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Dealing with grief ~ a good way to remember those we love

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my mothers passing and who knows what has prompted me to write this, other than to pass on some thoughts. (or maybe just some personal ramblings)

There’s a line in a song

‘ you left me here, to remind me of you’ and that to me is a comfort

~ as long as I am here, so will she.

and hopefully I can display those wonderful qualities she taught me by the way she was and the way she still is within me.

We don’t have to be sad, angry or alone when we remember those who have left us ~ I’m not ~ I miss her and speak to her most days and listen. Not just with my ears but with an awareness and I seem to understand.

But how can you remember in a way that makes you feel ok?

This is what I do.

I think of a good time(s) with her and see it as if I’m looking through my own eyes.

I’m there again,seeing what I saw, hearing what I heard and I feel the good feelings I had and every good memory is the same way. I make it that way because that’s how I want it to be.

If any memory isn’t of a good time, I see it differently. I see myself in the memory, (as if it’s a movie with me in it) over there and I make it smaller and darker, I make it still and move it away from me ~ any not so good feeling just diminish

This is not the only way but a sure way to remember what you want, how you want to and it’s good to remember because……………..

‘ you left me here, to remind me of you’

Enjoy your every heart beat



Friday, December 12th, 2008

We are all dealing with stress ~ it’s just that sometimes you do it well and other times badly. And when you’re feeling overwhelmed you’re dealing with it badly.

Not exactly rocket science I hear you cry (or sob)

You see but maybe you feel it, when you deal with stress badly it not only affects your work, your ability to concentrate it often spirals down to your home life which in turn only makes it worse at work. We all know or have the experience of this.

From the feeling of being anxious to panic attacks, that ‘D’ word ~ Depression and what it is sometimes called social phobia. As usual the list goes on and on and on……………. Our health is affected and being affected badly by stress and seems to lead to being open to every cold, flu, sore throat etc. etc. etc.

Is this depressing enough for you? …………………………….It is me ~ so let’s GO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

because you can.

You can choose to be different and feel the way you want (yippee that’s more like it)

I believe it is your duty to yourself to be able to be the real you, to perform at your best, be successful and above all enjoy doing and being you at home, at play and at work

and you can do this us:

To be in the best and appropriate state

To be able to change your state instantly

To be able to deal with situations positively

To see things for what they are and not what they appear to be

To manage your emotions (yes, we all have them……….. and at work too!)

To deal with perceived criticism

To let go of Anger, Sadness, Fear and Guilt or any other negative emotion

To be able to be relaxed to chill out (hip Eh?)


          In short be at your best at all times and YOU CAN

Your Yule Dude (hop hip talk!)


Feeling the way you want ~ with NLP

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

What would it be like if you were to feel really good for no reason at all?

Imagine, at any time, being able to feel good, passionate, motivated, happy…….. (the list goes on and on) just before you were about to do something.

I wonder what difference that would make to you and how much better you would enjoy it?

And it’s easy….. is it?……….yes it is!

Do this….

Decide how you want to feel.

Remember one time, one specific time, you really felt that way

Go back to that experience in your mind and be there

See what you saw, Hear what you heard and really Feel the feelings

as you REALLY feel the feelings. Notice you can magnify them more and more

if you want, just make the pictures BIGGER, brighter, closer and keeeeeeeeep intensifying the feeling more and more.

As you do this squeeeze your thumb and forefinger together at the hieght of the feeling for about the count of 5

Do this a few times with this or another experience of the same feeling you want.

If you really want to intensify this feeling ~ SPIN it faster and faster as you squeeze.

Then, just before you do the thing you wanted to feel different doing, just simply squeeze your thumb and forefinger and ……………………go do it.

I wonder what it would be like to have this and wonderful other feelings without you having to do this?

Well that’s what we do here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy… to get this to happen all by itself and for you to be surprised how your life changes.

Interested~ we are

Wanton pleasure~ now that’s a great feeling to have, isn’t it, wouldn’t it?


Dealing with being (made) redundant ~Redundancy

Monday, December 8th, 2008

If you have never been there, being made redundant, it’s very difficult to imagine how it feels. The very term Redundant has deep emotional meaning to those who it affects.

The dictionary definintion “1. superfluous 2. no longer needed (at work)”

For some it can be taken as an identity issue ~ I AM redundant, I AM no longer needed.

And all of this can raise what we would term ‘negative emotions’ such as anger, sadness, guilt and for some the feeling of grief as real as losing someone.


This does not have to be this way … Oh No! (nearly swore there)

We can change those feelings into what we want. To replace them with expectation, opportunity, relief, passion and even gratitude.

The past is exactly what it is THE PAST, it’s gone and the great thing about the future is that it hasn’t arrived so we can make it the way we want to experience the now.


By using the one thing that’s more powerful than anything else in the world……Our Mind.

When we use our mind in such a way we can feel the way we want to feel, see what we want to see and attract what we want in our lives.

Sounds too easy?

That’s because you haven’t experienced it

With Hypnoisis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy plus a whole lot of other things we have learnt and developed we can make those changes. All you have to do is want to do it now.

Remember what ever thought you’re thinking~ You’re more than that and more than that too!

At the moment I am in the middle for creating an audio book for dealing with loss and in that I guide my listener ( there must be at least one) on ways to overcome loss, grief of any kind easily and quickly based on my work with a friend of mine. I’ll post a couple of simple things they did real soon

You’re more than that



Promised testimonial for our NLP/Time Line Therapy/Real Hypnosis Practitioner course

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Having just completed another training both Joseph and I were so pleased to receive the following comments.

We saw a huge change and a great deal of skill along with bucket loads of passion from our delegates. It was really good to see everyone using their newly acquired skills ‘in the muscle’  (not just trying out techniques) and making them their own ~ doing what they knew and knowing what they did – the steps to mastery and not mystery!

“This training REALLY went over my expectations, I believe that every service received should be for the receiver of higher value of the fees paid and the fees paid should be for the provider of the service of higher value of the time spent providing the service.

The notions and skills learnt are MUCH, MUCH more valuable than the fees paid.



The hands on approach made it very easy to learn and put the new abilities into practice right away providing the chance of understanding exactly how to apply the “techniques” .

The trainers were ALWAYS happy to help and answer questions, even after the course ended.

If I had to rate this experience 1-10 it would be a 20! There are no words I can use to describe how satisfied, rewarded and pleased I am.

The best investment I have made in years, this course also made me a better man.

Thank you VERY much Joe and Paul!

Luca Senatore “

Watch Joseph on ITV ~ Fear factor~ phobia cure

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

We now have a video of the Fear Factor from ITV

all you have to do is follow this link.

Joseph has been amazed at the response he has had from all over the UK and people are travelling from all parts to meet with him to let go of their phobias.

And the best part is we know that when they’re gone the world will be so different for them and the ripples of this change will continue to change other areas of their lives with new opportunities that were always there but seemed invisible.

So to those of you who haven’t experienced this yet why not take the chance to find out how life can really be.


for those who want to learn how to do this with others why not look into out NLP and Hypnosis trainings. We’ll be getting our testimonials back from our recent training in Cambridge real soon and I’ll post them here too.

The world can be a brighter, lighter place to live in when you know how and it’s easy!!!!

More soon

It’s to focus on what you want and have it that way……now