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Anchoring the Law of Attraction

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

I was reading an interesting book on the subject of the Law of Attraction. How we attract what we get by the way we feel. If we feel lack, we attract more lack (I know that’s not a good way of putting it but you understand what I mean) and if we feel abundant in anything we attract more of that, be it joy, happiness, wealth etc. Which seems to make sense if you can remember when you felt things just couldn’t get any better ~ they do! They did! or the reverse when you felt nothing else could wrong and it did.

Now the thing that really interested me was that when we feel negative, down or just have a feeling we don’t want or like, it is simply a signal from our unconscious mind, our inner guidance, that we’re not aligned with what we want. Just a signal. I wonder how many times we haven’t recognised that signal or done something about it?

Well knowing these feelings are a signal of our out of alignment we can now do something about changing it and re correct our course for attracting what we want.

Simply by asking ourselves the question ~ “how do I want to feel instead?” The action of coming up with an answer will begin the process.

But how do you create this feeling that you want?

Well briefly, there are a number of ways and I’ll give you an example of one or two.

Firstly when you know how you want to feel, remember a time when you felt it before and you will get a sense of that memory and in your mind step into it again. Re-live it as it were. As you do this become aware of just the feeling and begin to increase it, magnify it, intensify it more than what it was. Some people are able to spin the feeling faster and faster and that too can make it stronger.

If you squeeze you thumb and forefinger together at the highest point of the feeling and hold them there for about 10 seconds you will have created an ‘anchor’ (an NLP term) If you do this a couple of times more the stronger it will be.

Now to help you go through the thing that made you feel the way you didn’t want to~

As you think of what you are doing that caused you to feel negative before see yourself completing what you were/are doing as you squeeze that thumb and forefinger together and notice how you feel now about what you are doing. Keep doing this every now and then as you continue with the task.

And going back to where I started.

Take time out to feel the way you want to feel in the future, notice what you want in the future and how it will feel when you have achieved it. If you do it often enough you may just find that you find yourself in situations that make you feel that way more often.

You can learn to do this and so much more at our certified NLP trainings

or experience it one to one.

We hope to bring this to an audio download in the near future so stay tuned for that!

Now go and enjoy the feelings you want.


Hypnosis could be the key to unlock your fear

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Something I found that might inspire you

Joseph Clough, attended hypnosis classes to get over his shyness.

CONFIDENT and charming, with an easy smile, it’s hard to believe Joseph Clough was once crippled by shyness. “I used to blush very easily,” admits the 25-year-old, with a grin.

“At one point it got so bad I even struggled to talk to my relatives: if they asked me a question, I could manage ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but that was about it.”

Nowadays, Joseph thinks nothing of talking to hundreds of people at a time, all of them complete strangers. A mind coach famous for working with the stars, including Scottish singer Sandi Thom, he leads workshops designed to help people let go of their fears – and live life to the full.

As Joseph explains, he owes a lot to hypnotism: it was a course in hypnosis that changed his life when he was 17.

Swift to confess he “was not the brightest” at school, Joseph says he needed learning support and toiled to get six C grades at GCSE. For a man who now knows “quite a bit of quantum physics”, it’s proof he’s come a long way.

After a GNVQ in business studies, Joseph took a job in insurance. “Within six months I felt lost,” he remembers. “I lacked purpose, contentment, fulfilment . . .”

Encouraged by his father, Paul, the teenager agreed to do a week-long hypnosis course in Scarborough. “Hypnosis was my dad’s hobby at the time,” explains Joseph, who lives off Histon Road. “The idea was that the course would be a therapeutic process, which would help me find out what I wanted to do with my life.”

And that it did: Joseph’s moment of epiphany came almost immediately – on his four-hour drive home. Full of a confidence and a new sense of self-belief, he had put his hang-ups behind him within one short week. And he wanted to help others do the same.

“I decided there and then that I wanted to do this,” he recalls. “The course had been life-changing for me and I knew that I wanted to help other people make beneficial changes to their lives too.”

A week later Joseph had quit his insurance job and embarked on his new career as a Master Hypnotist. Going to the States to study Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), he then began to expand his horizons even further.

“If you had conscious control of your life then it would be easy: you would simply let go of all the fears that hold you back,” explains Joseph. “But we don’t have conscious control of these things – so it might be the unconscious mind that is holding us back.”

By taking his clients into a trance state, which he likens to the auto-pilot mode we switch into when driving, Joseph says he accesses the unconscious.

Asking the unconscious mind to move a client’s finger, while giving the conscious mind a counter-command to keep the finger still, he says people are often amazed to see their digits twitch. “A person has to want to go into a trance state,” adds Joseph, who says hypnosis requires real focus from the client.

For the last two years, Joseph has worked with all manner of celebrity clients, from singers and actors to athletes. Because of client confidentiality, he is unable to identify the majority – save for Sandi Thom, whom he describes as “very down-to-earth and friendly”.

“It started by accident,” explains Joseph. “A manager phoned me up about one of his clients and it just took off from there.”

As with his other clients, Joseph helps the celebs address a huge range of issues, maybe a desire to improve their performance or combat a lack of self-confidence. And he also helps them tackle phobias, fears of everything from small spaces to bony wrists.

“I’ve come across a fear of balloons, a fear of tinfoil and – this is quite a common one – emetophobia, which is a fear of being sick, even of being around sick,” says Joseph.

“One client had a fear of her hair being touched because, as a young child, someone had tried to set light to it. It had become quiet debilitating: she didn’t even like going to pubs because, before the smoking ban, she had a fear of the smoke touching her hair and making it fall out.”

Most phobias date from childhood, he explains. “If you see a spider and feel that ‘fight or flight’ reaction, those two things – the spider and the feeling – become connected,” continues Joseph. “What I do is reconnect the spider with a new feeling, say of calm. It can work quickly: twenty-five per cent of people change with one session.”

With the celebrity clients came an increasing amount of media attention: recently challenged by the Daily Express, Joseph was charged with curing three journalists of their fears – including a woman repulsed at the very thought of a veined and bony wrist.

With innumerable CDs and downloads to his name, several websites and a self-help book called Be Your Potential, Joseph’s career is burgeoning. With his father and older brother Luke now trained Master Hypnotists too, he’s part of the family firm Cambridge Hypnotherapy, as well as making client visits and holding workshops .

But, despite his success, Joseph says he didn’t become a mind coach for the sake of making money. Offering a sliding scale of fees, designed to make his sessions accessible to as many people as possible, he says he genuinely wants to help others live happier lives.

“If someone says this stuff doesn’t exist well, in a way, it doesn’t completely exist: it isn’t tangible,” he adds. “But then neither is the soul.”

 For more information about Joseph and his find out about his trainings go to or

To find out about us all at Cambridge Hypnotherapy call call (01223) 720120 or visit

Be inspired!




Free personal development eBook by Joseph Clough ~ Being Your Potential

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Joseph has a great new eBook, which before going to publishing, he is giving as a free download. just click on the link to his Empowering Sounds website, sign in and it’s yours

He has used all his NLP and hypnosis skills together with many of his own developments/techniques to create this self help/personal development guide. He has also combined this with 4 tracks of hypnosis to really embed these powerful ways of being into your unconscious mind (they’re free to download too!)

Our Reclaim Your Destiny weekend combines many of these techniques and others we have developed to create a weekend of empowerment (and fun)



An attitude of Gratitude

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Being grateful by definition is being appreciative or thankful

I wonder how many times we actually consider what we are grateful for?

Maybe if we all did this more often we would realise what we have.

From the air that we breathe and the fine body we have to breathe

to everything else we can think of.

I guess it’s easier to think of all the things we haven’t got (yet), or more likely the things we don’t want.

The difference is though…………………………… which way of thinking feels better?

Lets try (that’s if you want to play?)


think of all the things we haven’t got

then of the things you have but don’t want.

and that feels like what?

now think of all that you can or could be grateful for ~

 health, loved ones, relationships you have or have had, experiences you have enjoyed, the clothes you wear and what else and what else

and that feels like what?

Now that was only a quick excercise but I think, well I know which feels better.


what if every morning when you awake and night time just before you sleep you were to think of all that you can or could be grateful for.

If just for one minute. How well would your day be and your nights sleep be?

Now imagine doing this in trance and having your unconscious mind create those good feelings when you least expect them.

to learn more and other things we can do you know where we are

Any way

thank you I’m grateful for the time you have spent here

hope this gives you something to think upon