Overcoming your Wedding Day Nerves

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

A wedding day, your wedding day, is “the” day in your life and in the lives of men and women the world over. For those lucky enough to experience it, it is one of the biggest and greatest of events that can ever take place; You look forward to this day with eager anticipation and excitement. We know there are two kinds of marriage, those that are arranged and those created through love, but they are both marriage all the same and one looks forward to it. All this is natural but what about all the effort and responsibility that goes into making the occasion such a grand success? When we think about that day we get those butterflies in our stomach but those have to be ignored momentarily and you have, as some would say, have to get real.  Good planning and a good strategy will help a great deal and put those edgy nerves to rest.

If you haven't experienced it well let us tell you ~ A thousand thoughts run through your mind at the same time and you begin to think how it will be when “the” BIG day arrives? Will the guests be well taken care of? Will there be enough food? enough drink? or will things run out? How am I going to face all the people? Will I look good? I hope everything is well timed and that are no delays. Will I be able to really experience and soak in every moment joyfully or will I have those nagging thoughts at the back of my head? You know what, you need to get a hold of that inner voice of yours, quiet it down and put it to rest. How you may ask? Well, probably this would be of some help, to calm and ease your mind you could try self hypnosis. This is a kind of creative relaxation. It is supposed to bring about change in your subconscious and allow you to think and see things more clearly.  You want to be in control of the situation after all. These self hypnosis recordings are available online in the form of

If you are under the impression that self hypnosis is hogwash, think again, self hypnosis has been used for years in situations pretty much like you find yourself in by well known hypnotherapists, among which Joseph, Luke and Paul Clough of Cambridge Hypnotherapy feature. What we teach and have you experience is reliable and effective. With the help of self hypnosis and even some of our own unique processess you will see your joyful day more clearly and let’s say in a more peaceful manner. You don’t want to make a mess of things at the same time you want to make it the perfect day of your life. Quit worrying and avail the help at hand.

It is possible to overcome wedding day nerves in different other ways as well, initially everything is a blur but as you calm yourself down things get clearer. We are not saying that you will not be nervous, it is but natural, allow this to wear off as you begin planning well ahead of the scheduled date. The edginess persists right until the day and its activities are actually over, take the help and advice of people who are experienced, this will lighten your load and anxiety. Enjoy the wonders and beauty of this explicit day as it will be etched in your memory for the rest of your life. 

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