Learning How To Stop Premature Ejaculation an NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

Stop Premature Ejaculation-Learn How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

The world is full of many so called remedies that claim to be the answer to this age old problem, many of which are just old wives tales and no good at all. You see, and it happens to us all, when we want to learn new things or genuinely have a problem then every suggestion we are given or every remedy we find seems to be the solution, and with that we are quick to try any and everything just to stop whatever it is we are facing. The bare truth is that not every cure out there is the magic one. Premature ejaculation can be the cause of great anxiety and major upheavals or problems in a relationship. You can begin to teach yourself how to overcome this problem although we at Cambridge Hypnotherapy have devised unique ways through hypnosis and NLP that make it easier for you. If you are trying to do this yourself one of the best methods to stop premature ejaculation is to teach your body to stay aroused when you make love without ejaculating over a longer period of time.  Your thoughts, the pictures you make in your mind and that internal voice when making love are all too important. What is it that you are thinking; thoughts play an important role in ejaculation.

What an individual makes of love-making is very important, is it exciting to be with your partner in bed or is it just mundane routine. Clearly define the reason, purpose and goal of the act. It is a manís birthright to choose the time of ejaculation, it is something that although comes naturally, can be learned, this gives a man more control and also the ability to completely please his partner and keep her wanting more.  One of the many ways to stop premature ejaculation is to master the art of staying below the point of no return; this helps one ejaculate only when he is ready.  Your focus should be to please your partner and she will surely do so once you overcome premature ejaculation and are able to last longer.

It is clear that the need to ejaculate arises from the sensation of penetration, in case you experience the same all you have to do is breathe and slow down, this helps a lot, breathe and allow your body to soak up the sensations, once this is done then you can go ahead and add friction and movement. Donít just lose control keep it instead. One more thing, never rush into love making as this will cause premature ejaculation, women take longer to reach orgasm than men, engage her in foreplay before getting into the heat of lovemaking. This way too you will be able to prevent premature ejaculation.

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