Losing weight an NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

Losing Weight and finding yourself, the real you

It used to be thought of as a tiresome, long battle trying to shed unwanted weight. However, for many years Hypnosis and NLP have been able to help people lose weight fairly effortlessly. Why though
Well the way we see it, losing weight is about retraining, some may say re-programming your unconscious eating patterns to have a healthy relationship toward food. If you were in control of your weight problem you would simply just change to be the size and shape you wish to be right now, wouldn’t you? ~ of course you would.

But why does your body make it an uphill battle? Maybe because you have been imprinted with certain beliefs around food since a child- your unconscious mind may have the re-occurring echoes of words such as ‘eat up everything on your plate’. Perhaps we have attachment to food in times of stress, so we feel comforted and whole inside. It could even be just pure simple habit. Our stomach can become like a battery, if overcharged all too often the battery loses its memory and tells you ‘I need more, need more’ to be charged up and feel full.It may be due to the easy access to the foods we crave as the ‘fast food’ nation we have become or how we eat food with such lightning speed that our body can’t digest with ease. The list is endless, yet it ends to the one way road- being a slave to the hunger.

So our top conscious tips without using Hypnosis for lightening the load are:

1)       Take your time. First of all no longer eat whilst watching TV as this takes our attention away from our food. Without the attention your body can’t see, smell or even taste what it’s about to eat. Why is this important Joseph I hear you say? Have you ever seen an animal, such as a monkey before they eat? They look, they touch and they especially smell their food before each mouthful. This causes their body to realise what it’s about to digest; therefore it begins to start producing the right chemicals to break down the food with ease. So from now on, just stop! Appreciate each taste, each chew, each moment of eating; this in turn will prepare your body for the greatest efficiency in digestion.

2)       Focus. Stop and whatever you’re doing, stop being a dingbat by already cutting up and shovelling the next serving into your mouth. This will overload the digestion process. There have been studies where people are blindfolded when eating and what began to happen amazed researchers. The blindfolded people could not eat all what was on the plate due to feeling full. So why is this? Well the blindfold made the participants fully focus at the job at hand, by eating only through taste, causing the brain to tell them exactly when they were full. Before you think ‘I’ve got to eat blindfolded?’ No I don’t want you eating blindfolded- that could end up messy,  I’ve found restaurants don’t like blindfolded customers ;).  Instead, between each mouthful, put your knife and fork down. You will notice more enjoyment, more taste and more fullness with less food than ever before.

3)       Drink: Thirdly, drink a pint of water an hour before eating. By not doing so, your body is giving off dehydration signals through the signal of hunger. Dryness of the mouth is one of the last signals for dehydration. Your hunger could just be dehydration. Also don’t drink with or after a meal for at least 30 minutes as the water will dilute the digestion process.

4)       Get smaller: Get smaller plates in, that means you can still listen to the echoes of ‘finish everything on your plate’  feeling guilt free and not bloated.

We really look forward to hearing your success in being the shape, weight and size you deserve to be and not only that, happy!

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