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A ‘Lifting Success’ (Cambridge Hypnotherapy one session phobia success)

Friday, March 26th, 2010

When Lindsay approached me here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy, asking for help in getting rid of her phobia of lifts (elevators), I couldn’t wait to get started. Working with someone you know, and have known for many years, really gives you a great sense of trust and excitement.

Being a nanny meant Lindsay was often required to take the children she looked after shopping, and you can just imagine how hard it would be to carry two children, a pram, AND all your shopping bags up the stairs or even on an escalator. It was a nightmare, but as much as she wished she could step inside the elevator…. she just couldn’t bring herself to do it!

For the week before our session, Lindsay was adamant that she was not going to test her results and actually get inside an elevator, but would just be happy knowing that if she REALLY had to, she could!! However, this was not even an option for me, I told her that she would have to go to the shopping centre, get inside that lift, and notice how comfortable it was. Even the thought of this used to bring her out in a cold sweat!

At the beginning of the session, she was petrified of elevators still, and even remembering times when she got inside one as a very young child was enough to send her into a state of huge fear and terror.

However, using some wonderful NLP and TimeLine Therapy approaches, after no more than 30 minutes, thinking about the same memories bought back no fear whatsoever, just a feeling of nothingness, which was an amazing experience.

By the end of the session, Lindsay felt so charged and confident it was incredible. She actually said she “wanted to go and find a lift”.

Waving her goodbye, I knew it had been a great session, and when my phone rang 40 minutes later, and I heard her voice on the other end, I just knew what she was about to say. “I’ve just been in a lift!!! I stood and read a poster inside it without even thinking about it!!”, and as if this wasn’t proof enough for her, her next comment certainly was….. “ I want to find another one, this is FUN”.

Another wonderful success story, so if you too have a phobia or fear that is affecting your life, don’t wait any longer…. Call me on 01223 720 120 or email us NOW!

NLP practice group in Cambridge

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Last Saturday saw the re-surfacing of our NLP practice group.
Previously we met once a month, in the evening, but that seemed to restrict those who had to travel a distance. So we (Joseph & I) decided to change this to a Saturday and make it a whole day. This allowed us more time to refresh our knowledge in a particular area of NLP & Hypnosis and then do something completely new.

So what did we do last Saturday?

Firstly with some traveling over an hour to get here we had time to catch up and find out what we’d all been doing in the field of NLP etc. Just listening to all the different things we’d been doing and experiencing was really inspiring to do more and gave us all different ideas & things we too could do.

We went on to master our skills in questioning with a live project, a real person and based on a real issue.

After lunch we decided to find what would be some of the best states, behaviours and beliefs of being the best practitioner or therapist. Having refined this to something we could install in ourselves it was time for hypnosis and we installed all these wonderful and empowering resources into each other. So not only were we practicing inductions, installations we were creating change – real change.

In the next practice group we hope to bring along friends so they to can experience NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis and we can all learn. It’s also hoped we can find someone we can model. Someone who does something really well so we can learn how to do it too.

Who knows what exciting things we can find to do next?

Maybe we’ll see you there too.

Email me if you want to find out more (our NLP, Time LIne Therapy and Hypnosis training)

I’m looking forward to the next one


Fear or Phobia ~ who cares it’s the result that matters

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

How old do we need to be before we learn to be scared or even have a phobia?

You see, a recent client of ours, we’ll call her Brian because that wasn’t his name, came with what was a phobia of dogs but had it had generalised through to other animals. And that’s what can happen, in order to keep us safe and protected our best friend, our unconscious mind, decides to make sure nothing will harm us and creates a ‘good old’ fear for other things.

So now we not only spend our time thinking of the first thing that scared us but all the other things and times where can be scared. The problem is do we feel safe and protected now with all these thoughts and pictures in our head? Absolutely NOT!

This is a problem but the good news is, whilst we can learn to have a phobia in a millisecond, trigger it without thinking and generalise it to other things we can do the reverse easily. That is ~ learn how not to react in the old way, in fact act in the way you want, trigger it that way without thinking when to and generalise this new, desired way into other areas of your life.

Brian created her phobia really young, about 2 years old, when a dog tried to bite her face. It didn’t but the fear and the need for protection was learnt there and then. The thing is –  are all dogs the same? Would all her life experiences of being okay between now and then be a better resource than the fear and panic created by seeing a dog, way over there?

Of course all dogs are not like that one and of course our whole set of life experiences would be a better resource and that’s what we did when we worked together, I’ll explain  a little more in a minute.

Because this also reminded of one of my first clients, she had a phobia of spiders (notice the use of the word ‘had‘). She was convinced she first experienced this about 7 when she was chased by someone with a spider at school. Not sure what the spider was trying to learn at school? Anyway, with skillful questioning and empathy (well I am writing this and you weren’t there) we discovered this wasn’t the start of this phobia it actually occurred when she was about 3 and seeing her big, lovable Grandad coming down stairs as white as a sheet so scared because he had seen a spider. Her unconscious mind thought if my big lovable Grandad is scared of spiders then I have to be too!

So are these people still afraid are they living their life constantly thinking about what scares them?
You can guess the answer ~ of course they’re not, no way.
We’ve developed through  hypnosis and NLP together with Time Line therapy (tm) Oh! I nearly forgot with ‘skillfull questioning and empathy‘ brilliant ways to let go of fears and phobias and, I know it may seem hard to believe, with a lot of laughter. Who says it’s a rule we have to be serious about creating great changes without a bit of fun and feeling good as you do it?

The thing is, when we let go of anything that holds us back we can use what we learn to pleasantly affect other areas of our life. We become more confident, at ease some may say be the real me and it never amazes me how far the ripples of our clients change spread because we know it will.

You are allowed to have the life you dream of.