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Thank You ~ and that feels like what?

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

How many times do we say thank you?


Yes we, well a lot of us, have read and try to have an attitude of gratitude and I’ve written about that and how to feel grateful. But what I was thinking about this morning, over my cup of coffee, do we say thank you to those close to us? The people in our lives that are there all the time.


Sitting in the morning sun, I realised, even with all my training and learning I haven’t said thank you enough. Yes when things were bad and they were there for me, you know the type of times, we’ve all had them, and I’ve thought it and even sometimes said it. But you see, it’s only in these times when we notice their acts of support and kindness.


What came to me, as I sat quietly, was ‘what about all the other times?’ When being themselves they were there too. That smile, that look or little action that goes unnoticed and so often unappreciated. The thing I found was that as I thought of this I begun to appreciate them in my life and how my life would be so much less without them in it. Yes, the little things add up to so much more than we can imagine if we don’t take time just to take the time and appreciate and feel grateful.


And it’s more than that ~ “What is?”

I know that being energy, that’s you and me and all those others, and therefore connected to everyone and everything our thoughts will go to those we think of. But what would happen if you took the courage to say “thank you” without wanting a response. Yes we would or could appear soppy, well in our minds, but would we. How would you feel if your father/mother/son/daughter came and said to you “Thank you ~ just thank you” and went about their day?


Would you think of them as ‘soppy’? and how would you feel. Think about it now.

Hmmmmm……….. Maybe there’s something in this, it does feel……….


And then there’s-

How do you react when someone says thank you to you? Cast your mind back to a time when you gave someone something or did something for them and they said ‘thank you’. My bet is that more often than not you said something like “It was nothing” or “It’s only something small you probably won’t like it anyway” or words of than kind. When the reverse has happened to you how did you feel being told it was nothing?  Let’s think again, what does it/would it feel like to be told ~ “you’re welcome” or “It’s a pleasure – enjoy

Hmmmmm……….. Maybe there’s something in this, it does feel……….


So it’s not only saying thank you more often it’s also how you respond to being thanked that can make you feel a real sense of connection and let others feel that too. A few small words said with congruency can change both your day and those around you.

Thank you for listening with your eyes and your heart

Paul Clough is a trainer of NLP and Hypnosis, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy with his youngest son Joseph Clough. A practicing therapist and coach ~ Someone who talks the talk AND walks the walk. For more information call +44(0)1223 720 120 or to see free hypnosis and NLP learning videos and audio downloads

Can Hypnosis do Anything?????

Monday, May 11th, 2009

We seem to be intrigued about hypnosis and the power of hypnosis.

What is it? What can it do?

And this question – can it so anything?

And even that question can be seen as meaning different things

to those who ask it.

To some people anything may mean nothing and to others it may mean everything. I guess it depends on you. The meaning of the question and the answer you’re looking for, listening for.

Hypnosis isn’t a thing, it isn’t something you can hold or touch, is it? If you were to ask me there are a couple of answers that come to mind.

Hypnosis, that is the process of hypnosis, can create wonderful changes in ourselves and others and usually, in my experience, far greater than we could ever imagine. I’ll talk about that in a minute.

The second thing that comes to mind is that we are consciously unaware of the power of our unconscious mind and it’s with hypnosis that this, our, infinite potential can be realised and experienced.

So can hypnosis do anything/everything? I believe we can, (yes I meant we) and here’s the thing, that is the difference that makes the difference, intention and meaning – “what?” I’ll explain.

Intention– I’m referring to the intention of the hypnotist. If a hypnotist believes (I mean really believes) that change can and will occur then with that belief their intention will create the change. The client’s unconscious mind will tune in to this and providing the positive intention of the issue/disease is honoured change will happen.

And then there’s …..

Meaning– Does the change have meaning to the person being hypnotised?

Do they really want it for themselves? If they got it now would ‘juice’ them? And even if they can’t at the moment imagine having the change (some people can’t because they have had the problem so long) if they dared to think how it would be having changed would it be something they want?

If the change is not something the client wants to have happen or is something that someone else wants for that person then why change?

So you may be thinking from all of this that hypnosis doesn’t do anything and it’s all to do with the hypnotist and the client and in part you’re right. To me these are the important ingredients for the process of hypnosis to create any change we desire.

To my mind, it really comes down to the fact that change and learning is made at unconscious level, whether it be emotional, behavioural or physical (healing) and the process of hypnosis works at the unconscious level. With the right ingredients I believe hypnosis can do anything and everything and that you have the infinite potential to have what you want or desire, to be or have it’s as simple as that.  I hope this gives you thought, a feeling that you want to explore, resonates something inside or that you can see an opportunity to consider that anything is possible when you enlist the help of your very best friend, the friend that is always with you (night and day), that only wants the best for you – that’s right – your unconscious mind.


Paul Clough is a trainer of NLP and Hypnosis, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy with his youngest son Joseph Clough A practicing therapist and coach ~ Someone who talks the talk AND walks the walk. Before becoming a personal coach and trainer Paul has held directorships in businesses since he was 29 and has a vast amount of experience of how life really is in the business world. This together with his passion for assisting people to reach their potential and his special skills form a unique foundation for success.

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A simple way to begin to create your dreams

Friday, May 1st, 2009

A long time ago, yes I know this sounds like a fairy tale, I wrote down a whole bunch of dreams. One in particular came true many years later, much to my surprise. Even more of a surprise was that when I had the opportunity to have it come true, I became concerned about actually being able to have it and even thought about not letting it happen. I felt if I got this now, then what? It was a little scary I have to admit.


So if you like me are fascinated by our dreams for the future and wonder how we can turn them from dreams to reality and enjoy having them become real then this might be for you ~ a simple way to start.

When you start looking for ways to do this you may find, like I did, there are so many different ways but all have a similar theme.


So I began to think what could I do to simplify this, if only to make a start.

You see, to me, a dream is really only a wish and wishes sometime come true and sometimes……..well they stay a wish. To change a dream into something you experience, when you want to experience it, it has to have action. You need to know what that dream really means to you, what will it be like to have it and what else will it effect in my life.

This sounds heavy (if sounds have weight?) so I wanted to have something that was easy to do and made me feel good as I did it


Try this out.

Think of one of those dreams you have and starting easy pick the BIGGEST.

Write it down, go on be brave no one’s looking!

Then write down what would having achieved that dream mean to you, and repeat this a few times… what else would it mean to me and what else etc.

Now if after this it really does mean a lot to you, write down all the things you would be doing and enjoying already having got this dream.

If this makes you excited about creating this dream pick one of those things you will be doing and begin to get doing it. Go on! Take the first step and follow your intuition. Then the next thing and then the next and so on.


I know for all those experts out there this is way to simple and I agree. In our trainings using NLP and Time Line TherapyTM and working with clients we go into this much deeper and for those of you who just want to dip your toe into making your dreams come true this is a great and simple way to start.

I’d love some feedback on how you found this process and how motivated you were/are to begin bring about the creation of your dreams into your life