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NLP on Radio 4 a comment from Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Monday, November 29th, 2010

It’s great that NLP is being discussed on national radio.

One of the things I didn’t hear are all the successes that NLP has brought about to so many people. That always seems to be missed or simply explained even as a placebo or the charisma of the practitioner.

Placebo or the Charisma??

Well for me, if NLP is a placebo which produces quick and comfortable results that often would take 10 times longer when treated other more ‘recognised’ therapies and psychological interventions then I happily accept the result, it just seems a little naive to believe the quick results that all our clients produce to be entirely down to a placebo effect. And as modest as we are, to say our change work is down to our charisma well…………….?

Maybe the real thruth??

The thing we notice more and more is that a majority of our clients are coming to us because they cannot find a quick and lasting solution to their problems elsewhere and elsewhere favours masking the problem instead of addressing it and finding the resources to deal with it.

One thing that people forget is that NLP was originally modeled from, in part, hypnosis and when you couple NLP with Hypnosis you have a great marriage for assisting people change. Now if you add Time Line Therapy(tm) to that you really do have a range of processes that not only create quick change but also a lasting and comfortable change, no delving into and re-experiencing the past which often can cause even more negative emotions to be experienced. And yes we are all Master practitioners of trainers of all three with over 25 yeears of combined experience.

Now we’re not saying what we do here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy is better than every other therapy ~ far from it ~ all we know are the great results our clients make and continue to make.

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Hypnotherapy for Depression taking 5 sessions

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Have you ever had the experience of being both happy and disappointed at the same time?

I worked such a lovely client who had had depression for over 15 years and life’s experiences were not the best. Well it was those experiences that remained in the forefront of their mind when they first came to visit us for the complimentary consultation.

Desperate for someone to help and be truthful in expectations we began our first session which began the process to recovery of a life that they would enjoy and for the people in her life to enjoy too.

Because of all the things they had experienced we wanted to find the one thing that would allow them to let go of that depression (and anxiety/fear). You see, we could have just tried to eliminate each one at a time and spend countless number of sessions ~ Which we here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy DON’T, WON’T or NEVER do ~ What we did was this ~ we found the cause of their negative feelings. This is what would be termed the root cause and the metaphor we use to explain this is, if you just keep picking the leaves from a weed they just keep on growing but if you pluck out the root it has to disappear.

And this is where happy and disappointed fits in. I had my expectations of clearing this depression in three sessions (or sooner) and it took five (although begining session 5 we were already 90% better!)

One of the nicest things to happen during our time together was that this client reviewed the draft of my book about addressing and dealing with grief (it’s tentatively called “It doesn’t have to be this way”) and the critique was brilliant and maybe the content helped us too.

So I guess what I’m saying here is yes it’s really possible to change the way you feel no matter how bad or for how long in 3 or less sessions but just occasionally it takes another 3 hours.

The thing is YOU really can change if,, like our clients, you really want too and are prepared to do whatever it takes.


Hypnosis for operations ? Does it work?

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

I am never surprised how quick we can do anything ~ especially healing ~ if we simply ask our unconscious mind to do what it does naturally but quicker than usual.

Here’s a really good example from the many we have.

Client with no previous experience of hypnosis and some what sceptical was due a small operation which could be done either under local or general anesthetic. Unfortunately they were the kind of person who really bruise easily and can look like they lost a fight after going to the dentist.

The day before the operation was due to happen they admitted they we getting anxious and a little scared of the prospect and asked “Would hypnosis help??” Our answer is as always “Yes ~ if you want it to”

You see we can ask our unconscious mind to do many things regarding operations such as:

  • To create more and more relaxation before, during and after
  • To accept the operation as a help to regain perfect health and not an invasive thing to the body
  • To reduce swelling if appropriate
  • To reduce bruising to a minimum
  • To be infection free


  • To speed up the healing process that will amaze both you and the doctors

So What Happened?

In less than 20 minutes we had gone into trance, done our work with the unconscious mind and come back out of trance.

Had a really restful sleep and woke up looking forward to being back to full health

They decided to have a local anesthetic and was out of the hospital within 4 hours

No bruising and the tiniest swelling.

Had to be told to rest even though feeling OK.

Did it surprise me? ~ No

Did it amaze me? ~ Always!

If you’re reading this and preparing for something like this check out Hypnosis and if you are in or around Cambridge check out our Hypnosis and our Complimentary consultation



How young to get rid of a phobia?

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

A little while ago I met with a young client aged fifteen who had a phobia of dogs and a fear of cattle. The problem was he wanted to go to farming college and be a farmer. Unfortunately it wasn’t arable farming but dairy farming with cattle and dogs! and the thing was he had a work placement too and that to had big dogs and even bigger cows!

Now the only thing you need in order to change quickly is to have a real desire to change ~ that’s all and this young lad had bags of it.

Here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy, we (Luke, Joseph and I) have developed unique ways of dealing with phobias and fears. Utilizing NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis we have created wonderful ways of letting go of the fears, anxiety and pictures we make in our mind so we can act just the way we want. Sometimes we need as many as two sessions but in many cases one session will create the changes we want.

So what was the result of our ONE session?

Well let’s find out from the client himself from the emails he sent me

email 1

I have noticed a big difference and I have been able to be around dogs, with comfort and not having the weariness and worry. Unfortunately I have not been able to come into contact with any other animals but I am going to in the next week.

I can’t thank you enough as it has changed my life and what I do because it enables me to go to college and continue my Career in farming and Agriculture and it means I can have animals on my farm and be able to deal with them.

The day after the session I went and saw an Alsatian and it was like completely different to before and even the owner of the dog said that I seemed to be comfortable with the situation.

email 2

thank you again, it has been a great help enabling me to progress without trouble and limits to what I can do


Just to let you know I went to see some cows today and was able to
stroke the with more comfort than last time and my dad noticed the
difference as well

email 4

Dear Paul
I thought that I would let you know that I was offered to help get cows ready for show and so I went along to help and was able to stand with cows having no worry or fear as I did before the session. Here are some photos to prove it.
Thank you again.

So there you have it ~ life changing results at 15 years of age

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