Hypnobirthing in Cambridge with Cambridge Hypnotherapy NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

Hypnosis and NLP assisting an easy birth

We at Cambridge Hypnotherapy have developed a fantastic Hypnobirthing procedure which involves only 3 sessions. After these 3 sessions you will find that you look forward to the big day, you are nice and relaxed during the labour itself and actually look back on the experience as that of a wonderful one, not a negative one.

We will also include within these sessions and offer further booster sessions to cover such things as quick healing, post natal dpression and regaining Mum's shape and size

And here's one of the reasons why:

8 months ago my wife and I were lucky enough to find out that we were expecting our first baby! To start with there was pure joy and unbelievable happiness, followed by paying a visit to all of our family members to give them our little bit of news! First on the list was my Grandad, the head of both of our families being the eldest, where we had a nice glass of whiskey (not the mum to be though, she had orange juice)

Over the next few days and weeks, it started to dawn on us as to exactly what this meant… that we would have a little person relying on us for everything, and that this would be the case for the rest of our lives! Scary? A little bit… Exciting? Massively so!!!

We are now only 3 weeks away, and it’s time to put my Hypnotherapy skills to use with my wife. Hypnobirthing in Cambridge has become increasingly popular here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy.

Giving birth is firstly and most obviously a physical task, however it is secondly and I believe more importantly, a mental task. Hypnobirthing will help change the way your mind acts when you go into labour. It will be easy for your unconscious mind to focus on what is truly important, and to delete any irrelevant information from the hustle and bustle of the maternity centre, to the birthing room itself and even the midwives and doctors milling around. What is important is that your mind keeps the mind-body connection, so that the full cycle of hormone production is maintained and not interrupted, which is the single most important thing when it comes to a quick and painless labour experience.

As I mentioned earlier my wife will be benefiting form this, so I will update you all soon :)

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