Stopping Bluching NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

How to Stop Blushing 

We thought we would give some very general information about how you can help yourdelf if you blush or have a blushing problem. In our expereince we find there is a unconscious trigger that sets of blushing. SOmetimes this trigger was created way back in the past and emotionaly very small. Nevertheless it seems to work all the time. However our experience has also helped us develop ways of elininating this trigger or using athe trigger for calmness and feeling comfortably confident to great effect.

As you know from your expereince blushing is showing redness on the face. This happens because of an emotional response. This may also be a result of embarrassment or any kind of a shameful situation or in some cases due to respect or shyness too. In some cases, it happens when a person comes in the presence of loved ones. It is considered common and normal. But in some people this is beyond limit and abnormal. They blush at almost anything and everything. This can make them more self conscious and slowly may give way to phobia. At this point of time, blushing needs to be given attention and proper measures should be taken to overcome blushing.

Here are some tips to overcome blushing

Firstly, know the fact that it is common in most of the people. You are not the only person I the world facing this problem. Secondly, it can be overcome. So you need not lose sleep over this problem. All you need to do is identify the problem and take some measures to solve it.

Consult your doctor and find the reasons for your blushing. Seek the advice of the professional in tackling the problem.

Reduce the intake of alcohol as it can also play a role in blushing.

Maintain optimum body temperature.

Stay away from spicy foods. They also play a role in making you blush.

Check your temper. Emotional highs also influence blushing. Observe your emotional levels and be aware of them. Donít let them cross a limit as they play a role in various physiological changes.

Know the fact that your perception causes all the responses in your system. If you change your perception, the reactions change. If you perceive a given situation as embarrassing then it can make you blush. A bit of blushing is common in everyone but if you become obsessive about it then it leads to severe blushing at the drop of the hat.

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Some social situations can also make you blush. Instead of avoiding such social situations try to get used to them. Feel comfortable in the presence of others. Feel free to spend time in others company instead of staying alone so that over a period of time you will find it easy to overcome blushing.

If you suffer a lower sense of self then it can also be a cause to blush. If you feel inferior then it might make you blush in the presence of others. So if you become more confident of yourself then it can take you a long way in making you feel easy and stop blushing.

Maintain a relaxed state of mind to avoid blushing. Hypnotherapy helps. Try Hypnosis and to become more relaxed and calm. If your awareness increases through meditation you can bring some grace to your personality and feel good about yourself. This goes a long way in overcoming the problem of blushing.

This way you can put an end to the excessive and unnecessary blushing. You can live a more confident life when you can overcome this problem of blushing.

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