

Enjoy every heart beat

PS our new dates for NLP trainings next year are now online