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Can we choose what we believe in?

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Beliefs can be such funny things we we hear them.
Ours, that is.
When we’re working with our clients we elicit or uncover the things that we live by at an unconscious level, the beliefs and values at our core. The things we live our life by and don’t even know it until we have an issue or when things just don’t seem to feel right, you know, on the inside.
Yet, if we were to have the belief that we can choose any belief, imagine what changes we can make and the wonderful things we could do and enjoy.
And I believe we all can and that’s a great belief to believe and so much better than those like “I’m not worth it” or “I don’t deserve to have what I want” etc. etc.

See, we take on most of our core beliefs and values from sometime before the age of 5, the imprint period,
and whose beliefs are they? Our parents, Grandparents and anybody else who’s around and where did they
get them from and when and how relevant are they to your life today?
Can we change our core beliefs?
You bet and if they don’t inspire us or support us then we should. Time Line Therapy is a wonderfully gentle way of changing our beliefs,our negative emotions (without regression) and when used in conjuction with NLP and Hypnosis anything is possible (Oops! there’s another belief of ours)
Thinking that “I’m stupid and won’t achieve” or something like that to me is something that’s
just not right as we have infinite potential to do anything ~ yes ANYTHING! we are the creators of our reality
so lets create something more than we could ever dream of for ourselves and others.
If you don’t believe any of this or feel at this moment you can’t change or see another way
What would it be like if you could? if you did?
what would you see?
what would you hear?
what would you feel?
you don’t have do anything other than IMAGINE IT, PRETEND
what would that mean to you if you could have it that way?
and what would that mean to you?
Go on…………play~it’s free
and so are those wonderful beliefs
You might even want to find out how to let go of all that other stuff such as anxiety, low self esteem
and have what you want and feel different now.

How much pleasure could you stand


There’s no such thing as Hypnosis ~ another metaphor part 2

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008



There once was a rhesus monkey who was put into a special cage.

This cage had red, yellow and green squares. After several days, an “experimenter” set it up so that the red squares gave off intermittent shocks causing the monkey much pain. The monkey became anxious but soon learned to avoid the red square. Next, the experimenter caused the red and yellow squares to give off intermittent shocks, and the monkey acted as if he was a manic depressive, alternating from hyper-anxiety to depression and withdrawal. The monkey soon learned to avoid the red and yellow squares and then all the squares were electrified. The little monkey began to bite itself, beat its head against the bars and defecated on himself. You might say the little monkey had been driven crazy. This experiment took one month. He was then transferred to a second cage with a white floor. Soft music was played, he was touched and held and fed. Within a short time, he calmed down and within two weeks he was playful and exploring his cage. He could not be seen as different from a monkey from a rhesus population that had not been subjected to the experiment. Well, what do you expect from a dumb monkey? He’s not as smart as a man. He didn’t know how to hold onto the past forever, nor continue to anticipate disaster. He only knew how to adapt to changing circumstances. When he was put back into the first cage, he was anxious for two days, but, after assuring himself there were no shocks, he began to be as playful in that cage, too.

Well, as I’ve pointed out, monkeys aren’t as smart as men. Maybe just smarter than rose bushes.

If, as you read the above meta-eights-a metaphor within a metaphor within a metaphor-you found yourself thinking, remembering, connect­ing, seeking, and understanding, it was only intended. To understand a metaphor, you must, in most cases, go into your own history, remember those situations that look similar and remember those words …

But there’s “know” such thing as hypnosis.


Great stuff ~ stories are so powerfull, yet usually so gentle and places of great learning if only we take the time to listen and then listen hear inside for the answers that have always been there.



Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Hot off the press literally.

Joseph has recently had press releases in Daily Mail, Metro and has been talking on Radio York and Radio Manchester about those fears and phobias that whilst we know are silly, they’re so real to those who experience them.

What a pity we have to live with them …………or do we?????????????

course not~We’ve been helping get rid of them for ages!!


NLP and Hypnosis monthly get togethers in Cambridge (NLP & Hypnosis work-group)

Friday, June 13th, 2008

While I was thinking about our NLP and Hypnosis work-group and what new things we could practice or discouver I thought I wonder if anyone else would be interested in coming along to find out more about NLP and Hypnosis.”
Anyone who has a remote interest is more than welcome.
It’s a small group made up of practitioners from our Primedirectives NLP/Time Line Therapy/Real Hypnosis trainings and we meet monthly in Cambridge~ generally the third Thursday of each month. There is no requirement to be a practitioner of NLP etc to attend. In fact we invite those coming on our courses to attend before our trainings so you can find out about how good the trainings are from those who have already been on them and how, what you learn, can be used.
As a quick overview we have discussed ways in which we can use Goal Mapping, Human Givens, Photo Reading, using NLP to alay fears for scuba-diving~ just a few topics we have given our time to. Each member of the group, disregarding their level of experience, have all been able to contribute and learn.
So as I begin to think of what new things we can discover and learn at our next get together

“Hmmmmmmmmmm. I wonder what really interesting things we can enjoy and learn…………………..?”

 I’ll keep you posted.
Feel free to get in contact if you want to find out more.
Keep enjoying those heartbeats

A thought about Fears and Phobias.

Friday, June 6th, 2008


Have you ever wondered, How many people who have a fear of heights ever fall from a tall building? That’s right, none. Some people think that fear is a wonderful emotion to have because of this. However, what about when just looking at a photo of a high building causes that fear, is that rational? No, it’s not is it? The same thing applies to all sorts of fears and phobias and they’re all real in for the people who experience this. This reaction is debilitating and can, when thrashing around with arms and legs, actually be more dangerous.

Having the unconscious ability to create the feeling of anxiety that we call fear, can be one of the greatest abilities we have, if it is in an acceptable scenario eg: if we are being attacked, or standing on the edge of a long drop and really this is the fight or flight that is ‘hard wired’ within each of us. On the other hand, if this fear becomes so big it becomes a phobia (where it becomes an irrational, intense and persistent fear that causes us to avoid certain situations) it can cause no end of problems for us. 

We are born with the ability to feel fear, but when born we do not have certain beliefs about what to afraid of. Its’ only when we  go through an event that causes us to be afraid, our unconscious mind stores this memory in a way that the next time a similar event happens, it will cause us to feel fear so that we avoid the situation altogether. And whilst the unconscious mind is doing this for a marvellous reason or purpose it’s not learning from the previous time or your experiences in between. If it did you would be act so differently

 Let’s look at the phobia of spiders (Aghhhhh…. sorry got carried away). How many times do you see babies playing with spiders and chasing them? It’s only when their parents pull them away quickly, screaming at the spider that we learn spiders are scary. In reality though, there are no dangerous spiders here in England so the fear is very irrational. It can even turn into a phobia where a toy spider can even cause this fear, or even just thinking about one causes the anxiety to return. When you think about it, we don’t learn to be frightened over a long period of time. We don’t think Oh there’s a spider there, I’ll be a little nervous and the next time think, Oh I’ll be a little more nervous now. No, we learn a phobia in an instant an that’s the great thing phobia’s teach us~ We have the amazing ability to learn new things unconsciously in an instant and therefore we can unlearn things we don’t want in an instant too and learn to act the way we want to in an instant. We can choose this and change at the unconscious level, how????????????? Using hypnosis of course (silly!)

So how can you let go of your phobias and choose to act the way we want to ? Why not just contact us at Cambridge Hypnotherapy and let us show you how easy it can be to become free of your fears and anxieties and learn to be the way you want in only 1-2 sessions? Really in only 1 or 2 sessions?????????? Yes really

Luke Clough

There’s no such thing as Hypnosis ~ another metaphor

Friday, June 6th, 2008

Metaphors ~ you hear metaphors everywhere. We speak so much in metaphors and in yet another re-read of Steven Heller’s book Monsters & Magical Sticks ‘There’s no such thing as hypnosis’ this jumped out at me. It did really ~ it leapt off the page! And being so interested in beliefs and values and our ability to change I believe it would be okay to reproducing this here is.




Once upon a time there were two little rose bushes named Judy and Jim. These rose bushes were comfortable in a nursery when two people came in and took Judy, claiming they were expert gardeners and knew a great deal about rose bushes-and they did. They planted Judy in rich soil with the best combination of sunshine, water and nourishment. They kept the weeds and bugs away and handled Judy with kindness. Judy flourished and grew big and beautiful roses, and if rose bushes could feel, Judy was happy. Two other people went to the nursery and took Jim, stating they were expert gardeners and knew everything about roses. But, they were really pizza kings from Chicago. They planted Jim in sandy, salty soil, with too much heat in the day and too much cold in the night. They watered Jim too much and then too little, and they did noth­ing about the weeds and bugs. In spite of these things, Jim survived but was wilted, stunted and sorry looking. Jim looked across the field at Judy and saw her beauty and decided (if a rose bush can decide) that the problem was he was just basically defective and no damn good.

Now, dear reader, if you could talk to a rose bush, I’m confident you would say, “Jim, it’s not you! The experts were not experts, and it’s your environment that’s the problem.” But, to what purpose? A little rose bush can’t walk, drive a car or work. However, time goes by and Jim, by hook end by crook, learns to walk, talk, drive a car and work. He pulls himself out of the crummy environment and moves to where Judy is: the rich fertile environment and guess what? Wrong! Jim continues to wilt, and grow little, ugly roses. Jim is so convinced that he’s defective that he decided, “What’s the use? It wouldn’t do any good to even try.” In addi­tion, he carries his past environment with him and “knows” that the rich environment doesn’t exist. Well, what can you expect from a rose bush?



This is a story for another day………………………………..



Enjoy every heartbeat