The Law of Attraction an NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough


Your mind shapes your reality you perceive which can be in a positive or a negative.

Have you ever known anyone who says “If its going to happen to anyone, it will happen to me!” or “I just attract bad luck/bad relationships/bad health/ bad debt” and guess what it magically seems to happen to them, every time. As if they attract those things at deep unconscious level or just plain bad luck. But why them? What makes them so special or should I say not so special being so unlucky? Maybe you’re someone where bad things get attracted to you in some areas of your life like a magnet. I have in some areas of mine.

Lets take the flips side of this, do you know anyone who no matter what happens attracts Money? It flows to them like refreshing stream. The people who attract the beautiful partners or have the Soul mate of their dreams? They have the perfect health, being free of dis-ease and dis-order? How about, no matter what happens in life, they see the positive, the solution, and achieve happiness and success? They seem like buggers sometimes don’t they, why is everything great for them and not me.

Its very strange how one person can attract so much pain, misery, unhappiness and discontentment in life, where some else who could have had the same pasts growing up and adult experiences, in some even worse, yet they have all the health, wealth, success, happiness and contentment. Or is it strange? Well more and more science is telling us otherwise.

There are many examples of this becoming aware to the public through books, even through amazing films such as the secret. (See the

This information once mastered and applied in to your life will allow you achieve anything you want, I am not talking about woo woo la la stuff here. And it doesn’t mean it will be easy, it may take some repetition and commitment on your part to develop the new mindsets of abundance. I am talking about knowledge which has been known to the minority through out all of humanity and by no means is this new knowledge; it can be traced back through many forms of spiritual practise centuries old.

However with more and more scientific development and research coming to the surface in the past 10 yrs, and this research has so much substance that’s its becoming undeniable. Yes you need an open mind, as all great scientists have becoming free of their past ingrained perceptions and really becoming frontiers in the sciences of human potential and reality itself. Through the integration of western and eastern knowledge and even the development of quantum physics we beginning to unearth a new paradigm which will change our perception of the nature reality and more importantly how we live in reality, a way which we can begin take action on our life, to be prosperous, rather just existence. 
The Law of Attraction as its being more commonly known is something we all work with. But unfortunately most of us continue to reaffirm what we do not want. The mindset of being at Cause, really cements this for me. Anything you have in your life you have attracted into your life. It’s attracted to your perception, the images of your mind, as we discussed in the Communication Model. Whatever is going on in your mindset through those filters you attract to you?

You are literately a Magnet, when you have positive or negative thoughts conscious or unconsciously you continue to obsess over them, you will attract and manifest those thoughts into a physical reality. (More craziness from Joseph?)

A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes. Mohandas Gandhi

A man is what he thinks about all day long.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

What we think, we become.

The greatest people throughout history have known this and what’s more they have been telling us all along.

I like to take this a step further if you don’t mind. What you think becomes you and what you think gets attracted to you. All our thoughts are certain levels of frequencies. Those frequencies are always being sent out every minute and every second, it is to be said that over a day you have 60,000 thoughts. Of course a large percentage of thoughts will not be that meaningful. However what would happen if those thoughts had a charge of positive or negative energy (feeling) behind them, like?

If you keep having that thought with the positive or negative associations and feelings, you’re sending out that frequency to the world and that magnetic signal draws the thought to manifestation in your reality. Ever thought or obsessed over something with lots energy (feeling) and it came true?

But as I have mentioned there’s always been one problem; we are renowned for thinking what we don’t want.

I don’t want to get Ill
I don’t want him to cheat on me
I don’t want to fail
I don’t want to be unhappy
I don’t want to be poor
I don’t want to be fat

We’ve all said these types of things, and if we give the thought repetition and consistently think it over a period of time, our unconscious begins to look out for, perceive, project and attract those things we think about. Because of the law of Attraction can not articulate what’s good nor bad it will still attract it to your life.  Especially if it has a strong set of emotions behind it and that the key. Since your unconscious mind finds it hard to process Negatives, a common example maybe be don’t think of blue tree! Hey come on I said don’t think of a blue tree, what ever you do, do not think of that blue tree.  But you did right? Although I told you not to.  Your unconscious mind deletes the ‘do not’ to make sense of the suggestion. In a way the suggestion becomes ‘think of a blue tree’ to the mind.

So imagine if you keep on reaffirming what you don’t want on a daily basis, that you keep making internal representation of how you don’t want it with lots of emotions attached to that thought, as we have just said the “don’t” in affect becomes deleted at an unconscious level, to make sense of the thought.

Imagining in your minds eye the thoughts and feelings of what you don’t want all day every day in bright clear images causes us to literality projecting it into your reality.

Have you ever been in the mindset that you say “I don’t want to be late, there can’t be traffic, and I just can’t be late” Well more often than not it happens due to calling it into existence? It sounds strange the more you complain about something; guess what you’re going to get more of the same.

We once had a female client who no matter what would attract negative, violent abusive men in her life. Relationship after relationship would be the same, and she even attracted angry violent and confrontational situations with her family. She personally wasn’t the angry type; she was 5.2ft petite quite voiced gentle lady. She would tell me how angry and worked up she’d get inside as to why she never has done anything positive, beating her self up all the time with her own internal dialogue. Tell herself she was not worthy and not good enough, that she didn’t deserve to be happy or loved. When I discussed her needs and outcomes they were just I don’t wants  “I don’t want to be unhappy”, I don’t want those angry negative people in my life”, ‘I don’t want violet relationships” and so on What she didn’t know was if she focuses on what she doesn’t want she’ll still get it. 
Within minutes of meeting it was pointed out all the things she didn’t want, compared to what she wanted and she was amazed how there was NOTHING stated in the positive. Having got her to be at Cause of her life and teach her new healthy positive thought patterns and mindsets, with in weeks her life had completely changed. She retrained her mind by writing down what she wanted, “I attract beautiful caring relationships, I forgive myself and I love myself’ and she thought about it with warmth, love and happiness. Even though she thought she was kidding herself at times knowing it wasn’t presently true.

Within 5 weeks she attracted caring trustworthy man, a new job which she thought was once beyond her ability. Her family strangely changed their attitude towards her and became warm and even open towards her.
Strangers would approach her through out her day who were so friendly, she attracted new positive friends and situations, all through changing her thought process to be positive.

When you change your focus, you change your outcome
Joseph Clough

Have you ever talked to anyone and they just radiated warm and love that they made you feel at ease? Instead of attracting what she thought was true, she became a beacon to all around her, attracting alike energy into her life.
You attract the most dominate thoughts into your life no matter if conscious or unconscious thoughts.

Its sounds odd but your life is just a physical manifestation of your mind. You are always creating your reality. What you think about, you will eventually bring about.
Even in Quantum Physics more and more physicists are uncovering this discovery. The mind must be present in order the universe to exist. And by consciously observing something (reality) it literately shapes what we are seeing.

People tend to think that their inside world is disconnected from the outside world; however this is simply not true. Everything in life is made of the exact same substance, Energy. As humans we are just condensed energy, like any table, like any plant and like anything else. Every moment we are sending our thoughts (which is just energy) out too everything else, continually shaping what we see, hear and feel.

Imagine there is an Olympic size swimming pool and imagine that reality only existed being beneath the surface of the pool of water.  Imagine that you are a form of condensed water, (More solid or thicker like oil); you are like the water all around you but more solid. But there are other condensed people and objects of water all around you.
When we have strong positive or negative thoughts (like movements of water) those thoughts are sent out like making waves and currents in all directions, effecting every person and object of condensed water all around us, like the waves constantly moulding the sea shore stones into pebbles into to sand..

Now let me change that paragraph by swapping the word water for energy.

My analogy is this if you will. Imagine there is an Olympic size swimming pool and imagine that reality only existed being beneath the surface of the pool of energy.  Imagine that you are a form of condensed energy, (More solid or thicker like oil); you are like the energy all around you but much more solid. But there are other condensed people and objects of energy all around you.
When we have strong positive or negative thoughts (like movements of energy) those thoughts are sent out like making waves and currents in all directions, effecting every person and object of condensed energy all around us, like the waves constantly moulding the sea shore stones into pebbles into to sand..

Your thoughts are very powerful in creating your life. As they say ‘First their was the word’ but, before that was the thought of the word

Before you start thinking the thought of “Joseph how can I control or regulate all my thoughts?”  Well you have thousands of thoughts per day, but as we said many do not have a strong charge emotion attached to the thoughts. The ones that truly manifest and mould your reality are those with strong emotions attached them. If you tend to obsess with lots of worry and fear, you will attract the worry and fear into your life.

If you have strong positive feelings of abundance and happiness you will attract Abundance and Happiness into your life.  

We also must change the words that we use in our mind and thoughts.

The reason why it’s important is that your unconscious mind can not tell the difference between what is real and what it not. People who are considered Phobic can imagine or think about the thing that they are fearful of (Spiders, heights, water etc) and their conditioned fight and flight response will be triggered, although it wasn’t there in the room, it was just in their mind.  Why? Because our unconscious mind can not tell the difference.  For example there have been tests where you link up an athlete to a bio-feedback machine and get the athlete to visualise an athletic race in its entirety, and although only visualizing the body still fires of the muscles to work as if they were actually doing the race. 

If we visualise what we want in the absolute positive with an intense positive feeling, your mind will attract those things into your life, because you are aligned to it consciously and unconsciously. Quantum Physics has lots to say about possibilities to outcomes and how we as individuals are connected with everything else in our reality as an abundance of interconnected energy, we are truly entangled with everything else, truly connected to everything. There are many examples of interconnectedness, how identical twins can know and feel what the other twin is thinking or feeling, no matter what the distance they are apart.  MORE EXAMPLES DEAN RADIN

How two inventors’ great things at the exact same time, but in different parts of the word. Like Quantum physics came up with same ideas???????????????

If you go through life, drifting without any concrete, congruent, intention, action and energy behind a goal or outcome in life, you are unlikely to achieve.

Let’s put it this way, someone without goals or outcomes live in what I think is the worst place they could be. They live in a place of ‘no mans land’.
They wander through life, drifting and existing, with so many possibilities; but without clarity or action of where they’d like to be. In a sense their mind becomes a light bulb focusing all of its energy in lighting up a dim view of all destinations, without an actual direction of where they’d like to be.

However when we use the law of attraction,  and  shift our minds to those things we want in life so that we have our intentions and energy to our wants and needs, we begin to collapse all other possibilities of not achieving our goal. Because we have decided on an outcome, our minds are no longer that light bulb, instead becomes a powerful Laser, channelling all of its energy in the direction to our goals and outcomes. To the point that no obstacle becomes a problem, instead it becomes challenge that we enjoy overcoming.

An optimist sees every challenge as an opportunity; a pessimist
Only sees trouble in every opportunity

Everything is made up of energy; we are just different levels of condensed energy.  break us down to the smallest form and all we are is a condensed level of vibrating energy and guess what, so is this book, so is your chair, your car your house, everything is energy. The whole universe is made of energy, so if you start sending out the positive thoughts and feelings in how you want your life, and having action, your not only keeping it in the mind, your sending it out to the universe which attracts those thing you wish like a magnet, a magnet of like and like energy.

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