Sporting preformance an NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

Sports Performance- A General overview Of Sports Performance

Everone views sport quite differently, some look at it as purely entertainment, some for excitement they recieve from it and some out of pure passion they have for their particular sport. It is a totaly different thing to be a spectator and another to be a participator. It is a strange phenomimun that those that are engaged in sports seem to be an entirely different breed to the human race, they have a different mindset and mentality. Sportspersons are constantly looking to improve their skills and performance and to be up with all the competition out there. 

There are many psychological factors included in giving athletes peak sports performance, some of these are  a positive mental attitude, physical and mental readiness, effortless performance, perception of slow timing, clear focused attention, immersion at the present moment, positive competitive effect and a sense of fun and enjoyment. Some psychological skill that have adopted to enhance sports performance are relaxation, goal setting, confidence, concentration, attention control, arousal, motivation and visualization or mental rehearsal.  These skills are combined by athletes in response to the situational demands they face in competition and are never made use of in isolation.

Many athletes and coaches are turning to hypnosis and NLP as ways to make the improvement in the mind that create the difference between success and second place. Sometimes a change in belief is all that is needed to allow you to exceed your expectations and realise your true capabilities.

In todays world there are so many sports performance programs for every concievable sport or sporting activity. For those into the real techno side of things there are complete software solutions which allow sports coaches to get an accurate visual feedback whereby they can assess the performance of the sports persons. These hi-tech solutions help coaches come up with subtle changes that further improve the performance of the athlete. It is a major source of help for the athletes as well as they better themselves and accomplish great things for the countries they represent. Sports performance researchers are constantly endeavoring to enhance and uplift sports development. Most of these sports performance centers are highly competent and sophisticated and are manned by highly skilled and experienced professionals. Some sports performance programs that are highly successful as they are multi disciplined, the key discipline areas in sports performance is studied including physiology, biomechanics and psychology. An athlete is greatly benefitted by this.

Many of the sports performance providers offer training in a safe, positive and extremely professional environment. At these training centers, athletes in every sport, of all ages and the various skill levels are given the opportunity to improve agility, speed, flexibility and mobility and their energy systems. In such an environment the risk of sports related injuries is highly reduced. There is a constant striving for the betterment of sports performance; everything is advancing rapidly so it is only natural that this particular field advances as well. Bearing in mind the rate at which things around us are changing, it is only fair that the sports performance brigade up its engine and keep abreast.  

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