How to start doing and stop procrastination tips NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

How to Start and Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is simply putting off of tasks which are to be done immediately. This can be due to a number of reasons such as the anxiety involved in starting the task. Not all postponement can be termed as procrastination. If the postponement is needless or counterproductive then it can be called procrastination.

This oftens results in experiencing the emotions of guilt, frustration and stress and may kill the productivity. If a person procrastinates too much then it really is a problem. If the procrastination is chronic then it is a disorder. Let's go into one of the reasons why people procrastinate, it is to cope up with the emotions of depression

How to stop procrastination

If the thing you have to do seems unpleasant then realize the fact that not all unpleasant tasks are as bad as we think. So finish those tasks that are unpleasant and give yourself a reward for doing them.

If the task is a very complex one you normally tend to postpone it. So simplify complex tasks. Break a big task into several smaller tasks. You can manage them easily. This way you can finish it easily.

If you face the problem of taking decisions and postponing things because of it then take some time off to consider options and taking decisions. Share your situation and opinions with someone else.

If you are afraid of failure and because of that fear you are postponing things then visualize yourself succeeding in the task and how well you will feel after its success. This makes you feel motivated and you start doing the task.

If lack of interest is making you procrastinate; if you feel lazy in doing the task then give yourself a reward for what you have accomplished. Then you feel motivated and feel like doing more.

If you are an obsessive perfectionist and wasting a lot of time in necessary details then remember the fact that what is average for you is extraordinary for others. So you may well finish your tasks when you feel that you have attained the average quality.

If you are suffering a lack of focus or direction then create a list of what all to be done. Then come up with the priorities. Estimate the timeframe for it. Finish a small task and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

If you find that you lack focus and procrastinating things because of it then accomplish a small task and feel the victory of it and start the big tasks.

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There are other factors that play a role in procrastination. Your work environment. First clear your table of all the unnecessary clutter and keep only the files related to the main task that you are going to start. Do not spend in gossip or unnecessary conversations with others.

By following these tips you can avoid and overcome procrastination up to some extent.

Joseph Clough is a practicing Hypnotherapist, Trainer and Coach based in Cambridge.

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