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Time now that’s a nice thought & NLP Practitioner Training

Friday, May 30th, 2008

It’s amazing how time can seem to either fly by or seem to drag on forever.
Having just got off one computer for another I have just had time fly by!
We are creating our our NLP Practitioner  pre-study CD’s and it’s my job to edit
and Joseph’s to record (I guess I’ll get a little look in to say a few words later)
When you’re fully absorbed into something where does the time go ~ 3 hours have just whizzed by and CD1 is now edited.
Why am I telling you all this?
Well a couple of reasons
Firstly our August NLP Practitioner training in Cambridge is filling up fast and the new CD’s are just part of the continuing change both Joseph and I are committed to bringing to each and every training.
Although we incorporate Time Line Therapy(TM) and Real Hypnosis we are continuing to develop new things we can add to the syllabus. We have already been increasing the hours of each days training to in effect add an extra whole days training.
It’s also great to have two therapists from Ireland coming to learn from us.

This thing about time…………. if we take it as it really exists
I wonder what uses being able to slow down time would have to those really pleasurable times in our lives.
And if we were to be able to enhance our experience in those times.
And then what might happen if we were to have those feelings or states at will or in a different context.
Well with hypnosis I believe you can and when coupled with NLP only your imagination is the limit (and that’s infinite you know) of what’s available to you.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. now where’s that imagination of mine?

Enjoy every heart beat


Hypnosis and NLP in business

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

It’ always seems strange to me that people think hypnosis and NLP are only for therapy.
I guess it only seems strange having used both with myself to great effect in my business career and seen the tremendous changes in others when using hypnosis and NLP in a business coaching (mustn’t call it therapy) session.
And the thing is, spending so much time at work these days with the added stress that that involves, when we are able to succeed and enjoy this time we go home and are in a great state to enjoy our social life, families, partners and may be more importantly Ourselves,

This then becomes a cycle of success having slept well and return to work feeling great and the cycle  continues to get better and better.
Maybe it’s all about how we communicate. To ourselves that is (do ya think so? Hmmmm…) and although it’s very rough and ready.
I have a link to a free audio clip on NLP, a brief introduction to NLP and how we communicate  the world outside to ourselves (the NLP communication Model).
It’s taken from my rehearsal for the credit today show 2008 so please bare with me. I think it will give you an idea of all the stuff that goes on inside in a split second before we act.
When we get that, we can control our states, our behaviours and so much more
A Richard Bandler asked “are you driving your bus or the passenger?” 

Hope you enjoy


NLP – Transforming the way you work

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Just a note from my diary of next week that I thought may if of interest to those wondering how NLP can help us succeed in our work.

Well on Wednesday 14th of may I have been invited to give an introduction to NLP called

NLP – Transforming the way you work in the credit industry at the Credit Today show in Olympia, London.

this works so well with my new enterprise in forming a new training Company with Joseph and a guy called Steve Savva called acptraining limited with a new website to be unvield soon

when I’ve finished my preperation I intend, with Luke, to bring a few quick fixes here to so the seed of NLP to help you succeed in business

have a great weekend


Smoking Metaphor

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

about a chap who craved to own a particular house for years….
until finally he managed to own it …
then over time of living in it he became ill and no-one could tell him what was wrong …
until he went on holiday and suddenly his illness cleared up…
returning home, he had his house checked and found that it was poisoning him…
and despite how much he loved that house, longed for it, he knew his health to be
more important and packed and moved out within a day ….
because nothing was worth his health…
not even that lovely house …
If you’re a therapist feel free to borrow this
If you’re a smoker What would it mean to you to be able to stop smoking in one session?
if you want to try this
the next time you ‘feel like a cigarrette’
before you light up put all your attention into that feeling
(it’s probably around your lips) and test how long you can keep
that feeling there before it disappears…………then carry on with your day ~well done
I hope you find this usefull
enjoy every heart beat