Gain even more Confidence in dating with NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough


Gain even more Dating Confidence

Dating confidence is for so many men a massive concern, especially with today’s society telling men to act and react in a certain way towards the opposite sex. This has created in men the fear of rejection or not being good enough. We have ultimately lost some mens true identity and male composure when pursing women.

So what are the common symptoms:

• You cannot stop your body and/or voice from shaking and stuttering when approaching a woman.
• Feelings of anxiety come to the fore before talking to a women
• Then there's not knwoing what to say.
• The use of horrific chat up lines – yes all of them!
• Beliefs such as ‘she’ll reject me’ ‘I'm not good enough’
• Leading to ultimately avoiding apporaching women.
• Perspiring/sweating before or during speaking to a woman.
• That feeling you have to kind of act, or say and be a certain way.

But how can you change?

So how can you go about changing your fears and doubts.

Well first of all, it’s all about what’s happening inside of your mind. We all create images of all the negative things that could go wrong, having negative and doubting thoughts, which leads to the body to create all the symptoms aabove and ultimately that of not approaching or dating – its time to get back ye our control.

You can change, that's right you can change by getting in touch with your unconscious mind using Hypnosis and NLP. Hypnosis and NLP are the gateways to the unconscious mind which runs every limiting thought, belief, feeling and behaviour. By using Hypnosis and NLP you can get your unconscuous mind to realise that first of all dating or apporaching women is not something to fear and by haing the fear its actually not really helping, protecting or keeping you safe.

When your unconsious mind learns this, it has to then change it cannot do – after all it is primarly here to protect you that’s why it runs the healing, the fight and flight response.

Using our special and unique Hypnosis and NLP you can get the unconscious mind to get take on a new way of acting and reacting that replaces the low self esteem. This is by taking on new empowering beliefs such as:

‘I don’t care if I am rejected, it happens sometimes’
 ‘I enjoy approaching women’
‘I feel content in myself and i calm and cool at all times’
‘I am confident, authentic great guy’

We then install new resources that serve you such as:


And finally through our Hypnosis we can create new behaviours that support you, the way you act and react in all siutations toward women.

By doing the above through Hypnosis, it causes your uncosncious mind that ran the fear or lack confidence when approaching or dating women to simply dissaperar in a short space of time by installing and running new beliefs, mindsets, feelings andnd behaviours.

Here are our FREE quick fire tips for Dating Confidence:

Visualize and mental rehearse yourself approaching women being charismatic and cocky and funny as if it was a real experience – feel the feelings of how good it would feel.

Don’t think: What if she rejects me? Instead ask questions on how I can approach whilst being confident. This causes our mind to search for solutions.
Use eye contact – not freaky stalker eyes, just direct eye contact.
Prepare a conversation opener such as ‘I can’t stay long I just need your opinion on………….. (Make it interesting i.e. ‘who lies more men or women?’ or ‘tie or no tie?’ Or ‘I need some female advice for my friend Jake’ This prevents panic—knowing your material well will really boost your confidence

When talking imagine projecting your voice over, talking louder than usual (with out shouting!)
Approach a women or group at a slightly higher energy level.

If you make a mistake, they blow you out – who cares! It doesn’t really matter, you will not die, and it’s a numbers game. Play the numbers and you win the came.
And finally allow talking to women to become a fun process, a game, after all it truly is.

The biology part:

Specific symptoms of speech anxiety can be grouped into three categories: physical, verbal, and non-verbal.
Physical symptoms result from the Autonomic Nervous System responding to the situation with a “fight or flight” reaction. These symptoms can include acute hearing, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, dilated pupils, increased perspiration, increased oxygen intake, stiffening of neck/upper back muscles, and dry mouth.
The verbal and non-verbal symptoms include, but are not limited to a tense voice, a quivering voice, and repetition of “Umms” and “Ahhs” which tend to comfort anxious you when talking. One form of approach  and talking anxiety is dysfunctional speech anxiety, in which the intensity of the “fight or flight” response prevents an individual from performing effectively.

But why would the body do this?

Well every behaviour we run (even your lack of confidence when apporaching or dating women) tries to help us, I know it sounds odd, as it may not seem that way. However the intention for why our body does is because its trying to help us.

Our body is specifically desinged to protect us, that’s why we feel the fight and flight response, anxiety or fear when speaking or apporaching a women. Our body has made a limiting decision to fear women. This can be for many reasons, usually because of a past signficant events where you have been rejected, or poor relationships in the past, which has created fear, anxiety and doubts in yourself.

The more we feel the fear or lack of confidence the more our mind and body gets acustomed to it, making it an engrained habit for your throughts, beliefs, and that way you act and react around women.  Quite simply the more we have the horribale expereinces around women or the more we put off appoaroaching women our body then remembers those experiences for every new situation. So when you have to go to speak or apporach  your body through the symptoms of fear tries to tell us to get out of the siutation or simply not do anything for the intention of protection. 

So the lack of dating confidence, fears and axitys as horrible it is to have, our body is acatually running it for us for the intention of protection. But it doesn’t have to be that way, we can train your body to still have the protection whilst feeling calm, confident and strong whilst apporaching or speaking to anyone women

What if you become free a confident authetnic guy?

This is the important part, imagine being free of fears and anxieties, imagine feeling calm, confident and a strong man. What would it allow you to do? How would that new confidence and self believe allow you to feel like?

How would your career, relatinships and health be transformed?

Like everyone, you deserve to be a real man, to have personal power and control of your mind and body. By taking respoonsablity for your problem now, it means you have the abiltiy to change your mind and therefore your results!

Try hypnotherapy for better results. Through hypnosis Joseph, Luke and Paul Clough, three Master hypnotherapist can help you change the way you feel about yourself.

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