Shopping Addictions an NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

How to Overcome your Shopping Addiction

Are you a shopping addict? Just think about that for a minute. You are reading this with interest so maybe you have trouble not buying things or you just have to have them come what may. It is said by some ill informed people that men get easily addicted to drinking whereas women get easily addicted to shopping. A massive generisation is that the main items that most of the women desire for are clothes and ornaments. However it doesn't really matter what genre you are the main reason for a person to become a shopaholic is that one gets a high when shopping. It makes that person feel good as it leads to endorphins released in the mind while shopping. This in turn creates the need for that person do more and more shopping.

People who sell know this and is the reason why so many of the shops display things in such an attractive way so as to entice the shoppers and make their shopping experience even more addicting and full of pleasure without the thought of pain (the paying for it). For some shopping is a necessity while for others it is a mere escape from the reality of life. It can be a nice outlet for depression and loneliness for many people. This is the reason why people all over the world like shopping a lot.

But in actuality shopping doesnít cure any of the problems, ask anyone what it feels like to be in debt because of it, instead it makes you spend a lot. So here are some tips you may wish to try yourself if you are suffering from this addiction related to shopping:

Like many other addictions even shopping addiction can also be cured through hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLP. We at Cambridge Hypnotherapy have created unique processes that will help you be free of the complusion to shop and get your good feelings a natural and healthy way.

Firstly, be true to yourself and acknowledge the fact that you are suffering from this addiction.

Ask your friends who have been keenly observing you from a long time to give advice and feedback for your shopping behaviors.

The next time you go out to shop, prepare a budget and see whether you can stick to that particular fixed budget of yours. In this attempt, try to spend only on the essential ones and not things for the sake of luxury.

Or you may want to arrange a consultation with us and know more about the addiction. Starting from the thought patterns, triggers, feelings, and behaviors that make you feel the need to shop. Hypnosis goes a long way in curing the addictions. We will help you overcome your addictions by changing the patterns of the thought.

Keep all your credit cards at home and go out with only a little money that is necessary for you to get back home. So even if you find something attractive on the way you will not have the money to buy it.

This way, the addiction to shop can be cured by following these tips and practices. First of all you need to firmly decide to end an addiction and make conscious effort everyday in order to overcome this shopping addiction. Realize the need to save money for a rainy day. Also remember the fact that many people have spoilt their lives due to overspending. What is already spent cannot come back, so there is a need for anyone suffering from shopping addiction to come out of it and realize the reality of life.

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