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Fears and Phobias ~ a lifting and flying experience ~ Gone in only 90 minutes

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Imagine how much more difficult life would be if lifts and escalators didn’t exist? Having to visit relatives in a hospital on the 12th floor…. going into large shopping centres and wanting to have a look in a shop on the top level…. realising you have parked on the top floor of the car park and now you have to carry all of your heavy shopping bags up with you, every step of the way.

 Well for some people this is their life. A phobia of lifts and escalators is hugely common, and it certainly was for Rachel (name changed for confidentiality). Rachel was in her 70’s and had never been in a lift or travelled up/down an escalator in her entire life, which for me is a huge thing to even fathom. Up until a short while before she contacted me, she Rachel had been content to accept this and wasn’t too fussed about changing now, after all, in her words she’d “managed ok up until now”. However, not only did she have a phobia of lifts and escalators, she was also immensely afraid of flying, and had never been on a plane as the thought of it was just too much and sent her into a state of panic. However she now had a newly found motivation in the shape of a grandchild who lived a plane journey away, and she wasn’t letting this fear get in the way of that!

 So you’re probably thinking that as she had had these phobias for over 70 years, and that there was a fear of flying, lifts AND escalators it must have taken lots of sessions  to help Rachel let go of them all. Surely it couldn’t be as easy as someone who had had a phobia for only a very short time, could it? The short answer is YES, it was that simple. It took Rachel only 90 minutes to finally be free of those horrible feelings. Only 30 minutes after our session, she rang me to say she was in john Lewis, travelling down the escalator, and she couldn’t believe the view of the shop, something she had never even contemplated before. And then only a few weeks later I received the following email, which highlights just how far Rachel had come!


Hi Luke


Just wanted to let you know that I had a fantastic holiday and had no

problems with going in lifts and even though our room was on the 7th

floor I was able to sit out on the balcony and enjoy the views – prior

to having hypnotherapy with you I couldn’t go in a lift and wouldn’t be

happy going above the 2nd floor let alone look out over a balcony. 

Also managed really well on the flights this time.


So thank you very much Luke as it has made a huge difference to my



SO if there is something that you want to change in your life, whether it’s a phobia you want to let go of, or simply to become more confident and let go of anxiety, contact us now to find out just how quickly you can do it!

Coping and Dealing with Grief ~ Now the cost of a good Magazine!

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

I have been thinking for a little while now having been in the company of people suffering from grief in some form or another. From the death of a loved one, broken marriages and relationships to loss of being able to find themselves.

Grief comes to us for many reasons and many different issues and it doesn’t matter if others think them silly or simply we should just get on with it, it is felt deeply by those who suffer.

And suffer is what we do which is the thing we need not do!

Remember ~ Yes,

Be Grateful ~ Yes

Live our lives fully and with passion ~ Yes

So I’ve decided to reduce the price of my Ebook and accompanying hypnosis downloads to £5.00. Not as a sale or for the short term but to cover costs ~ and that’s it


Chasing Shadows and healing them.

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

I’ve been reading an interesting book about dealing with Shadows ~ those within us.

It has an interesting take on using the energies of these internal shadows, when
they reveal themselves to us, to produce something positive. Put the energy
into things we enjoy and especially those of a creative nature. I know this has
worked tremendously well for the writer of this book.

Sometimes these negative feelings can be so overwhelming and when coupled with a negative
belief can be dis-empowering leading to anxiety at best and depression .

Whilst I love the authors way of using this energy
I also think that with a little skill (things we have developed here at
Cambridge Hypnotherapy can get this part (that particular shadow) of our
unconscious mind to work with us and use its energy at an unconscious level to
produce fantastic results for us.

In this way we can never be overwhelmed by the negative feelings. It’s really a
matter of understanding every behaviour has a positive intention and when that
part (shadow) realises what it is doing is totally in conflict with its
intention it has to let go of the negativity and commit to the better,
congruous way.

I think when we do this at a deep unconscious level, through hypnosis
incorporating NLP when we resolve one issue we notice other areas of our life
changing positively too. It always amazes me how far the ripples of change
spread even to the extent of positively affecting other people in our lives.

And ………………

when we begin to radiate positive thoughts and behaviours we
tend to attract more of that to us.

So really when you think about it when we become aware of these ‘shadows’, these
feelings we should begin to celebrate because it means we are going to grow,
become more aligned all it takes is just a little work with our unconscious
mind ~ and that’s what we do here.

and if this has connected with you email us here



for those interested, the book I mention is called Hunting the Shadow by Geoff Thompson