How long will you continue to carry on smoking?

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

How long will you choose to carry on smoking? Yes Choose, It really is simply your choice whether you continue to smoke or stop.

We can sympathise with smokers for many reasons, we really can some of us used to smoke after all. It's as if smokers become professional at quitting the dirty habit, but they asre even better at starting again!

We fully appreciate how some people think smoking is addictive. Although our belief is that nicotine isn’t addictive, yes not addictive smoking is simply a habit~ a behaviour you do like any other behaviour. The fact is, if smoking was addictive you couldn’t sleep for 7 hrs straight without having to get up and needing a cigarette, but you can. All smokers can travel to one airport to another for over 12 hrs and cope (real addictions would cause tremors, panic, chills, nausea, muscle cramps, insomnia, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, vomiting and shaking). As we said smoking is a consistent behaviour and real addictions tend to spiral for more of the substance. i.e. Heroin addicts need more and more heroin and want it more often. Smokers stay at a consistent 20 a day.

But here’s the real addiction if there is one, it's the associations we have to smoking.

The associations and triggers tend to be the hardest part when quitting smoking. Well it is for those who try to stop by themselves.

When stressed, we smoke. When socialising, we smoke. When we are bored, anxious and down we smoke.

Our body continually makes these neuro-associations to smoking, so that when we go through stress (or other situations) our body tells us ‘We NEED a cigarette”. It does this because our body is trying to help us- for example to deal with stress, fill up time when bored, or maybe to calm us when we’re anxious. In NLP terms it's defined as the 'positive intention'

Although nicotine patches are great, as well as other helpful aids, we must also re-learn the associations and replace the behaviour of smoking with something more beneficial.

Here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy we have developed a unique way or system that is tailored to individual clients to stop smiking in one session. By changing the behaviour of smoking but keeping the 'positve intention' and the great thing is it's simple and it works. All you have to do is want, really want to stop smoking for yourself.

If you want to try some things for yourself then first of all:
We must change the way you think about smoking. As you think of smoking you will have a picture, perhaps a feeling, even a sound. Now imagine something you really repulse. Once again you will have a picture, a feeling and a sound. Now blend the pictures together, combining the cigarette with the repulsive feelings and sights. For example, think of smoking a cigarette with plug-hole hair wrapped around it (And its not your hair!). It certainly changes the way you feel about smoking doesn’t it? This begins to make new associations from pleasure to repulsion. After a few times of this with strong repulsive feelings, you may never touch a cigarette again! Try it!

Then we must break the habit; start doing your daily routines differently. Instead of going downstairs for a cup of coffee and a cigarette in the morning, jump straight into the shower instead. We are creatures of habit, now become a creature of freedom. Begin to break all your other smoking routines, as this will lead you to new unconscious habits as a non-smoker, without the need to smoke. Warning: if you don’t create the habits you want you maybe become one of those smokers who pile on the weight, as your body will need a replacement- and it might choose it for you.
Once you’ve broken your routine, you can then replace the behaviour, so make a list of all the alternative behaviours you wish to replace it with and start taking action on them.

Some examples are:

Starting a new health regime
Chewing gum
Taking up a new hobby
Drinking more water.
When you get an urge/craving, just sit in the feeling till it disappears

This alone can help you kick the habit- let alone all the other helpful aids available. After our stop smoking session we give you a complimentary copy of Joseph's Stop Smoking CD which will come up with new unconscious empowering beliefs, feelings and replacement behaviours to make things that much easier.

Enjoy a smoke-free life and enjoy each moment!

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