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Conquer fear in 15 minutes-Joseph Clough in the Daily Express

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

A great article about phobias featuring Joseph Clough, Yes that’s right our Joseph!
Breaking down the barriers of beliefs that say change has to take a long time.
How quick would you like to change anything………….. that long? why wait?
I wonder what wonderful things you could experience now that you have changed~ if you did.
It’s not the destination but the wonderous steps you can enjoy too. Find out more?

Enjoy every heart beat
Paul to

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

In line with our new approach to our trainings ~ that is to specifically be focused on therapy and self development we have relaunched primedirectives to Joseph Clough Trainings.
Our passion is to train those who want to become therapists, therapists who want to great therapists and those who want real self development that lasts using NLP, Time Line Therapy and real hypnosis.
Our intention is to make our trainings unique to every group and individual within the group and give more that expected.
Hopefully our passion for talking the talk and more importantly walking the walk is evident from trainers who don’t just train but have wonderful successes working with clients.
More updates to follow real soon
In the meantime you might want to see the new site or catch the free video’s of Joseph demonstrating Hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy