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Being specific with what you want…..

Sunday, November 26th, 2017

When it comes to working with clients, we at Cambridge Hypnotherapy want to be super specific with the issue that we are working on. We don’t want to fall into the trap of lumping you into a category, we want to target your specific goals and help you achieve them in as few sessions as possible.

You are unique, and so are your goals.

This was highlighted to me recently when I met a client wanting to let go of his relationship with cocaine. He had previously worked with another hypnotherapist who had constantly spoken about how he “would refrain from taking drugs” and “never take drugs again”. This didn’t sit right with that particular client as the term ‘drugs’ was too much of a blanket term. This particular client was also a cannabis user as they had a severe medical condition and (rightly or wrongly) they enjoyed taking cannabis as a form of relief from their crippling and painful symptoms. Every time they heard the hypnotherapist talk about drugs, they just wanted to scream “STOP SAYING DRUGS” at them.

Here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy, the beginning of the first session is undertaking a personal history which will outline exactly what it is that you want to achieve in as specific a way as possible. This may take 10 minutes or it may take 30 minutes. We will not cut this short as it is essential that it is done properly. Then, and only then, will we start working on allowing your unconscious mind to achieve it using Hypnosis, NLP and TimeLine Therapy.

So lets start being specific…

  • Specifically what do you want to achieve?
  • How specifically would you like to feel/behave?
  • When specifically would you like to have it?
  • When specifically can we get you started?

Don’t keep thinking about what or how great you could be, contact us now by clicking here, or by calling us on 01223 730 120 and I’ll do my best to get you those results n only 2-3 sessions.

stopping smoking with Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Stop smoking can be easier than you imagined

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen a large number of new enquiries from people wishing to stop smoking with Cambridge Hypnotherapy. I always find it interesting when we get a rush of clients all wanting the same thing, maybe they’ve all seen a tv programme that I’ve missed. Or is it just coincidence? Who knows!

Stopping smoking can be very difficult for people, but does it have to be? In my opinion, no. It can be ridiculously easy when approached in the correct manner. Smoking is not a physical addiction in my opinion and the practical evidence for this I think backs me up. A woman can fall pregnant and instantly throw all of her cigarettes away and quit on the spot. A man could be admitted to hospital where they are unable to get outside and as smoking is not an option they tend to find that they don’t even think about smoking. Maybe someone who is a heavy smoker even jumps on a plane to Australia for the best part of 24 hours and again, as smoking is not permitted, they don’t even realise that they haven’t thought about it for that entire time. If all of these people were physically addicted to nicotine then this couldn’t happen. And ultimately what about those who start with nicotine patches yet throw them away and go back to smoking? Surely the patch would have done the job if nicotine was the hit they needed?

So how can we help? Well we can help with the psychological aspects of smoking. From those times were someone may smoke more because they are bored, or maybe suffering with large loads of stress to those times when they are just down the pub socialising with their friends, we can help you change your mindset so that the idea of smoking is now easily outweighed by the desire to remain a non smoker.

You too can become a non smoker in only ONE session. Simply contact us by clicking here or call us on 01223 7201 20 and we can let you know how easy it is for you and get you booked in for a FREE initial consultation.

Speak soon,


The need for results

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Referrals rule!

Here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy, we are one of the very few, if not the only, full time hypnotherapy centres in and around Cambridge. If you search on Google for hypnotherapists in Cambridge, you will come across no end of websites advertising their services. What a website doesn’t let you find out about is the person behind it, how they think, how they work, what makes them special at what they do.

So how do we differ? Well quite simply as a full time therapy centre, we rely on results! If we don’t see clients we don’t earn a living as we don’t have a 9-5 income to fall back on. We need our clients achieving their results as quickly and as easily as possible because that will make them go and tell their family and friends about their whole experience here with us. Every business knows that referrals are the greatest source of new clients, and the vast majority of our clients are in fact referrals. This is great for us as it shows us that what we are doing is working. Its also great for the new enquirer as they are already sold on the potential opportunities available to them simply by opening up their minds. At the end of their day, if their friend or loved one can change, why can’t they?

Now I know this is very easy to write about, but we live by what we say. We offer all of our clients a complimentary consultation where you can come along for 20 minutes and find out more about us completely FREE of charge and with no obligations. You can ask any questions you want, get a better idea as to how we work and most importantly make sure that you feel comfortable working with the therapist that you will be working with. From there you can either book your sessions when you see that here is the easiest place for you to change, or you can simply walk away and think about it. What do you have to lose?

If you would like to change your life, don’t hesitate in contacting us now by clicking here, or calling us on 01223 720 120 and we’ll get you booked in as soon as we can.

I look forward to hearing from you,