Ways To Overcome Jealousy an NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

Overcoming Jealousy Ė Some simple Ways To Overcome Jealousy

The simple fact is that jealousy stems from being envious and at times being resentful especially of someoneís success or achievements. You may find that there is a constant critical, nagging element that is ever present, lurking at the back of your mind, of a jealous person. This is something that we all have to deal with on a day to day basis and is the root cause for many jealousy problems. Very often jealous thoughts can creep in our minds but we tend to overlook their potentiality of being a jealous thought. Many times these thoughts can make us open our mouths only to get ourselves into trouble or get others into it. If not overcome jealousy leads to bitterness and bitterness in turn has its own unhappy avenues. The thing is if we deal with jealousy and not ignore it we can alleviate the full blown explosion or repercussion of it's very ugly head.

Jealousy, like anything else needs to be dealt with and addressed and can be very simply with our unique hypnotherapy and NLP. Thoughts of jealousy and constant feelings of envy bring nothing but disorder, confusion and worthlessness so you will agree there is nothing good about jealousy, it is one unhealthy emotion. Overcoming jealousy for some is a constant challenge. Very few jealous moments are justified if at all, by and large most jealous moments are not. It is inevitable that if left untreated jealousy destroys oneís heart; it is a struggle that must be overcome. One way to overcome jealousy is to search your heart as frequently as you can.  You donít just begin to feel jealous, there is always an underlying cause, detect it and uproot it. Jealousy is like a virus and can destroy even the best of relationships; no one wants to be around a jealous person.

Insecurity and fear give rise to feelings of jealousy, you may be insecure in many ways and that proves to be too much for you to handle when it comes to another person that competes with you. Outgrow these feelings is you want to live a life that is jealous free. Another way to shirk jealousy is by not comparing yourself to others; try not to identify with so much with your thoughts and emotions, surrender to your jealous emotions instead of counteracting it, this way you will be able to get rid of it. In your mind think that you have abundance as a scarcity mentality causes emotions of jealousy to arise.  When you think like this you will become aware of new opportunities and chances.  Jealousy speaks, listen to what it is saying to you, is what itís saying to you useful, no, then drop it like a hot potato.

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