Reducing High Blood Pressure an NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

You will find if you search that there are many factors that lead to high blood pressure which and in turn have many side effects as well. So what is high blood pressure? High blood pressure occurs due to the blood moving in the arteries at a higher pressure than normal. The arteries carry blood to the rest of the human body from the heart. High blood pressure does not have symptoms as such that is why it is necessary to have your blood pressure checked regularly. It's important to know that high blood pressure causes damage to the blood vessels which in turn triggers off heart disease, kidney failure, stroke and heart attacks. If left unchecked or preventative work being done, high blood pressure is a potential killer. Fear not though, as it can be reduced.

You can do behavioural changes if you find yourseld with high bloof pressure. You can take the following steps to reduce high blood pressure, maintain a healthy weight, be physically active which means regular excercise, eat healthy, consume food with less salt and sodium, drink alcohol in moderation, in case you drink, make sure your diet includes plenty of vegetables and fruits and low fat dairy products. If you smoke then STOP!!!!!! Bottom line is that a person suffering with high blood pressure needs to make a few sacrifices and get into a lifestyle of healthy habits in order to prevent or control high blood pressure. Many times when you have done all there is to do and yet there are no results then consult your doctor. He may prescribe medication to reduce your high blood pressure on a daily basis; if this is the case then you may find yourself on medication for the rest of your life.

Now doing all the above by yourself can be hard as creating new habits can take a long time. That is without the help of special programmes to help you. We at Cambridge Hypnotherapy have developed new qnd unique ways using hypnosis, NLP and time line therapy that help you make these changes easily. Using you unconscious mind, where habits are formed and maintained, we can develop new healthy habits.

Physical inactivity puts one at greater risk of contracting major illnesses, many of which lead to untimely death. If you have not been exercising lately then it is time to don the sporty look and get out there and get some exercise. Brisk walking or bicycling can do you really good, half an hour is good enough. Make the time to get sufficient exercise you will have no regrets. Exercise is one of the major ways of reducing high blood pressure. Just in case you have a smoking habit do yourself a favour, quit it, you know it is bad. Smoking leads to several forms of cancer as well as stroke and heart disease. Itís not only what you put into your system that matters but what you do with it as well. A careless attitude will only bring with it the woes one doesnít want.

There are high blood pressure patients all around, learn from them what it means to take care, donít pity them for all the sacrifices they make, their survival and well being depends on that. One of the best ways to treat high blood pressure is to prevent it from becoming a monster. The ball is in your court, at the end of the day you call the shots. Donít go around singing the, oh me, oh my, pity song instead pull your socks up and know in your head that it is possible to reduce high blood pressure. Be holistic and tension free in tackling this problem, it is conquerable.

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