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Insomnia is it real ~ Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

When people come to see us for help it can be quite hard to understand although the problem they came about almost probably is not the problem.

Now that might not make sense at first reading but think about it ~ most of the things we experience and don’t like are the effects of something else.


Here’s an example:

Not sleeping at night ~ “I just want a good night sleep” but that’s not the problem it’s what’s causing you to not sleep is the underlying problem


Recently a client had this very problem and was so desperate to sleep because if they had 3 hours sleep that was a good night, it was if they couldn’t shut off their thinking and internal voice which were always planning what to do and not make a mistake.


So getting them to unconsciously remember to have a good nights sleep and use it wouldn’t work because the thinking etc was trying to do something very positive ~  to make sure they didn’t let others down and we found out ultimately not to be alone. Therefore a tiny belief of you have to do everything perfectly or others won’t like you and you’ll end up alone was causing real conflict in their life. Even if you can be perfect (an impossibility) they were so physically tired they were always going to under perform!


Here’s the thing we found this in the first session and also did a hugely powerful process we have developed. They left with a further appointment in a week’s time.


I also got this text message which as always blows me away (I don’t know why but it does every time!)


“Hi paul, i dont need next weeks appointment. Ive been sleeping fine since our first session on tuesday! 🙂 thanks so much, its a huge relief. Not totally sure how you did it but it worked a treat!! Please put me on your email circulation list. Thanks so much for the book too. I will send you something for it. Very best regards,”


Job Done!!!! One Session  ~ Brilliant!!

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A therapist’s insecurity

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Have you ever read something about therapies written by a therapist as daft and silly and ill informed as this?

 “You may have heard of or even tried other therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Neuro Linguistic Therapy (NLP) or even hypnosis, to find that although they may have helped in the short term, eventually your symptoms return or take the form of a new fear or phobia etc, this is known as symptom substitution. This is because these therapies only serve to manage or mask the symptoms and not resolve them permanently.”

I found it on a website promoting their own therapy, giving an ill informed and biased statement to the uniformed public.

 To me, I believe there are great therapists around, doing all kinds of ‘stuff’ that we don’t do and getting great results. Ok sometimes they may take a little longer but I really feel it’s the therapist, their genuine intention that really gets the client to get their result.

But let’s have a little closer look at that statement:

CBT ~ hey I thought that’s recognised by the NHS?

TFT (& EFT) ~ has a fantastic number of therapists. Are they and their clients all doing it wrong and their clients simply forgetting to go back to the problems they had ~ Don’t quite think so

NLP ~ You see the thing is the way we do and teach our NLP we always go to the root cause of a problem and get our clients to permanently change in as little as 2-3 sessions. (I won’t tell you how many more sessions that particular therapist needed but it’s more than 7 and less than 13 🙂 )

Hypnosis ~ This therapist also uses hypnosis. A bit of a conflict especially when hypnosis is really only a state and it is in the state of hypnosis the therapist helps the client make the change. So really it’s how good is the therapist, isn’t it?

This may be getting into a little rant here so please forgive me the next couple of points.

Why would someone put down other therapies? A little self confidence issue here maybe? I could suggest a good therapist that could help.

Knowing of this particular therapy, the one that’s supposed to work so well, we have seen many clients who have come to us after being treated in that therapy and it didn’t work for them only for us, using the things that don’t work, to get the result the client wanted. (sorry but could resist)

I’ve also seen other therapist trained in the particular therapy also trained in NLP and CBT ~ now why would they do that and advertise the fact?


This all being said what’s my conclusion?

Well first of all having got this off my chest I’m going to let it all go and concentrate on doing what we do well at and that’s assisting clients change and get what they want ~ to live a happy, healthy and abundant life as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

Secondly, to put a thought out into the world that every client gets their required result with whichever therapist or therapy they feel comfortable with. We all deserve the life we dream of!