A question about hypnotherapy for fears and Phobias

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

Here's a question not often asked: When is a phobia good for you?

Not many would know the answer because they're not are they?

Which seems a daft question because surely a phobia or fear of something can't be good for you.

Well generally we would agree. Agree if your phobia is affecting your happiness and the way you live your life. Do you know some people think about nothing else?

But wait a minute if you look at it from a different perspective have you ever seen anyone with a fear of heights fall off anything high ~ No. Anyone with a phobia of flying be in a airplane disaster ~ no they don't fly at all. We could go on indefinitely here so we'll stop.

The thing is if we have a phobia our unconscious mind is trying to protect us and keep us safe, which is a great intention but using a silly behaviour i.e. fear, anxiety, panic attacks etc etc. The thing is unless we have a better way and a desire to change why should our unconscious mind change the way we behave. But worse than that these silly and inappropriate behaviours seem to generalise into other areas of our lives ~ which is a real bummer!

So why use Hypnotherapy and NLP to let go of fears and phobias?

Well it's simple really
Using our unique set of skills and specially developments of hypnosis, NLP and time Line Therapy(TM) we can get your unconscious mind to find new ways to act and react, which still protect you and keeps you safe, and do all the things you were afraid of or had a phobia of.

Sounds too simple? Well when done in a way that respects you as being unique, allows your unconscious mind to keep the intention of keeping you safe and gets your unconscious mind to make all the changes itself (no direct suggestions in hypnosis from a ill informed therapist) it can be the most simple procedure. Better than that you don't have to face your fears of the past or relive them! ~ which is even better.

Even better than better ~ when you change your unconscious mind will generalise all these new feelings into other areas of your life and get to feel better all round.

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So back to the original question...................
When is a phobia good for you?
When it's gone because you can deal with anything and enjoy life, which is what you deserve Paul

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