Overcoming Social Phobia an NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

How to Overcome your Social Phobia

We all know that feeling shy is normal it can happen to anyone and does. But if the shyness turns into social phobia then you owe it to yourself to get it handled and treated because it can be treated easily and quickly. Donít let your shyness turn into social anxiety and control your life. So what are the symtoms? A person suffering from social phobia has an extreme difficulty to face the crowd and stay in social gatherings. For such people even going out with a few friends might become a problem if it is not treated in time. Some of its symptoms include breathlessness, sweating, blushing, nausea and inability to speak and even panic attacks in extreme cases.

Here are some steps that you can take to overcome social phobia yourself:

Think positively and donít let any negative thoughts enter the mind. If you catch yourself thinking negativily say "STOP IT" in your mind and think of what you want.

First start accepting yourself and feel good about yourself saying to yourself "I'm OK". Feel comfortable with yourself and donít compare with others, either in your physical appearance or social standing.

Establish your core values. And remember the fact that you donít need to be approved by any person about the way you are.

Learn to relax. Try meditation to calm your mind. Feel peaceful about yourself while meditating.

Sleep properly as it makes you feel more relaxed. If you lack sleep you body becomes restless and cannot take any stress.

Donít try to avoid people. Accept the fact that they are also human beings like you and in no way they are different.

You may wish to visit us at Cambridge Hypnotherapy and let us show you our unique ways to help you. We have wonderful tools in treating social phobia. They help in changing the patterns of your subconscious mind which makes you fear in facing the society. All fears emerge from the subconscious mind and if you can control and program it in your favor then your problem can be solved.

Relax your body when you are in the presence of people. Lift your head and look at everybody. Raise your chest and stand in a confident posture. It can work in two ways. First it makes people think that you are confident and it will also make you think the same. Take a deep breath.

Talk about your fears openly to the ones who you love. Ask them some suggestions and support. This will go a long way in finding inspiration and moral support to combat your phobias.

If you find some time donít sit in a corner and spend your time in negative thoughts. Instead talk to your friends and family members.

Read good books and maintain good moods all the time. Move around with friends. Play games with them; observe people and watch how they move around confidently and comfortably. This helps a lot in finding yourself socializing more.

When you are in a group be the first person to start a conversation boldly. Ask people any questions if you donít know what to talk. This will help you get rid of the fear of talking.

This way by following the tips and trying some therapies like hypnosis will help you overcome social phobia and will make you get along with others in groups or gatherings.



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