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Joseph on ITV Fear Factor

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

It’s great that Joseph has proved again our skills at eliminating phobias.

Last Friday 21st November Joseph appeared on ITV’s Fear Factor and showed how easily we can help let go of fears and phobias.

Although on the day he worked with about five people time only allowed to show what it meant to two people to be free of their phobia.

We will be receiving the video sections of his great work and will be uploading them soon…….so watch this space for more news.

If you feel you need to let go of your phobia quickly, easily and comfortably (yes I do mean comfortably) contact us now here or call today on 01223 720 120

still thinking about it?

he who waits………..waits and waits and waits and waits………..

do it now you may just find, like so many others, your whole life will change for the better!



even if you don’t have a phobia but want to learn how to help others why not go to our training site plus there’s free video down loads

New and old beliefs ~ a comparison

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Recently, well over the last month, I have been going to a great gym. Well not exactly a gym but a place called Core Cambridge where I am being helped to regain core stability and a better structure~ regain my way of standing and moving in alignment.

Well bully for you I hear a murmuring!

What’s this got to do with what you do here?

I began to compare this with our beliefs. How well are we aligned to who we really are? Do our beliefs support us in the world today and where we want to be? Our standing in our wold?

Like core stability is our physical foundation, our core beliefs are our psychological/mental foundation and over time get set in old ways, old patterns.

To regain my physical core stability I have been stretched and my muscles retrained to fire in a new/old way. To let go of my posture as it is, having being shaped by moving and sitting in ways that create pressure and misalignment. I just hadn’t noticed over time how much this had effected me. Initially these new movements seem strange, even uncomfortable yet within a short period of time I began to feel free’re (not a propper word but you know what I mean), lighter and to move with more purpose.

How similar this is to changing our old limiting beliefs with the corresponding results

I wonder sometimes if you have any beliefs that you notice now that really don’t support you and what your potential would realise if you changed them to support what you want and can achieve if you did.

I believe in you……………Do You? and if you had my belief what will you achieve and enjoy every heartbeat getting there?

I wonder………………………………………………..