Using your imagination to create what you want Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

Using your Imagination – the key that unlocks all.

Neville Goddard in his book ‘Awareness’ (a great and mind provoking read by the way!!) wrote an amazing yet challenging statement that can create the biggest changes in our life.

‘Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled’

Wow – did you get it? Let’s explore a little deeper to really find out what it means.

The only thing that is important to realise is that ‘your’ reality is the only thing that matters because it is the only one you have. Your perception of what you believe and think and hold about yourself and the world is true for you. If you hold a belief that "I'm not good enough" or others such as; no body loves me or cares about me, – this is your perception and in your mind it is true for you. Of course it's not real but we know it feels real to you at the moment.

Is you cup half empty or half full?

It's whatever you perceive it to be, there is no right, no wrong - just your perception.

Your perception of your life (you reality) is the sum of all your beliefs, attitudes, past behaviours and memories.

Your level of consciousness or your perception of what you think is true, is the most powerful thing you have. Unfortunately we ‘choose’ to use it in the wrong way because it’s the only way we know how to.

Now is the time to change that right?

Your mind can not tell the difference between what is true and what is imagined. Studies have found this out over a long time now. And the very images you hold in your mind can cause you to feel a certain way.

For example if someone has a phobia, if they think that that fearful thing, they will feel fear, even though it’s on there in reality.

If you think of an event in the future that you are anxious about, even though it hasn't happened yet you will feel anxiety or fear even though it’s a way of in the future.

However lets turn this round on its head for a moment shall we?.

Okay – here we go…..

When you assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled, or imagine, feel, act as if you have achieved your outcome. Your inner perceptions of reality will then change, you become truly aligned in getting whatever you want. Your reality will then change and you will begin to find, see, and manifest your true desires!

If you want more finances, a better career, that special person, if you assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled you will become congruent in achieving your goals, your unconscious mind will find you everything you need. It will simply look out for them.

When you assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled you are stepping into the last step of the goal, acting as if you have it already – accepting nothing less. When this happens, your consciousness begins to shift to only getting your outcome. If you are 100% committed and you are acting and reacting from a physical and psychological attitude of already having your goals will achieve anything you wish.

But here’s the thing….. we sure think of all the things we don’t want to happen ‘I don’t want to be broke’ , ‘I don’t want to fail’, ‘I don’t want to be hurt’ We inadvertently focusing on everything we don’t want. We must take responsibility to change our level of focus on the feeling of the outcome already fulfilled.

What are you feeling right now? And what perceptions and reality is it creating for you? What results are you getting?

What if you today, everyday simply assume the feeling of your desired outcome as if you had right now? You would achieve all your goals. It just works. But told let me just tell you – try it out for yourself!

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