Phobias and Addictions an NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

Phobias and Addictions

Here's some basic information about Phobias ~ When you find yourself in a situation that invokes your strong emotion in you, your mind has the capability to repress those emotions. If the emotions get accumulated over a period of time we create a gestalt in the mind, a series of significant emotional events that can create a phobia or a fear. It is irrational in its nature and in actuality there might not be a threat that exists externally.

Some fears are the natural protection mechanism of the body as in fight and flight response, but phobias are beyond the regular limit of healthy fear (if there is such a thing) and can be completely imaginary. The person who undergoes a phobia often experiences a faster heart beat, panic attacks, vomiting and even fainting.
Fear is natural but strong uncontrollable fear is phobia. There are many phobias. Some of them are: Agoraphobia, Arachnophobia, Claustrophobia,Emetophobia and so on. These phobias are often created duringed during childhood. The human mind represses initially but if of a certain intensity may give rise to a phobia. So once grown up whenever that person comes across such situation or place which triggers the phobia, there is panic.

Phobias should be cured as they hinder the smooth daily life of a person and also retard progress of an individual. There are many kinds of therapies to handle the phobias. However one needs to make a conscious effort to overcome phobias so that the therapies work and cure them. One can try hypnotherapy for better results. Through hypnosis we as hypnotherapists help you change your thought patterns. Go to book up a session with either Luke, paul or Joseph of Cambridge Hypnotherapy and find out how our unique ways of eliminating fears and phobias can help you.


Addiction is also a disorder which is choric in nature. If a person is addicted to alcohol he cannot control the need to consume alcohol at regular intervals. They are very dangerous and can ruin a personís life if not handled at the right time.

The minds of those who are addicted to a particular substance are modified and lack of that particular substance creates feeling of emptiness and boredom. Addiction grows bigger and bigger over time and makes a person slave to whatever he is addicted. It can wreck havoc a personís life. It can spoil economy, break relationships and make a person die by destroying the health.

Addictions should be treated and controlled. A man who is slave to his addictions cannot grow in life and gets confirmed to a particular state of mind which hinders all progress in the life. There are many kinds of therapies to handle almost all types of addictions. But unless a person is willing to change the therapies do not work or change. It needs the personís conscious effort to overcome the addiction.



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