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New things happening at Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Friday, October 24th, 2008

They say that things happen in three’s.

Here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy things are changing too

in three’s

how’s that?

Well Joseph has just returned from Liverpool

Luke’s just returned from Thialand

and I’m just pleased

so now we are three again

Bringing about even more change

so if you want to stop smoking, regain your confidence and rebuild your self esteem

stop anxiety, panic attacks, be healthy and well or want to change anything in your life right you now have more choice than ever.

And there’s so much more that’s going to happen

from our Reclaim You Destiny Day, complimentary CD’s new free video downloads to free talks to groups about hypnosis, NLP, health and wellness.

As all these things begin to happen we’ll update you here and many other ways to

so be ready to experience more pleasure than you can imagine and pleasure for no reason.

more to come soon……………………….


New free video downloads added

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

We have just uploaded new videos of our recently successful Reclaim Your Destiny day in Liverpool which we are now bringing to Cambridge in January 2009.

And because of the great results that people achieved in just one day we have

decided to extend this to two days, over a weekend, so we can bring even more and

create an even better experience that unlocks so much more of your potential and passion.

Have a look and see or call us (01223 720120) or email for more information

When you find your true potential you will find it’s infinite and so empowering!


Panic attacks ~ it’s just a story ~ isn’t it

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

feeling stuckA local fisherman started his daily routine of getting his equipment together, putting his waders on and grabbing his fishing setting off for the ocean.

After walking from his truck to the ocean, he started to wade out into the wide sea ahead of him.

He continued wading until he was about 50m out to sea, only anther 10m to go……
All of a sudden, a thought came into his mind….. what danger could there be around him, he started to think about what could go wrong, all the bad possibilities…… and almost immediately his foot felt stuck.

No matter how hard he fought it, he just couldn’t seem to move his foot… he started to panic, his heart rate increased, he started to sweat and his chest got tighter and tighter.

As he glanced down however, he noticed the sea was crystal clear, and there was nothing around him…. his foot was in an open area of soft sand.

He composed himself, took a nice deep breath, relaxed and slowly but surelystarted to move his leg until he found himself walking again.

He still had no idea as to what had previously stopped him on his journey, but he did know that there was no danger, there was no harm, and the only thing that could possibly go wrong is………………..

that he’d catch no fish……

Just a story while I’m out here in Thailand.



Respond to redundancy and take the opportunity to move on

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Businesses have 3 Main Criteria at this time one of which is

·        To respond to redundancy in a truly caring manner and give support for the valued employees who have to be let go

Even with this great intention some people seem to slip the net or maybe just don’t get what they need to make the change and fail see the opportunities that exist before their eyes.

If this is the case with you we believe we can assist in the caring for the response of redundancy as we understand that those who have to leave may be feeling:

Ø  Unwanted/rejected/isolated

Ø  Fearful/helpless with a loss of identity

Ø  Angry/worrying for theirs and their families future

Ø  Unconfident and stressed

And have them to be able to see a future and opportunities feeling:

ü  Valued

ü  Able and passionate

ü  Confident in themselves and their abilities ~ Self belief and self motivation

ü  To be able to deal with the stress of change  and what could be termed a grieving process

Hopefully this is not happening to you.

If it is or you know someone going through this experience call (01223 720 120) or email us to find out how we can help.

The world is full of opportunities ~ we just have to notice them