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Are You Scared of hypnosis?

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

The other day a client called about coming along to an initial consultation but was scared. She had beeen recommended to ‘try’ hypnotherapy by a friends and even though her friend new the results first hand she still remained scared and worried. This can be typical for quite a few people so I thought I would let you know the truth.

So let’s describe a typical hypnosis trance:

If you get up in the mornings with an alarm then you will sure to have had this experience or if you have been asleep and just in that semi awake state, not asleep yet not quite awake. You can probably remember a time right now.

It’s just that you know you could get up, you can hear everything that’s going on, you are aware you are not asleep but it’s just too comfortable and you are soooooo relaxed. ~ That’s it, that’s what being in a trance is like ~ You’re in control ~ totally! You could get up but you well Hmmmm it’s nice here. Yet if you had to get up and deal with something you could.

And there is another great thing that we feel here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy, with our unique Hypnotherapy, is that you may not even be hypnotized because we specialise in NLP and Time Line therapy as well as hypnosis because hypnosis may not be the right thing for you.

But we digress; let’s ask a few questions that if you are scared would put your mind at rest.

Question: Will I lose control?

Answer: Absolutely not! And don’t believe anyone tells you different. A real hypnotherapist guides your unconscious mind to find your answers, never direct you to do anything.

Question: Will I suffer any side affects?

Answer: Probably ~ you may just feel a whole lot better than you felt before!

Question: Will I feel hypnotized or be lie like I am in a coma?

Answer: You will have probably seen people being hypnotized on the stage and looking completely ‘out of it’ well that’s so far from the truth in a therapy setting. Yes, you will probably feel really relaxed and comfortable and the thing is you will hear everything being said to you, it’s just that you will have your eyes closed.

The best thing you can do is make sure you come along to an initial consultation first, it’s totally complimentary and you can get all the information and answers you need first hand. You will find like most things you worried about and when you did them, you got through them and probably enjoyed them ~ hypnosis is the same.

Plus because we really enjoy our work and helping people get what they want we find our clients enjoy it too!

Check out our testimonials if you want to see what successes our clients have achieved 

Resolving Grief with Hypnotherapy in Cambridge

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Resolving grief can seem so difficult to do and a very lonely place to be. It seems as if we are the only person to feel this or have felt like this.

So firstly ~ It is not so difficult to resolve with the right help


You are not alone in this ~ we have helped many of our clients let go of grief and remember in a good way.

To support our work I have written a short book with audio hypnosis tracks to just show what is possible. It can be used by itself to deal with grief but I would really like it to used as an addition to getting good help.

So if this is of interest go to my other website by clicking here and find out more

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Why Wait?

Friday, January 14th, 2011

The vast majority of our clients here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy tend to say one thing at the end of their set of sessions with us… “I wish I’d have done this sooner!”

So why didn’t they? Quite simply, because they didn’t know how powerful their own minds were, and they didn’t understand that they were responsible for the way that they were behaving. Whether it was stopping smoking, having problems with alcohol, weight management issues, issues with lacking in confidence, and even depression, we want all our clients to accept responsibility for being where they are in their life, and not to blame others or the situations that they have been in.

So what would you change if you could? Would you like to feel that confidence that you may feel in certain situations, in other areas of your life too? Maybe you would like to know that whatever happens at work or in a social event, that you can react and respond in a way that feels right and that you would do if you could consciously choose to? Woul you like to know that it doesn’t matter whether there are cakes and biscuits, or even alcohol around, and that you can stop eating or drinking whenever you want and not feel that you ‘just can’t stop’.

Well now is the time. Please don’t wait and be one of those people who look back after struggling to deal with things for 25 years and say “I wish I’d have done this sooner!”

It really doesn’t have to be a struggle. It can be very quick and effortless if you choose it to be. Contact us now at Cambridge Hypnotherapy to find out just how easy it can be!

When is a phobia good for you? And when to use hypnotherapy.

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011


So when is a phobia good for you? Which seems a daft question because surely a phobia or fear of something that can’t be good for you.

Well generally I would agree. Although if you look at it from a different perspective, have you ever seen anyone with a fear of heights fall off anything high ~ No or anyone with a phobia of flying be in a airplane disaster ~ no they don’t fly at all. (and there’s so many air disasters -NOT) We could go on indefinitely here so I’ll stop.

The thing is if we have a phobia, our unconscious mind is trying to protect us and keep us safe, which is a great intention but using a silly behaviour i.e. fear, anxiety, panic attacks etc etc.

The thing is, unless we have a better way and a desire to change why should our unconscious mind change the way we behave. But worse than that these silly and inappropriate behaviours seem to generalise into other areas of our lives ~ which is a real bummer!

So why use Hypnotherapy and NLP to let go of fears and phobias?


Well it’s simple really


Using our unique set of skills and specially developments of hypnosis, NLP and time Line Therapy(TM) we can get your unconscious mind to find new ways to act and react, which still protect you and keeps you safe, and do all the things you were afraid of or had a phobia of.

Sounds too simple? Well when done in a way that respects you as being unique, allows your unconscious mind to keep the intention of keeping you safe and gets your unconscious mind to make all the changes itself (no direct suggestions in hypnosis from a ill informed therapist) it can be the most simple procedure. Better than that you don’t have to face your fears of the past or relive them!   ~ which is even better.

Even better than better ~ when you change, your unconscious mind will generalise all these new feelings into other areas of your life and get to feel better all round.


A Flying Success
             Hi Paul, I just can’t thank you enough for helping me to beat my fear of flying. The fear just wasn’t there anymore, and I nearly dozed off as the plane was going on the runway! Fantastic! Thank you for making this crucial change in my life!” TB Cambridge

Injections – anxiety free!!”
            ” I recently underwent therapy with Luke regarding my phobia of injections. I am very pleased to tell you that I had my thyphoid injection last Monday, completely anxiety free!! I am so pleased with the therapy and just wanted to thank you for making a really positive change in my life”       HY Cambridge

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So back to the original question……………….

When is a phobia good for you?


When it’s gone because you can deal with anything and enjoy life, which is what you deserve


New year resolutions an NLP approach

Thursday, January 6th, 2011
So many people make a list of all the things they want to change in their lives and that’s about it, that’s all they do ~ a list.

Does that sound the most successful way of changing and improving your life? Basically it sucks and we wonder why we fail or break these resolutions.

So what can we do?

Obviously the first thing we would say here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy is to come along and work with us, be coached one to one and be supported in getting what you want.

If that’s not what you want that’s okay because there’s plenty you can do.

The first thing to do is throw away the list, have one sheet of paper for each new goal or outcome you want to achieve. On the top of each one write a sentence to describe what you want but write it in the present tense ” I am now ………. fill in the blank”,


Then a few “why you want it’s” and make sure they are all positive and just notice how that feels imagining having it already ~ now. Imagine the last step so you know you have got your outcome. Make the picture bigger, brighter and notice how that feels

Then, keeping that feeling brainstorm

  • Who do you know who can help?
  • what do you have already?
  • Where can you find things or people to help?
  • What’s the very first thing you could do today? (Keep it simple ~ little steps and you will see results!)
  • How often do you need to review how far you have got towards your outcome?

(You might want to check out my create your dreams website too)

Then commit. Commit to yourself and if you can out loud to others so you will be held accountable.

There’s an awful lot more to coaching and realising your goals and this is all a great start to get you on your way.

Sometimes however, we have limiting beliefs that hold us back or emotions that affect our self esteem and lack of confidence and that’s honestly where we can really help you here and Cambridge Hypnotherapy.

Either way I’d love to know how you get on doing things a little differently once you have thrown away that damn list!

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As we originally put on our website DREAM ~ CREATE ~ EXCEL